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A gallimaufry of London 2012 bits


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It's not like its a real map as such, it's not gonna replace the old one it's just a bit of fun...i think it looks quite cool

I probably won't use it as such but i like the idea behind it

Love it - I'm Olga Korbut!

WTF??? This is total bullshit! Now you have to ride the tube with a dictionary of stations. Maybe someone feels like explaining me how British brains work?

Oh dear - it's art darling - art!

Is it this gloomy in London? I think not...

Brits revel in gloom ahead of London Olympics, but don't believe the gripe

By Ian Johnston, msnbc.com

March 28, 2012

LONDON -- If grumbling ever becomes an Olympic sport, the United Kingdom has to be a surefire bet for gold.

The level of complaints, fears and general discontent about the 30th Olympiad in London this summer has reached fever pitch, moving well-known commentator David Randall, of The Independent on Sunday newspaper, to write a column entitled "Come on, Britain! Stop moaning! It's the Olympics, for heaven's sake!"

Some fear too many people will come to London, causing a "perfect storm" of congestion on the roads -- so bad that lives could be endangered -- along with congestion on the subways, and also on the Internet; others think that actually fewer visitors than usual will come because ordinary tourists will be put off, so the games will provide little or no boost to the city's economy.

Composer Andrew Lloyd Webber even predicted "a bloodbath of a summer" for London's theaters after a slump in advance orders for tickets.

Then there has been a slew of gripes about tickets for Olympic events, such as not being able to get them unless you are a member of the super-rich, and unnecessary secrecy about the ticketing process.

Some worry London will get a bad name if visitors are ruthlessly gouged for every cent, by unscrupulous landlords, over-priced hotels or expensive Olympic souvenirs, for example.

However, one of the main groups representing London taxis seemed somewhat put out after it tried unsuccessfully to get approval to increase fares by a hefty 22 percent during the games. Allowed only a 5.3 percent raise, a drivers' representative suggested that many cabbies might decide not to show up for work.

Full Article


Seriously written by someone who as to sell newspapers - to be honest this stuff us churned out day in day out - but in general it's water of a duck's back in the UK

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Five thousand runners will descend on the Olympic Park on Saturday for a race which will see them become the first people across the stadium finish line.

The members of the public will join athletes and celebrities in the five-mile run which snakes around the Park.

People from around the UK are taking part in the National Lottery event.

They will start at the Orbit Tower and pass many of the venues before ending up in the Olympic Stadium, cheered on by friends and family.

More than 40,000 people applied and 5,000 participants won a random ballot to take part.

Princess Beatrice will officially start the event at 14:00 BST and then take part in the race, before distributing finishers' medals.



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don't know whether this has been posted anywhere but quite amusing reading!


i really had hope we would have got away with out a corny slogan - but no such luck - standby for it's realease with a 100 days to go - yawn!

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First set of Games Maker Volunteers just receiving their uniforms. So far positive results on the trainers, swatch watch and airline seat buckle belt. 2 weeks to go til I get mine!

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Plus a close up of the trainers, which I love. Hope they have them in size 12.


Sorry it's in the wrong section, can't seem to find the volunteers page

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