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Glasgow 2014

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According to this document (and other websites I read) the launch of the mascot will be next week, September 20. There are also other fast facts (It doesn't say anything about the design of the Queen's Baton, weirdly.)

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Contract for Queen's Baton at Glasgow Commonwealth Games

Companies are being invited to bid for the contract to design and manufacture the Queen's Baton for the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

The iconic symbol - similar to the Olympic torch - will visit 70 competing nations before arriving in Scotland in the lead-up to the games.

The baton carries an invitation from the Queen and has been used since the 1958 games in Cardiff.

Firms have until 11 October to register their interest to bid for the contract.

The successful contractor will be required to collaborate with the design community in Glasgow and Scotland.

A spokesman for games organiser, Glasgow 2014, said: "The Queen's Baton Relay is an integral part of the Commonwealth Games and one which supports a sense of unity throughout the Commonwealth.

"We are seeking to appoint a contractor to design, engineer and manufacture the Queen's Baton and its accessories for the Queen's Baton Relay within a firm and fixed budget."


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2014 Games appoint commercial chief

A member of the London 2012 commercial team has been appointed deputy chief executive of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

Ty Speer, client services director of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, will lead Glasgow 2014's £100million commercial programme.

The 46-year-old, originally from Atlanta, Georgia in the United States, will take up the new post in early November.


In his role during London 2012, he was in charge of key sponsorship projects such as the Olympic Torch Relay, the volunteer programme, the Cultural Olympiad and the Paralympic Games.

Chris Townsend, commercial director of London 2012, said: "Ty has made a valuable contribution to the overall success of the London 2012 commercial programme, both in generating income and in providing delivery leadership for our commercial partners. I am sure he will commit himself to the success of Glasgow 2014."


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Adlington to unveil Glasgow 2014 mascot after becoming ambassador for Commonwealth Games

Double Olympic swimming champion Rebecca Adlington is set to help unveil the Glasgow 2014 mascot on Thursday (September 20) after she was named as an official ambassador for the next Commonwealth Games.

The 23-year-old from Nottinghamshire, who won two gold medals at the Beijing 2008 Olympics before following it up with two bronze medals at London 2012, becomes the second official ambassador for Glasgow 2014 after six-time Olympic cycling champion Sir Chris Hoy was named last week.

In her first major role for the 2014 Commonwealth Games, Adlington will reveal the highly anticipated mascot, whose identity is being kept a complete secret, when it makes its first public appearance at BBC Scotland's studios in Pacific Quay in Glasgow.



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^^ I don't have big hopes for that mascot but I would like that its at least more dynamic than Cheerah and that weird bird from 2006. My personal fave ones so far are Matilda from Brisbane 1982 and Kit from Manchester 2002 (this last one reminded me of Cobi)

Last time Scotland hold the games (Edinburgh 1986) they had a scottish dog named Mac. Kinda cute, though.


I am supportive of having Nessie as the mascot, as long as its a good design and not a nightmarish one (maybe something similar to what Disney did on the "The Ballad of Nessie" animated short which was released a couple of years ago).


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Billy Connolly has been confirmed as the latest star name to become an ambassador for the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

The comedian and actor narrates a special animated film telling the story behind the games official mascot, which will be unveiled on Thursday.


Connolly, a Freeman of Glasgow, said the games would be "a huge success".

Speaking ahead of the mascot launch at BBC Scotland's Glasgow headquarters, Connolly said: "I know that the people of Glasgow will enjoy the Games immensely, the whole of Scotland will.

"We are a nation that welcomes all visitors with a smiling face, the goodwill of Scots will stand forever, we will always have that."



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Clyde unveiled as Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games mascot

The Glasgow 2014 Organising Committee has today unveiled the official Mascot for the Commonwealth Games.

Clyde, the patriotic and adventurous thistle who will be the friendly face of the Games, was unveiled at BBC Scotland’s HQ in Glasgow, located on the banks on the river that inspired his name.

He was welcomed on stage by Olympic swimming stars Rebecca Adlington and Michael Jamieson. Along with 150 school pupils from across the city they heard for the first time Clyde’s story, as told by actor, comedian and Glasgow 2014 Ambassador Billy Connolly who narrated an animated film which premiered at the launch.

Clyde was created by 12-year-old Beth Gilmour from Cumbernauld, who won a UK-wide competition to design the Glasgow 2014 Mascot. Beth said: “It’s amazing to see Clyde come to life and I’m so happy that my design and idea will now be seen by everyone across the world."

Creative digital agency nerv was briefed with bringing Beth's creation to life, developing it into a character that would connect with children across the Commonwealth, embrace the spirit of the Games, and celebrate all that is good about the Host City of Glasgow.

Nerv developed a backstory linking Clyde’s coming to life to the fictional Captain Bristle, a merchant sailor who had captained the SS Cameronia on one of her many voyages. The story (written by nerv’s MD, Cynan Clucas) was illustrated and animated entirely by the in house team at nerv’s Cheltenham studio. The seven-minute long animated film is narrated by Billy Connolly with a soundtrack by Paolo Nutini, both of whom hail from Glasgow.

Billy Connolly meanwhile said of the mascot: “Clyde’s a great wee thistle and it’s a very, very good idea and a fantastic design by Beth. The thistle is the perfect choice and has a great history and meaning in Scotland, plus Clyde’s got a smashing haircut that makes him very modern and gives him a lovely edge!

“The River Clyde is unbelievably special to the people of Glasgow, it’s one of the sole reasons for Glasgow being here and I personally believe the thistle is a brilliant plant, it really is rather special. The combination of the two really celebrates everything that’s great about the city and Scotland.”



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Hmmmm, a genetically modified being as a mascot, looks abit like a happy Oscar the Grouch.

Nice enough concept, but Im not completely sold.

Love the video though and neat hearing Billy Connolly.

ps: Captain Brisle is a walking talking bio-security hazard! :P

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Well, he's ok on his 2D appearance but the costume one will give me nightmares forever. I liked the video, though, but he looks more like the mascot of a cereal than from a CWG.

But then again, I didn't had much hopes for this mascot. Aw well. Still better than the 2012 abominations, though.

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