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FIFA World Cup 2026

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Infantino certainly is no Blatter when it comes to joint bids. At least the United States should've gotten this in 2022 because it was time to return to North American after 1994. Without a doubt FIFA knows what a marketing goldmine and the pre-existing gleaming stadiums would mean minimal costs the USA, Canada, and Mexico would provide. Let's not forget the 1994 Final and the Opening game were smack dab in the North American afternoon for the European TV primetime. Possible those times can be pushed up closer to what Brazil had four years ago in both to be firmer in that European primetime segment.

Really glad this would, for its issues involving Vancouver, benefit Canada because it assures at least a second World Cup appearance for it since 1986 (and generations of Canadian international competition WC chances wasted since) at a time when it's better developed there with three MLS teams and a new Canadian Premier League forming with teams across the nation. Not to mention the Canadian women being a serious top contender and the success of the 2015 tournament there. That said, the pressure's on for Canada Soccer to make sure the men qualify for Qatar to get this new generation some meaningful World Cup playing experience for the 2026 target. Could be set back if they don't and be deer caught in the headlights.

My primary question becomes how will the three nations, in a 48-team field, be allotted into the groups. Hosts nations since 2006 automatically get Group A when it was previously the defending champs. Will it be based on FIFA Rankings among the three as to who gets them? Don't think Canada will get to appear in Group A. Maybe with its bulk in stadiums, the gravitas, and the majority of games based there the USA gets that. My guess they will each get in the first three groups. Heard there was some talk the three co-hosts will also play in the opening day each having a game. Someone like Christian Pulisic for the USA will be entering his prime by then and hopefully be a bonafide star.   

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If they were to host some sort of clustering would like happen. Divide 5 west venues (Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Regina) into one zone and (Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa, Montreal, Eastern Ca

That's why I question the theory that people seem to think 2030 is headed for Argentina/Uruguay just because of the centennial (how'd that work out for Athens in 1996). They're going to make Europe,

Yes. That meets World Cup capacity requirements. It would be a second Toronto stadium to supplement a proposed 80,000 plus seater centrepiece.

It once would have seemed preposterous for the USA to host one World Cup, if you had said they would host two, then people might have started questioning your sense of reality. 1994 was truly special, and I (admittedly biased) think it was the greatest month in our nation's sporting history. I can't even comprehend what the next eight years will be like, but it will blow 1994 out of the water. It will be a lot of fun sharing the party with our friends and neighbors to the north and south and together we will put on a spectacular event.

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If you have noticed during the bid voting in Moscow, there are various reasons why Alphonso Davies was in Moscow repping for Canada Soccer and making a stump speech for the North American United 2026 bid. One of which is that Davies, currently 17, represents the hope years down the road and is expected to be the primary Canada Soccer talisman with some promising young talent. He should be entering his prime come 2026 just like his equally highly-touted budding American star counterpart south of the border in Christian Pulisic, who should be getting excited and prepared to play right now in Russia in his first World Cup instead of getting sidelined. Canada should be better prepared than for the World Cup than ever before by then. Davies' impressive play at last year's Copa America surely ignited lots of excitement for Team Canada for the near future and something to build upon in the coming years. Surely Canada Soccer is installing a plan to surround him with some promising young and slightly older Canadian soccer talent around him to turn Canada into more of a major international soccer force. Davies can hopefully take his game to a more challenging level after the Vancouver Whitecaps in his pro career to take his talents to a more challenging overseas league and thrive. A Davies-Pulisic international soccer rivalry would be something fun to watch.

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I am still confused if the new NFL stadium in inglewood is going to host any games, it will be the best stadium in the country at that point, and will host LA2028 football games, however i dont see it on the list (i agree that MetLife should host the finals since LA hosted in 94)

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A soccer test event would be useful at Inglewood after it opens just to give FIFA something to go on. Maybe Kreonke getting Arsenal over for a preseason friendly or something.

From what I've seen I think LV's new stadium might actually suit soccer better. But as the two newest, both should certainly be considered.

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Today's MLS Cup in Seattle had an attendance of 69,274, which makes it the highest attended sporting event in the city's history.


I still don't think this world cup is a good idea because of the logistics for visiting fans, but it's at least clear that the sport itself will be much better supported in 2026 than it was in 1994. The talk in town now is whether Luis Suarez might join our team in a couple of years, whereas I think 99% of Americans in the 1990's couldn't name any soccer players other than Pele and David Beckham.

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3 hours ago, Texas said:

One thing about a USA 2026 bid is for certain......there will not be any white elephant stadiums when all is said and done. 

Not really a bid anymore considering they have officially been named as host.  And don't forget Canada and Mexico.. this isn't just a USA 2026 World Cup.

Only 10 cities in the United States are going to get to host.  Which means there's going to be more than a few very deserving cities left out.  There's no possibility for any white elephants because nothing new will have to be built.

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Since I am Canadian, I can't wait until the 2026 FIFA World Cup comes to Canada personally myself.

Pros outweigh cons here, people:

- Improved infrastructure.
- Team automatically qualifies for World Cup especially if you are Canada, USA or Mexico
- Getting revenues in form of tickets sold, merchandise, selling TV rights, etc.
- Give other countries' national teams a chance to shine on the world stage. Like really where can you go wrong?
- Chance of home fans meeting global superstars face to face
- Increase awareness about the game in general public here in Canada especially.
- Tourism, as fans from 47 other countries visit here to watch WC.

- What’s more, it will be easier to advance to the knockout rounds with two teams in every three-team group advancing to the round of 32 (as opposed to two of four teams in each group advancing to a round of 16). And with more emphasis on the results of one game—in a sport where crazy bounces, fluke goals and bad officiating often decide games—it could also be easier for the U.S. or Mexico to advance deeper in the knockout rounds against easier teams than they faced before.

- If you’re a country that has never made it to the World Cup before—and there are plenty of nations in this group—your chances of qualifying just increased immensely. That is no small thing as the world’s game becomes increasingly global. In general, inclusion is a better thing than exclusion.

Despite having a bigger tournament, it won’t take any more days to complete. The 48-team World Cup in 2026 will last 32 days, just as many as the 32 days it will take with 32 teams at Russia 2018. The tournament winner will still play seven games, no more than is currently the case, so I don’t totally understand people saying that the new format will put more wear and tear on players. It won't really.

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