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Rio 2016 - Olympic Village


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its already noticed by Danfla in:

but I belive it deserves a specific thread

City Hall and Caravalho Hosken sign contract for the construction of the Olympic Village

Rio City Hall and the construction company Carvalho Hosken signed a contract this Thursday 12/9, for the construction of the Olympic Village, which will host the athletes during the Games.

“I am proud to say that the IOC members are impressed with what the Rio 2016 Olympic Village will be like, and have already said that this will be the most beautiful one in the history of the Olympic Games”, stated Rio 2016 Committee President, Carlos Nuzman, who took part of the signing ceremony at the Maria Lenk Aquatics Park, facility build for the Pan-American Games that will host, at the Olympic Games, the aquatics competitions.

Built in an area of 75 hectares in Recreio dos Bandeirantes, close to Riocentro, the Village will comprise 34 twelve-store buildings. Altogether, 2.448 three and four bedroom, high standard apartments will be offered. All units will have a balcony, large dinning and living rooms and kitchen, besides utility room. The Olympic Village location guarantees that 46% of the Olympic athletes will be staying under 10 minutes of their training and competition facilities and 73% under 25 minutes.



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Foundation stone of the Olympic Village is launched, and the project receives approval from the IOC

President Jacques Rogge says he is proud with the preparation of Rio 2016

It was inaugurated on Wednesday the foundation stone of the Olympic and Paralympic Village for the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro. The ceremony was attended by the President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Jacques Rogge, who, after observing the model of the project, praised the city's preparation for the Olympics.

- I'm happy to be here and give support from the IOC. I am also very proud because the preparation for 2016 is going very well. Today is an important day because the Village is the heart of the Olympic experience. It is a sacred place, where everyone gets together and live in brotherhood. It's a great honor to participate in this event and I'm sure it will be a fantastic village.

The house athletes during the event will be erected in the grounds of the former City of Rock in Barra da Tijuca, near the Lagoa de Jacarepagua. The beginning of the works is scheduled for January 2011. The area of 1 million square meters will have 48 buildings of 12 floors each, meeting the accessibility rules. The apartments have 3-4 rooms with an average of 14m ², air-conditioning, living room and balcony.

Additional facilities will have a training center for 11 olympic sports and 8 Paralympic, a distance that can be traversed on foot. There will also be a beach for the athletes, just ten minutes from the village. Across the street, a park will be built with recreational facilities including tennis courts, beach volleyball and soccer, and water activities such as windsurfing and kayaking. The total project is budgeted at $ 2-5 billion, on land owned by the builder Carvalho Hosken. Altogether 2,500 direct jobs will be generated.


Source: globoesporte.com

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IOC Coordination Commission visit Rio 2016 Olympic Village

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) Coordination Commission, led by Morocco's Nawal El Moutawakel, has visted the Olympic Village being built for Rio 2016 to check on progress there.

The foundation stone for the Village was laid in December 2010 but this was the first time that the IOC Coordination Commission had officially seen it, even though this is their third full visit.

They saw it from an observatory tower, where they had a view of the entire Village site and El Moutawakel pressed the bottom which activated the mechanism to plunge the first stake into the land lot.

Also present the ceremony were the Carloz Nuzman, the President of Rio 2016, and the Eduardo Paes, the Mayor of Rio de Janeiro.

After its construction in the Barra zone, which will host more than 50 per cent of the competitions, the Olympic Village will be located within 25 minutes of the competition and training venues for 73 per cent of athletes in the Olympic Games, and 10 minutes from 68 per cent of the athletes in the Paralympic Games.

The Olympic Village is being built by a private consortium, which will sell the apartments for use after the Games.

Paes has promised that there will be no more public money spent on the project.

A 62-hectare area will host 31 buildings with 13 apartments and 17 floors each, in addition to 5,604 apartments with two, three and four bedrooms, totaling 17,952 beds.



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Rio 2016 President Carlos Nuzman and British Olympic Association Chairman Seb Coe visit the Olympic Village during a media tour in Rio de Janeiro, Tuesday Oct. 15 AP




Coe described the athletes’ village, which is to be handed over to organizers in March 2016, as “very, very impressive” and said problems facing Rio were similar to those faced in London.

“You’re never going to walk through this without groups of people occasionally using the games — the extraordinary penetration that the brand has around the world — as a backdrop to all sorts of issues,” Coe said.

Asked if he wanted to step in for Nuzman, Coe replied: “I’m rather happy that Carlos is doing this now and not me.”



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NOCs impressed by Rio 2016 Olympic Village, venues and legacy plans during third open day

The Rio 2016 Olympic Village and Maracanã Stadium were among the highlights for 29 delegates from 13 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) who visited Rio de Janeiro this week. In town for the Third Rio 2016 NOC Open Day, the delegates spent Tuesday and Wednesday visiting venues and being updated by the organising committee on preparations for the first Olympic Games in South America.
Peter Reinebo, who was visiting the city for the third time in his capacity as the Swedish chef de mission, praised the Rio 2016 venue plan. “It’s a great combination,” he said. “There will be venues in iconic places like Copacabana and Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, and some new permanent venues that will leave a legacy for years to come, like the Olympic Park. Then there are some temporary venues and also stadiums that already exist, like the Maracanã and the athletics venue (João Havelange Olympic Stadium). It’s a very impressive mix".
“Things are really happening quickly at the Village and I think it will be very good. It’s also easy now to see how the Olympic Park will be and to understand its legacy. The distance between the Village and Olympic Park is very good, and even better is how close the training facilities are (at the Athletes’ Park).”
Along with Sweden, representatives from Belgium, Canada, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Japan, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Norway, Slovakia and the Netherlands took part in the open day and visited venue sites in all four Rio 2016 competition zones – Barra, Deodoro, Maracanã and Copacabana. For Heinz Thews, the Luxembourg chef de mission, visiting the Maracanã Stadium was the highlight.
“It was a very special moment,” he said. “It will be a fantastic stage for the opening ceremony. It’s a very historical and emotional place. It’s special because normally there is an athletics track in the ceremony stadium, but here there is not, so the spectators will be very close.”
Thews said the visit had been highly productive. “These NOC Open Days are very important and I think it’s obligatory for NOCs to come and see the reality of the city and understand the small things and get in touch with the people in the organising committee. Rio 2016 has a very motivated team and there is a very good working atmosphere here.”
Captive audience: Rio 2016’s Mario Cilenti explains the Olympic Village concept (Photo: Rio 2016)
Daniel Katsuya Takahashi, from the Japanese NOC, also noted the progress that had been made since his last visit, and explained how the open day would help Japanese athletes perform well in 2016 and 2020, when Tokyo will host the Games.
“Last December I was here and that time there was nothing at the Olympic Village site, and now we can see buildings are already standing and we know this progress will get faster and faster. In 2020 we are required to get good results and in order to do this we need to have better results in Rio in 2016. It’s step by step, and this visit of course has helped in this process.”
Meanwhile, Sweden’s Reinebo was impressed by the legacy that the Games will leave. “The infrastructure that was needed anyway will be delivered some years earlier,” he said. “Rio is a magical city with a great atmosphere; it’s vibrant and very beautiful. But it has some issues with transport and if there are good solutions it will increase economic growth and attract more tourists – so the works are not only for the Games but for the future of the city. And it’s important to attract more young people into sport, but for this you need new facilities and the Olympic Park can provide this legacy.”
The event was led by Mario Cilenti, Rio 2016’s Olympic Village and NOC Relations and Services Director. He said: “The NOCs and, through them, the athletes of the world, are the most important participants in the Games. It is a top priority for the Rio 2016 Organising Committee to make sure they have the best possible experience during the Games.”
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Gonna look good when its done...Then only problem is the Athletes wont want to leave!

Just show them some report from British media and they will be scared about how Brazil sucks...

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Like this one.


I'm amazed how English team dare to come to Brazil...


Edited by Danny El Tico
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Considering the average UK tourist in the 18 - 40 age group is a party hard alcohol swilling yobbo, it might be that Brazil that should be afraid!

Makes some sense


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Ive just randomly opened two threads in the gamesbids forum. Guess what neither was on topic and both were pretty much spouting racist stereotypical slurs against the British.

This forum has gone so far down hill its not worth contributing or coming on here. If I want racist drivel I can read the Daily Mail. This forum should be a place to come to discuss the Olympics, people don't seem interested in doing that anymore.

Keep spurting your pathetic narrow minded posts. I for one won't be reading them.

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I just want to say I love UK and its people, not to mention all British culture products I love.

This said, I feel very comfortable to say: yes, British media is playing tough against Brazil, showing mostly only bad things and I'm annoyed about it.

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Really, which one of them wrote that article?

None,thankfully. The coach and the athletes have been very nice towards Brazil.

And most of British people.

But, if English Team decision to come to Brazil was based on this report...

Fortunately, it seems, nobody cares about this kind of media in the UK and I'm sure noboby will believe on it, right, Rob?

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