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FIFA WC USA-Mexico-Canada 2026


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Bloody hell FIFA!


One of Fifa's most senior executives, Fatma Samoura, has been reported to the organisation's powerful ethics committee.

Samoura, who was appointed secretary general of football's world governing body by its president Gianni Infantino in 2016, is accused of alleged breaches of its ethics code relating to "duty of disclosure, co-operation and reporting" and "conflicts of interest".

The claims stem from allegations relating to Morocco's bid to host the 2026 World Cup. The North African country wants to host the tournament but is up against a North American joint effort comprising Canada, the USA and Mexico.

Members of a Fifa World Cup evaluation taskforce - which recently visited the bidding countries - are said to have discovered an undeclared family link between Samoura - whose full name is Fatma Samba Diouf Samoura - and the former Liverpool forward El Hadji Diouf, who is working in an ambassadorial role for the Moroccan bid.

Both Samoura, 55, and Diouf are from Senegal. They are both now the subject of an ethics complaint.

A senior Fifa source has told BBC Sport the allegation is "tenuous", while Samoura said she is "fully aware of this upcoming complaint" and has "a good idea who is conveying this message".

She added: "The whole country of Senegal will laugh at Fifa Ethics... because everyone in my country knows the origin of El Hadji Diouf."

The same senior source, who wishes to remain anonymous, also alleges Infantino "encouraged" the evaluation taskforce to find evidence that could block Morocco's candidacy.


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Well he can't be president in 2026, so there is that. I kinda feel sorry for Morocco, their calling card of being the first Arabic nation to host has been nicked by Qatar - when if anyone deserved it, it was them. And I think if they do win, the media etc will lump them in with Qatar. 

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20 hours ago, paul said:


Yea, you're probably right.  Nothing that Trump has done or is doing is worth criticism and all the liberals should just shut up about it.  I'm sure if that was a Democrat in office doing things and acting the way that Trump in, conservatives would be totally okay with it.

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$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ as in 11 billion of them.

Everything Infantino does is motivated by money. He made campaign promises that he has been unable to fulfill and he's desperately trying to find the money to do so.

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Good. I don't want the (dis)united bid to win, but I can live with it if we win fairly. If North America wins through skullduggery there will be an outcry when fans and national teams encounter the inevitable logistical problems.

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Hard to call. FIFA's memory of the FBI, the unnecessary-looking triple co-hosting, distance from Europe (& China), & you-know-who's one-man mission to offend every country in the world, except Russia & North Korea (!) in as short a time as possible all conspire for Morocco, but FIFA is still FIFA & there's a lot of money in North America for them. Plus a much easier ride on infrastructure etc. I also wonder if having 26 locked down for the (sort of) Arab world might make moving 2022 more palatable - Morocco >>>> Qatar any day. 

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At least Morocco has more culture, landmarks and a better sport tradition than certain gulf country which best achievements at sports were by buying players (see when they hosted the Handball World Cup). Also, sorry for those who support the joint America bid but after seeing how Trump is acting, I would actually feel too bad for Morocco if they lose. 

My only concerns about them winning would be the terrorism issue and the fact LGBT always gets a hard time on muslim countries, a controversy which is going to happen for sure in 2022 and might happen at this WC though not as bad.

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The US is going to be busy, it would be better held in a country with truer passion for soccer. We need less global clubs involved in US  business....there is too much money involved and too much risk of corruption.

Canada and Mexico didn't need the US in their plan did they? I think it would be better to see one country bid.

A Mexico WC would be so cool to watch.

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  • Sir Rols changed the title to FIFA WC USA-Mexico-Canada 2026

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