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The Coe Factor...


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I have been reading about the importance that had for the London's Bid Sebastian Coe's personal contribution, you have an example  here :

Coe Factor


The good work of Coe as the head of the British team has reminded me to the powerful presence from Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki at the front of Athens 2004 Organization.

I remember how the last summer that woman caused me a deep impact... she was so energic, willing to work hard without losing the smile and taking the controls of the heavy organization of the Games.  


A time ago Rogge recognized the importance and the weight that Mrs. Angelopoulos had when the IOC was choosing  Athens like Olympic City, and when I'm  contrasting these facts with the good work of Coe I wonder myself:  


Is it really important to have a strong personality at the head of the Bid?  


I refer to a person that is able to unite to all those that work for the candidacy and of lead it efficiently, as well as  making people of other countries to identify Coe or Daskalaki himselves to the candidacy of the city  


I think that indeed it is very important, because time before the election of the July 6  I already associated in my mind London 2012 with Lord Coe, in the same way in that in my memory the Games of Athens will be related with that woman that went able to eclipse Jacques Rogge in the official speeches with their sympathy and mediterranean energy and vitality that it equals many Greek, Italian and Spanish women.  


I believe that one of the weak points of Madrid  was that it didn't have "a face",  in spite of being Feliciano Mayoral the responsible for the candidacy, in Spain we associated the Games more to its mayor Alberto Ruiz Gallardón, and it is for that reason that I believe that Madrid's Bid was not able to add that extra touch of charisma that had Athens with Mrs. Angelopoulos in its time and that now has London with Coe.

I believe that if Madrid tries again, they'll need a charismatic leader and maybe Iñaki Urdangarín, duke of Palm of Mallorca, ex-sportman, vice president of the COE and son-in-law of the King Juan Carlos could be a good option

What do you think about the relationship between strong and charismactic personalities and a succesfull Bid?

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Like Gianna with Athens 2004, I think Coe will stick around to the very end. By the way, which IOC member is going to coordinate the London Games with Coe?
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I like Angelopoulos because she could organize the Games in four years, other presidents needed seven years to prepare their cities for the Olympics.

Can't believe that she was almost "out of sight" after Athens won the 2004 Games. Then, she was asked to return to save it. She was remarkable in doing that. Never mind that I think she is the first woman president of an Olympic organizing committee.

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Mrs. Angelopoulos is truly a great woman. She made the "impossible is nothing" come reality. She had a clear vision of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games, she had the right people on her side (Dimitris Papaioanou) and had faith that Athens would be a big success. A truly strong and charismactic woman...

That is what all Visions need... Someone who believes that everything is possible, who has the strength to make other people believe too...

It would be very nice if Coe would be part of the Organising Committee.. I like him

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