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A gallimaufry of London 2012 bits


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Could someone clarify if there is just one or multiple sets of these rings? In some of the photos the rings are clearly in the colors of the rings (Blue, black, red, yellow, green) while in other pictures the rings are all white with no sign of color whatsoever... If it is just one set how is this done? Thank you in advance for any explanation...

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One side is coloured, the other side is white. That's all.

LOL... oh wow... I really am laughing at this one... so simple... Thanks Rob!

Found these posted on SkyScraperCity:

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/VI2SorkkHL8" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/eCvEyO_k_vg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/VI2SorkkHL8" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/eCvEyO_k_vg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

..? Ok, I give up on how to embed YouTube clips on here... any assistance? (and I'd delete all that if there were an 'edit' option but there is not so I apologize for the mess...)

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A little random, but I seem to remember a post saying that the Olympic Park would have free public wifi. Does anyone know if that is still the case, or did I just make that up in my head? :rolleyes:

No, I'm sure I read something similar a month or two back as well.

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Virgin says up to 120 stations will have wi-fi connectivity by the end of 2012

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Virgin Media has won the contract to provide wi-fi to the London Underground.

The contract is only for ticket offices, escalators and platforms because it would have required major construction work to have added connectivity to the network's tunnels.

From July 2012 all Tube passengers will initially be able to connect to the internet for free.

After the Olympic and Paralympic Games it will be a pay-as-you-go service.

Virgin Media's mobile and broadband customers will be offered continued access as part of their subscriptions. Other non-paying users will be limited to a site showing online travel information.

The firm said it intended to introduce wi-fi to 80 stations by the summer, and by up to 120 stations by the end of the year.

The company's chief executive, Neil Berkett, said: "We'll help people make the most of the city and will continue to evolve the service, ensuring everyone can benefit from a service London will be proud of."

Transport for London (TfL) estimates that four million people use the Tube every day.

Deep-level deal

London Underground staff will be responsible for fitting the equipment, but the organisation stressed that the cost would be covered by the commercial contract.

"This latest innovation is great news for Tube customers, who now have access to emails, web and social media underground for the first time," said Gareth Powell, London Underground's director of strategy and service development.

"It's also delivered at no cost to fare payers and taxpayers."Continue reading the main story

London 2012 - One extraordinary year


Wi-fi is already available on many of the UK's overground trains. GNER was the first operator to offer the service on the East Coast Main Line in 2004. However, TfL said this would be the UK's first deep-level network to provide wireless internet to the public.

Underground rail systems overseas, such as the Dubai Metro, are able to offer continued access to customers during journeys.

The Chinese telecoms equipment firm Huawei had originally explored an option to install 3G phone and data services throughout the Tube, but TfL opted not to implement its scheme.

It was discovered that the cost of adding antennas to the antiquated system would have been prohibitive because the lack of space between the trains and the tunnels would have made building work necessary.

Virgin Media said it believed that the Tube's limited wi-fi access would not put customers at a huge disadvantage.

"Every wi-fi station you pass through is going to give you the chance to stay connected, by quickly updating Facebook, Twitter, email and the like," Kevin Baughan, Virgin Media's director of wireless told the BBC.

"Even while travelling people will have a great experience."

Sorry guys i've made a right dogs dinner of the above. how do i edit it?

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London 2012: England to host 2015 EuroHockey tournament

The 2015 European Hockey Championships are to take place at the Olympic Park in London.

It will be the first major international tournament to be staged there after the London 2012 Games.

The men's and women's winners will both be guaranteed a place at the 2016 Olympics in Brazil.

"The England Hockey Board has been honest in its promise of a legacy to hockey," said European Hockey Federation President Marijke Fleuren.

The decision to stage the event at the Lee Valley Hockey Centre in the Olympic Park was taken at an EHF board meeting held in Bratislava, Slovakia, earlier this month.


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Some explanation of Rafa's post:

"After the Games the Riverbank Arena will move to the north of the Olympic Park, joining a group of facilities in the area known as Eton Manor. It will have 3,000 permanent seats with the ability to increase to up to 15,000 for major events."

Eton Manor during the Games:


Eton Manor after the Games with new hockey facilties:



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Chariots of Fire redone for 2012


A re-released version of Chariots Of Fire is to have centre stage in the special film programme that will help mark the finale to the London 2012 Festival of culture and arts.

The digitally-remastered cut of the much-loved 1981 Oscar-winning sporting classic, which stars Ben Cross, Ian Charleson and Nigel Havers, will hit the big screens across the UK on July 13.

It tells the true story of Eric Liddle and Harold Abrahams, who won gold at the 1924 Olympics despite great personal obstacles.

The release by Twentieth Century Fox and the British Film Institute (BFI) is timed to help show off both old and new home-grown industry talent as the global spotlight is fixed on Britain during the 2012 Games.

Some new talent in the 2012 film programme comes in the form of Asif Kapadia, the Hackney-born Bafta-winning filmmaker of the documentary Senna, who has been signed up to create one of four new works for BBC and Film4.

Kapadia's film, The Odyssey, is a mixture of aerial and archive footage about the opinions of Londoners. It is among a quartet of new commissions by leading UK filmmakers.

This includes A Running Jump by Mike Leigh, The Swimmer by Lynne Ramsay, the director of We Need to Talk About Kevin, and What If ,directed by duo Max Giwa and Dania Pasquini and starring Noel Clarke.

These four films get their world premiere at the Edinburgh Film Festival on June 24 and their London premiere at the Hackney Picturehouse a day later.

Nine of Alfred Hitchcock's early silent British masterpieces, shot between 1925 and 1929, have also been restored.

They will be aired in one-off London screenings complete with a newly-commissioned score that will be played live.


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London tube map given Olympic makeover

Many visitors pouring into London this summer for the Olympics will arrive at Nadia Comaneci. They'll need to travel by tube to Simon Whitfield (via Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal) before changing there and heading to Michael Phelps (via Carl Lewis).

That is one of the most direct routes to the Olympic Park in Stratford if one arrives at King's Cross and changes at Bank, at least according to a new tube map.

Transport for London today unveiled their Olympic Legends Map. The names of all 361 stations on the iconic multi-coloured London tube map have been altered to the names of Olympic heroes - past and present.

Oxford Circus has become Australian swimming legend Ian Thorpe, Covent Garden is now British sailing hope Ben Ainslie and Paddington is reigning World Footballer of the Year Lionel Messi.

"There were heated debates and a few late changes of heart, but we are happy with the result: dozens of nations represented, all 2012 Olympic sports accounted for, and Ali (Stratford International station) and Phelps, two of the greatest Olympians of all time, guarding the Stratford gateways to the games," map designers Alex Trickett and David Brooks said in a joint statement.

Other notable inclusions are Jesse Owens (Aldgate), Usain Bolt (Victoria) and Steve Redgrave (Knightsbridge). Phelps, who won eight golds at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing takes the coveted Stratford stop, the closest station to the Olympic Park.

"The map not only celebrates multiple gold medal winning athletes but also features other extraordinary athletes who may not have won an Olympic gold medal but are recognized for their abilities or in some cases, famous defeats," TFL said.

With some notable exclusions, including Zola Budd and Mary Decker, the runners who got tangled in the 3,000-meter final at the 1984 Los Angeles Games, the designers of the map concede not everyone will be happy.

"These things always divide opinion," Trickett and Brooks said of their selections for the map, "so we are happy to discuss (and defend) any of our choices."

Click HERE to view the map as a pdf.


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WTF??? This is total bullshit! Now you have to ride the tube with a dictionary of stations. Maybe someone feels like explaining me how British brains work?

What a ridiculous overreaction! I know nothing about this story but am pretty sure that the tube maps will look exactly the same. This is just for fun. You will still be able to use the regular tube map to get around London. No need to have a "dictionary of stations" with you.

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Is it this gloomy in London? I think not...

Brits revel in gloom ahead of London Olympics, but don't believe the gripe

By Ian Johnston, msnbc.com

March 28, 2012

LONDON -- If grumbling ever becomes an Olympic sport, the United Kingdom has to be a surefire bet for gold.

The level of complaints, fears and general discontent about the 30th Olympiad in London this summer has reached fever pitch, moving well-known commentator David Randall, of The Independent on Sunday newspaper, to write a column entitled "Come on, Britain! Stop moaning! It's the Olympics, for heaven's sake!"

Some fear too many people will come to London, causing a "perfect storm" of congestion on the roads -- so bad that lives could be endangered -- along with congestion on the subways, and also on the Internet; others think that actually fewer visitors than usual will come because ordinary tourists will be put off, so the games will provide little or no boost to the city's economy.

Composer Andrew Lloyd Webber even predicted "a bloodbath of a summer" for London's theaters after a slump in advance orders for tickets.

Then there has been a slew of gripes about tickets for Olympic events, such as not being able to get them unless you are a member of the super-rich, and unnecessary secrecy about the ticketing process.

Some worry London will get a bad name if visitors are ruthlessly gouged for every cent, by unscrupulous landlords, over-priced hotels or expensive Olympic souvenirs, for example.

However, one of the main groups representing London taxis seemed somewhat put out after it tried unsuccessfully to get approval to increase fares by a hefty 22 percent during the games. Allowed only a 5.3 percent raise, a drivers' representative suggested that many cabbies might decide not to show up for work.

Full Article


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WTF??? This is total bullshit! Now you have to ride the tube with a dictionary of stations. Maybe someone feels like explaining me how British brains work?

It's not like its a real map as such, it's not gonna replace the old one it's just a bit of fun...i think it looks quite cool

I probably won't use it as such but i like the idea behind it

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