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Glasgow 2014

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Glasgow 2014 drops it's plans to blow up tower blocks during the Opening Ceremony. Full story here - http://www.insidethegames.biz/news/1019442-glasgow-2014-drop-plans-to-blow-up-tower-blocks-during-opening-ceremony - Source: Inside the Games.

Awww WTF!!

....was a bit far fetched though. I actually thought it ws an April Fools joke at first.

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I thought that idea had been scrapped as well and it's a night ceremony.

I think it's more about sunlight - dusk in Glasgow is around 10pm in July.

If St. Petersburg ever hosts the SOG it will be a similar issue. Unless the Ceremony starts at 11pm - it will be twilight ad it's darkest .

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Quite a heated debate on this on Radio 2. Some people are saying they should be demolished with dignity! Most of the people that didn't approve of the opening ceremony idea didn't seem to be from Glasgow.

What annoys me most is people have no real idea of the context of how it would be done.

One person emailed in to ask why the Glasgow ceremony has a budget when Londons ceremonies didn't have a budget LOL. The stupidity of some people never fails to surprise me.

I have said on here many a time there is no such thing as a new idea, but this was a new idea, done well it could have been incredible and a real image of the changing face of the city.

Well the dullards win again, probably the same idiots that complained about live animals in Londons ceremony. Its fine to make a horse to jump fences and perform in front of a grandstand of thousands, but its cruel to make them just stand there and chew grass in an opening ceremony.

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