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75% find Winter Olympics in Munich good in 2018

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Yesterday the ZDF published a representative public poll from Germany about the question: would you like to see Olympic Winter Games in Munich in 2018?

75% answered: good

16% answered: not good

9% answered: don't know

ZDF Politbarometer from January 14th

in the lower part on the right side you find an arrow - the poll about the Winter Olympics is on page 12

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One should also mention that there was also a poll just for Bavaria this week. It was made for Bayerischer Rundfunk, the regional TV and radio outlet of ARD in Bavaria:

"Munich is bidding for the Olympic Winter Games 2018. Supporters expect big economical opportunities for the region, opponents deplore the high costs and the intrusions into the environment. What do you think: Should the Olympic Winter Games 2018 be staged in Munich?"

Yes 60 % (of all Bavarians)

No 36 % (of all Bavarians)

http://www.infratest-dimap.de/umfragen-analysen/bundeslaender/bayern/laendertrend/2011/januar/ (click on the last graphic in the list)

In December, the same polling institute also made a national poll for ARD on the same question (the results are shown below in the same graphic). There, 60 % of all Germans were in favour of the bid, and 35 % were against it.

So the ZDF Politbarometer poll shows a remarkable deviation from the ARD numbers. Maybe when they asked the respondants in the ZDF poll, they didn't mention the arguments of the bid's opponents? In opinion polling, the way the questions are put are very important for the outcome of the poll.

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