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Glasgow 2014

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^^ Indeed. His works at Manchester and Melbourne were very great. Although I think he had plans initially to make the ceremony on daylight (not sure if he dropped them, though).

Oh, he also did the awesome closing ceremony of the 2010 WC (which was much better than the dull OC)


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Prince George to get a cuddly Commonwealth Games mascot
Prince George's birth will be marked with a £50,000 boost to Scottish charities - and the royal baby being sent a cuddly toy as a gift from "the people of Scotland".

The charity donation will be split equally between two good causes, First Minister Alex Salmond said.

The STV Appeal, which helps children and young people affected by poverty, and community funding charity Foundation Scotland will be the beneficiaries.

Prince William and Kate Middleton's newborn son will be sent a Cuddly Clyde toy, a miniature version of the animated green thistle which is the 2014 Commonwealth Games mascot.

Mr Salmond said: "The birth of any baby is a wonderful event and we want to mark the birth of Prince George with an appropriate gift from the people of Scotland.

"It's only right to continue the legacy of the royal wedding by giving a charitable donation to celebrate Prince George's arrival .

"Two charities will receive a share of £50,000 on behalf of the people of Scotland, Foundation Scotland and The STV Appeal; charities that make a remarkable difference, particularly to the lives of Scotland's children through the likes of Barnardo's Scotland, CHILDREN 1st and Aberlour.

"We will also make sure that Prince George can be part of the build-up to the Commonwealth Games by sending him a special Cuddly Clyde' mascot of his own, sporting a stylish hand knitted jumper by Doreen Brown who created the knitwear that made Shetland ponies a global sensation."

Poor kid. I'd be traumatised for life if i kept waking up to that in the cradle:
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HaHa, aww he cute once you get used to him :P

What i really like about the 2014 logo is that it has been designed by a kid and thats who the mascots are aimed at these days. Much better than a bunch of suits in a boardroom.

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As far as England vs. Australia goes. I still pick Australia.

More interesting is Canada vs. India for me at least. With 25 less shooting events, no archey, tennis or greco-roman wrestling and the re-introduction of judo, it should be an easy win for Canada.

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ENG v AUS will be close, but if you add the other UK nations, they will win easily. I do think England will beat Australia anyway, & will come top of the table, but not by much.

TBH, anything is possible, but to be honest - it is unlikely. The most relevant historic marker to compare 2014 with is the 2002 medal table, where host England won 53 gold to Australia's 81- and even going by "Team GB" here- it's still some 15 gold medals shy of Australia. The gap is even wider in 2006 and 2010.

So given that, and the relative success of the British in 2012, I think it would be a huge feat for "Team GB" to topple Australia in Glasgow- let alone England by itself.

I do think, even if it does come first for the eighth time since 1986, Australia might post its lowest number of Golds for a CWG since then- if our dismal result in London is anything to go by.

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Australia should top the medal table total next year...with a lesser Gold count but still dominant. The incentive of Rio and having the host city next time clearly an advantage. At the moment they are starting to leave the lull they have slid into, over the last decade.

In sports, you write Australia off at your own peril.

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With the sporting trough we're in at the moment, and the roll that the UK is on, I wouldn't be surprised to see England top the table. And it probably would be good for the Aulde Rivalry if they did.

Its unlikely. We will likely see England make some inroads but I don't think they will win the overall count.

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This might sound silly but since they picked a Glasgow actor to be the next Doctor (Peter Capaldi) do you think we might see him on the ceremonies next year? :P

Also when are they going to reveal the baton again?

i will not be suprise if the ceremonies people choose to have a doctor who connection since The first public police telephones in Britain were introduced in Glasgow in 1891.[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Police_box]

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I imagine Piggy Muldoon is more Alex's type.

John Key is extremely handsome for a Torie. I have a weird thing for David Cameron also. It is an odd feeling, given I place myself on the left side of politics.

I'd do Malcolm Turnbull or Lord Seb.

And I have to say, I was incredibly charmed by Jeff Kennett when I met him. A really, really nice and engaging fellow!

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