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2010 Asian Games opening ceremony live chat


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Lmao i forgot the closing ceremony was today (was very busy at college sorry) altough i watched some videos of the rehearsals from Youku (they did a mix of various dances from asia). Did the handover to Incheon already happened? How was it?

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They had rain performing and you can see the Korean gals screaming in the crowd. :D

Anyway I much prefer this multi-cultural performance than the usual string of local songs which most of the international crowd can barely understand in almost every other CC. While I do understand Chinese, I am pretty sure most of the international folks would switch their TV off if it is just going to be a barrage of Chinese songs. They smartly did not do that. :D

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Hmmm I cannot even remember what the closing ceremony was like for Beijing 2008. A whole bunch of Chinese songs, right?

This CC was remarkable in that they chose to showcase Pan-Asian cultures now rather than in the OC. For once, I actually sat through it all.

It is probably just me, but I never liked those "pop concert" style closing ceremonies which tend to be the case nowadays. Such a big yawn.

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Am listening to all the pop songs. It all sounds Greek to me!! :lol::lol:

It's too much. NO SUBTLETY whatsoever. I'm sure the fireworks subcontactors got rich on this one...one by one! :lol::lol:

(P.S. Of all the Chinese cuisines, I like Cantonese best of all...over Szechuan and Hunan...all too spicy!!)

First Post!

Agreed Baron! I couldn't sit through the whole opening and haven't tried the closing because I was turned off. Tone it down.

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