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Grospiron resigns

Pure facts

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Edgar Grospiron has resigned of his position as CEO of Annecy 2018: he thinks that the bid budget (recently brought from 16 million Euros to 20 million Euros) cannot allow Annecy to compete equally with PC and Munich.

A new CEO should be appointed in the upcoming days.

Whatever little chances Annecy might have had a one point are now almost dead...

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Tulsa, it's a body blow and a bid that was a peripheral chance is now very much a long shot. You can't lose the front-man for your bid in the last few months and especially under the reported circumstances of Grospiron's departure.

Annency has lost a huge part of their bid's ability to sell their message on the Lausanne bunker and you don't recover that with a new name and a new business card

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Isn't finish for Annecy ! It stay 7 months, a race isn't finish before someone win !!!

Well, maybe closer two months going by their own estimates:

French official: Annecy bid `4 or 5 months behind'

PARIS -Annecy's bid for the 2018 Winter Games is "four or five months behind" its two rival candidates and needs more financial support to have any chance of success, the head of the French Olympic Committee said Wednesday.

Denis Masseglia told The Associated Press that Annecy officials lost considerable time in revamping their project after the International Olympic Committee criticized the spread-out venues in June. He said the bid has lots of catching up to do against rival contenders Pyeongchang, South Korea, and Munich.

"We are now four or five months behind Munich and Pyeongchang — we all know this," Masseglia said in a telephone interview. "But we are competitors and we are going to do everything we can to win with the help of a very good project. This is not all about money."

The candidates must submit their detailed bid files by Jan. 11. The IOC will select the host city in Durban, South Africa, on July 6.

To answer the IOC criticism, Annecy officials have changed their plans and are now offering a project centered around Annecy and Chamonix.

"We still have seven months ahead of us before the IOC makes its choice," Masseglia said. "I'm sure there are a lot of IOC members who have not made their decision. We all agree to say that we are facing a difficult situation and that our rivals are in front, notably regarding the financial means, but as long as the finish line is not crossed this is not over."

Annecy's bid took a blow last weekend when French IOC members Jean-Claude Killy and Guy Drut said the bid team failed to convince IOC members of their revamped plans.

"You have to understand that after the IOC warned us, we had to mobilize all energies for revamping our project, and it was at the expense of the international promotion," Masseglia said.

Christian Monteil, the chairman of the Annecy 2018 supervisory board, said last week Annecy needs $4-$5.3 million more to add to their $24 million budget to hire consultants capable of boosting the bid's communication campaign.

Annecy officials are set to meet Sports minister Chantal Jouanno on Friday ahead of a meeting of the bid's supervisory board this weekend.

Jouanno reportedly asked for "clarity" and said Tuesday she already obtained an extra $1 million support for the bid.

Masseglia said Annecy officials realized last month in Acapulco, Mexico, during a meeting of Olympic associations that they were trailing in the race.

"Our pitch was not brilliant there, but it was far better in Belgrade," said Masseglia, referring to the general assembly of European Olympic Committees held in Serbia.



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Can someone please notify the local clergy in Annency to give this bid the last rights? You simply can't lose the confidence of your compatriot IOC members and the bid head goes walkabout whilst trying to sell a reconditioned bid. And just in case you want to consider how Annency will present itself with a new bid head, perhaps Munich sets the example...


Don;t tell me that all those wizened old men in the Lausanne Bunker would be clamouring to vote for Munich thanks to the Witt Factor :lol:

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The French bid has unfortunately become pathetic.

I can't understand why they want to bid, but don't want to give to Grospiron the means to compete. It always seemed to me that the French politicos (Accoyer and the other mayors of the area) wanted to bid just for the sake of bidding, and were not really interested in actually hosting the Games.

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Y doesn't Annecy just withdraw already. When even the French Olympic Committee bigwhig admits that their way behind, it clearly demonstrates the unsurmountable uphill battle that Annecy inevitably faces.

Yes, they had to quickly address the IOC's preliminary evaluations main concerns & that's what cost them valuble time to focus on the other important matters, but that's no ones fault but Annecy's. They should've come up with a strategic & winning plan from the get go, instead of trying to get away with it half-assed, considering that they were handicapped from the start with France's multiple Winter Olympic hostings.

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The problem is than now, to win a bid... Isn't the best bid or values about sport whom are predominant for win the right to host the games but only money... Where are you Pierre de Coubertin? :(

@ Baron, even Annecy can't win in july, for me I think this bid is the most close to winter spirit and mountain spirit.

Moreover if one day you have the chance to come in Annecy or in Haute Savoies, you understand why it's one of the most fabulous place for winter games... Neither Munich or PC have this kind of atmosphere...

But 7 month it's a long time and maybe with destiny and chance, Annecy can Win !!! :P

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