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Rio 2016 Paralympic Games

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My initially low expectations and upset over Chicago's loss are quickly being raised... i'm getting excited about Rio!

After all, Rio city and its people are not guilty for Chicago loss... And if the opposite have happened I would be upset, but not with the winner... smile.gif

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The making of the Rio logos.


I can imagine the tombstone of Stir when he died:

"He spent all his life upset by the defeat of Chicago for the 2016 Olympics.

RIO Stir

I mean, RIP Stir (typo)"

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As Sisqo would say...

thong, to thong, thong, thong.

Wow... thats a classic... just think that in about 60 years there will be a whole bunch of grannies with wrinkled lower-back tattoos rolling around in their wheelchairs with their geriatric depends-thongs hanging out... it will be great...

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IPC Athletics propose record 78 female medal events at Rio 2016

The international governing body of Para-athletics has proposed a record 78 medal events for female athletes at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.

International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Athletics published a first draft of the medal event programme for Rio, over four years before the competition and with London 2012 still three months away.

Rio 2016 will have a total of 176 athletics medal events, six more than London 2012, with this summer's Paralympics holding 67 medal events for female athletes.

IPC Athletics has been consulting and discussing the proposals with every National Paralympic Committee around the world.


NPCs can now respond by the end of July with feedback on the draft programme.

A final draft is set to be made public on October 15, with further feedback opportunities after that.

The final proposal will be put to the IPC after the Athletics Sport Forum in November, with the governing body approving the programme prior to its publication on New Years' Eve.

The full list of marathon events will not be known though until early 2015 in order for IPC Athletics to increase the number of marathon events so that more impairment groups can be included.

It was also announced that the 2015 World Championship medal events will be based on the Rio 2016 programme, with next year's Worlds in Lyon, France following the format of last year's event in Christchurch, New Zealand.


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