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Innsbruck's Pictograms

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So, what do people think? A but blocy for my taste - more "pixelgrams". With the main Innsbruck logo, it's looking to me as if these are going to be one of least insprising games, graphically.


The 15 disciplines of the 1st Winter Youth Olympic Games 2012 in Innsbruck and Seefeld in Tyrol, in which 1,058 athletes will participate, are now represented by the Innsbruck 2012 pictograms. The presentation of the traditional symbols was among the celebrations of the new Toni-Seelos-ski jump in Seefeld, the Official Host Mountain Resort of the Youth Games. Among other things Seefeld will also be the stage for the first Women’s ski jumping competition in Olympic history.

The shape of the pictograms encapsulates both the athletic and anatomical characteristics of each of the respective sports. The pixelated design of the Innsbruck 2012 Youth Games, which is based on the quadratic Innsbruck 2012 logo combined with the colours of the Olympic Rings, is also reflected in the pictograms. The angular form of the figures contributes to the uniqueness and vitality of the pictograms. As for the colouring, a bright blue was chosen as it mirrors the sports section of the Innsbruck 2012 website. Each pictogram, through its quadratic shape is equivalent to one pixel and the Youth Games motto ‘Be a part of it!’ incorporates each of the Olympic sports into the Games. In future, the pictograms will appear on forms, sign posts etc., acting as a fast, and above all, language free form of communication, representing each of the individual disciplines.

Official presentation in the Official Host Mountain Resort

For the official opening of the new Toni-Seelos-ski jump in Seefeld, two of the 15 pictograms were presented – the pictograms for ski jumping and cross country skiing. Following the 1964 and 1976 Winter Olympics, for the 1st Winter Youth Olympic Games 2012 Seefeld is once again the site of the Nordic disciplines. This region, with its two new jumps (HS109 and HS75) and new ski rolling route, as well as the existing Biathlon site, creates the perfect environment for further achievements in sporting history. Between the 13th and the 22nd of January 2012, 14 of the 63 Winter Olympic medals will be presented in the Seefeld region, in the following disciplines; Biathlon, Ski jumping, Nordic Combined, and Cross Country Skiing. And for the first time in the Olympic history, also women will be able to compete in an Olympic ski jumping competition.

Innsbruck 2012

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