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2022 - Round 3 Re-Vote

2022 Winter Olympic Games Fantasy Bid Competition   

25 members have voted

  1. 1. Who do you wish to award the winter games of the year 2022 to?

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Sorry if I've been off the wire here. Just had visitors over, then had to go out for a while. A bad time to try to resolve impasse in a comp.

The way i see it, the important thing is to try and be as fair as possible to all concerned, and I'm thinking here of the members and voters as much as the competitors. The Bid Books have been released, people have seen them, and it's unfair now to deny anyone the opportunity to give their opinions on them, or any other aspects of the bids or campaigns. I will take it that once voting started on a final five bids, all those bids were tacitly entered until the final decision. I'm not going to accept withdrawals. Bidders can decide themselves whether they wish to go on and actively promote them (except in this thread - no lobbying here allowed), or to advise their supporters to vote elsewhere or not at all. But the members should be given the opportunity to make their choices. I also think it's unfair to eliminate Geneva under the circumstances.

So, Round 3 voting is being re-done. Vote is by the poll above. I will decide, and consult if necessary, on the bona-fides or not of the votes recorded (please note that this will be a public poll, so people can see who's voted for whom). Voting starts from now and will end 4pm, Monday January 17 Sydney time, 6am Monday CET. Unless one bid gets an absolute majority, that with lowest votes is out. NO bid marketing or lobbying in this thread - I'd prefer no posts at all and all comments about the conduct of the poll, or the campaigning, be put in the "Time Out" thread.

The bidders are:

Geneva 2022

Manchester 2022

Bursa 2022

Good luck

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