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Munich presented its 2018 bid in Guangzhou

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Katarina Witt, Bernhard Schwank, Thomas Bach, Claudia Bokel and Siegfried Schneider (Bavarian Government) presented Munich's bid to the Olympic Family during Olympic Council of Asia.

Katarina Witt emphasised during the presentation that Munich would like to provide a great experience for the athletes and that they keep the Olympics in their memories. A winter sport crazy and skillful audience will cheer for all the athletes, therewith the will reach the individual best and will create a breathtaking atmosphere.

Bernhard Schwank focussed on the innovative concept, which will create perfect condition for first-class sport - the main point is the compact two-cluster-concept, which is important for the athletes. 90% of all events will take place in the Ice-Park and Snow Park. 80% of all athletes will be accomodated only 5 minutes away from the work-out venues und event venues.

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