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2016 Winter Youth Olympic Games

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This is the official Logo for the Youth Olympic Games.

Following the 1st Games in Singapour, IOC decided to only use the name of the city and year of the games associatead to the olympic rings and the YOG-DNA symbol.... :(

But both Innsbruck (that weird pagoda thing) and Nanjing did a bit more than that, even if the the YOG-DNA dominated.


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Wow. If they're only wanting to use the name of the host city and year plus the DNA symbol, that's fine.

But why on earth do they make a big deal about giving the job to designers and then launching it. They did nothing more than scroll through a font list on MS Word..... and even then picked the most bland one they could find.

Far more interesting would be the graphical look of the Games, but this didn't need to be highlighted.

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This is our visual profile! The Lillehammer 2016 "look of the games" is made by ung students from Gjøvik.


It's fairly good. Not bad by any means. But I've seen a lot of stuff that looks similar to it (Mostly on Dribble, this style must be popular). So in that regard, it's not that unique. But it's good for what it is.

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Not a bad look, actually. But the organization committee clearly didn't even bothered designing a proper logo.

well... what a good design for a games that doesn't have a logo and i wouldn't call it a logo anyway.......

Looks better than Innsbruck 2012 IMO.

better than innsbruck huh.... i thought innsbruck had more youthful design compared to this logo-less design....
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Create the mascot for Lillehammer 2016

Take part in the global competition on Facebook- follow the link and Design our mascot.

On the exact date celebrating the two year to go countdown Lillehammer 2016 has opened their international mascot design competition.

Everyone between the age of 15 and 25 are invited to enter into the competition to design the official mascot for the 2nd Winter Youth Olympic Games in 2016. Lillehammer 2016 has created their own Facebook application (http://fb.st/uzpbx5) where the young and talented mascot designers may upload their creative suggestions.

Magne Vikøren, Head of Communications and Marketing says: “Being an event by, for and with young people there were never doubt in our minds that this prestigious design task should be put into the hands of young people. We can’t wait to see the entries flood in from all over the world. “

Lillehammer 2016 has created a set of criteria for the mascot competition::

- be sporty, happy and youthful

- be an animal or an imaginary creature

- be fictitious and not bear any similarities to any existing characters

- have a clear connection to Lillehammer and to winter sports

- authentically reflect the Games, Lillehammer and the Norwegian Youth

- fit with the “Look of the Games”

The mascot competition will be open for entries until March 31. A jury will then shortlist three finalists from all the uploaded suggestions and the winning entry will be selected by an online voting-session on the Lillehammer 2016 Facebook page. As well as the prestige of winning this top design competition the winner will also be awarded a Samsung S4 Active smartphone.

“The mascot will play a central role in Lillehammer Youth Olympic Games, and we hope that young creative people around the world rise to the challenge. . Let the competition begin.”


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Moose, Weasel or Lynx? - Lillehammer 2016 Mascot finalists announced1604-lillehammer-mascots.jpg


One of these animals will be the mascot for the Lillehammer 2016 Youth Olympic Games! Entries from all over the world came flooding in and following what must have been a difficult decision, we are left with three YOGtastic finalists, and it is up to you to pick a winner.

The jury consisted of Simen Staalnacke, one of the founders of a Norwegian clothing line, Julie Strømsvåg, sports anchor of Norwegian Olympic Broadcaster TV2, Paralympic athlete Birgit Skarstein and design student, Marianne Ågotnes.


Copyright: Geir Owe Fredheim

“I am really looking forward to see the mascot whizz down the half pipe during the YOG,” says an enthusiastic Staalnacke – and so are we!

Keep an eye on our Lillehammer 2016 Facebook page for updates on how to vote.


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Even I could had drawn something better. No, seriously, this looks like the typical work of a 14 years old kid who just discovered deviantArt and started to trace over other artworks. This is sad.

I don't even wanna bother picking any of these. They're all god awful. If I had to pick it would be the weasel but seriously, Nagano was going to have a weasel at first and it was so much better designed than this crap.

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Of course the irony in all of this is that the Oslo 22 bid team has made much of cool Nordic design in their bid branding, yet the Lillehammer team seem to be taking the exact opposite approach - producing pap.

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^^ All the YOG brands so far have been rubbish anyway, with the sole exception of Singaore which actually did a good job. That was before Rogge introduced that stupid brand system, though.

And of course they're going to use more professional designs for the '22 bid. It's the jewel of the crown after all.

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