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Children of Glory

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Well, thanks to World Movies finally got to see the Hungarian film "Children of Glory":

Has anyone else seen this movie? Thoughts?

Must admit that the Olympic content was a little muted, which in some respects is to be expected. The recreation of the Melbourne 1956 Olympic Games as a whole and the "blood in the pool" semi-final from then was not as effective as say similar scenes set in sport films such as "Berlin 36" or "Das Wunder Von Bern". Having said that it was involving and I was quite surprised how they replicated this iconic photo:



All up a pretty decent addition to the Olympic addict's film collection

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For the Aussies here, you may already know about this, but just wanted to give the heads-up about a doco on the ABC this Wednesday, Australia Day, called Salute, on the Tommie Smith, John Carlos and Peter Norman "Gloved Fists" incident on the podium in Mexico City:

ABC TV: The Salute

Got that on DVD some time ago...seen it quite cheap in JB HiFi. Have to say it's more hagiography than serious critique of Norman, and way too long. But still a solid effort at looking at one of the less well known Aussie Olympians.

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