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Glasgow 2014

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While I can see how people find the prospect of a daytime OC for Glasgow disappointing following the leaps and bounds made across all Ceremonies in all major sporting events, I think it could be unique and an interesting throwback.

We need to wait and see what kind of daytime Ceremony we are talking about. I'm hoping it's not some 12noon rubbish, but rather something more like early evening start, with nightfall occuring towards the end of the Ceremony to allow for fireworks (I'm thinking of Auckland and Barcelona here - both respectively great events).... but that was 1990 and 1992... not 2014. It will stand in contrast to the gigantic efforts of Kuala Lumpur, Manchester, Melbourne and Delhi -- all of which had attributes that were of an Olympic-scale and feel.

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While I can see how people find the prospect of a daytime OC for Glasgow disappointing following the leaps and bounds made across all Ceremonies in all major sporting events, I think it could be unique and an interesting throwback.

I must admit, I quite like the idea for the variety.

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Furthermore - I wonder how the fact that the Opening and Closing occuring in two separate venues have impacted this decision? Mattygs points out that lighting has had its budget cut - this is perhaps due to the fact that to throw the same scale event all CWG's since 1998 have thrown for both OC and CC - they'd need to rig TWO separate venues. A crude estimate is that this is double the cost?

I must admit, I quite like the idea for the variety.

It could be quite nostalgic!

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KL was a night ceremony (started in darkness from memory), I think Manchester kind of started as the sun was going down, certainly not in the dark to begin with.

Im completely open to the first portion of the ceremony taking place using natural light, this worked extremely well in Barcelona, Auckland etc - but I think an evening conclusion works well.

Nagano was a complete day ceremony, morning even - but the closing in the dark was just so more vivid.

I really do think Glasgow has the spunk to be able to pull off a fantastic ceremony, and they certainly had the technical expertise behind them - so Im sure it will be a winner.

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Nagano was a complete day ceremony, morning even - but the closing in the dark was just so more vivid.

Indeed. The last Olympics of the 20th century (now-now, let's not get into the Y2K argument here), Nagano, was the last one held in entire daylight. That's why I guess, I find it so flat and corny. From there, the IOC went to the Dark SIde, starting with Sydney. :lol::lol:

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DISABLED and elderly protestors plan to disrupt the showpiece relay at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, forcing up security costs, if the "fit-for-work" benefits test company Atos is not dropped as a sponsor.

Campaigners plan to turn the Queen's Baton Relay, the equivalent of the Olympic Torch relay, into a public-relations disaster if Atos is involved when the Games start, with pensioners and wheelchair-users potentially being arrested for blocking the route.

French IT giant Atos became a Games sponsor in March. It will supply software to accredit 70,000 athletes, officials and volunteers, and run the Games website. It also sponsored the London 2012 Olympics.

But the work of an Atos offshoot is highly controversial. Atos Healthcare has a £110m-a-year contract with the Department for Work and Pensions to run Work Capability Assessments to see if sick and disabled people are fit to work.

Critics say the tests are flawed, degrading, and meant to cut benefit spending.Around one in six of those assessed as fit to work by Atos successfully appeals the decision, costing taxpayers extra £50m extra a year.

Around 25 protesters invaded Glasgow 2014's HQ last Tuesday. More protests are planned this week, and the ultimate plan is if necessary to disrupt the Queen's Baton Relay.

Sean Clerkin of Citizens United, the group behind last week's occupation, said: "We support the Games and we want them to be a success, but if Atos are still a sponsor in 2014 we will disrupt the relay in no uncertain terms. We will disrupt it with people who are pensioners, who are disabled, who are vulnerable.

"It doesn't matter how they crank up the security, we will disrupt it – are they going to arrest elderly people, people in wheelchairs?


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It has everything to do with them.

I don't know if I agree with their methods yet, but to claim they're stupid for protesting is ridiculous.

This isn't like the workshy bums who tried to disrupt Vancouver. These are people who have genuine problems with a major sponsor and a bit of Googlng will tell you why that is. If the Olympics and now the Commonwealth Games - events which rely heavily on tax subsidy, and which trade heavily on their ethical, humanistic outlook - are to give companies like Atos a platform, they can't expect no protest if those companies are simultaneously making the lives of the host nations' residents harder.

I hope *a lot* of noise is made about this.

I also wish Glasgow 2014 every success, but they'll have to deal well with the backlash here.

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Glasgow 2014 open online shop

Glasgow 2014 has today opened an online shop offering an exclusive range of Commonwealth Games merchandise.

Introductory items in the official mascot range have been unveiled with children's clothing items featuring Games mascot Clyde ready to be snapped up for Christmas delivery along with unique key rings and pin badges.

Other goods on offer include adult and child hoodies, tee-shirts and baseball caps.

The fullr range of Glasgow 2014 merchandise will be unveiled in 2013 and will include soft toys of Clyde and other gifts and accessories.

"This first range of Games merchandise is a select flavour of what is to come," said Ty Speer, the deputy chief executive of Glasgow 2014.

"Initial availability is through the newly-launched online shop but Games goods will eventually be rolled out to well-known retail outlets as well as venues and live sites as Games time approaches.

"We are continuing to work alongside our Games partners to make our merchandise available at key sites throughout Glasgow and across Scotland.

"I am sure this exciting first range of Glasgow 2014 merchandise will prove popular and I'm looking forward to being able to reveal the full array of Games merchandise next year."

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CGF not to deal with IOA in 2014 CWG preparations

NEW DELHI: In line with the International Olympic Committee not recognising the current IOA dispensation, the Commonwealth Games Federation has also decided that it would not deal with the Abhay Chautala-led officials in preparations for next year's CWG in Scotland.

In a letter to IOC member Randhir Singh, CGF Chief Executive Officer Mike Hooper said that the Commonwealth body's recent Executive Board meeting took the decision to recognise the IOA led by VK Malhotra, who was the acting chief before the controversial December 5 polls which had elected Chautala as president.

"Further to ... a broad range of correspondence recording the IOC Executive Board's decision to suspend the IOA, this correspondence was tabled and discussed by the CGF's Executive Board at its recent meeting in Samoa held on January 24th, 2013. Correspondence from the IOC and also Dr Lalit Bhanot was also considered," Hooper wrote in the letter.

"... the CGF will, in accordance with the position taken by the IOC, continue to recognise Mr V K Malhotra as Acting President and yourself as Secretary General.

"By copy of this advice to Mr David Grevemberg, Chief Executive and Kate Randall, Director of Games Family and Protocol at Organising Committee for 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow they will also update their records accordingly and all future correspondence associated with preparations for India's participation within these Games will be directed through you for appropriate action," the letter said.

Hooper, however, said that the CGF would review its position at its next Board meeting expected to be held in June, in case there is a resolution in the case of India's suspension by the IOC.

"The Board noted the IOC's decision to suspend the IOA and that it is no longer entitled to exercise any activity or right conferred upon it by the Olympic charter or the IOC. The Board further noted that the IOC does not and will not recognise the 'so called elections' conducted in violation of the IOC directives.

"The CGF's Executive Board hopes that the issue will be resolved before long and will review its position at its next Board meeting expected to be held in June, 2013," Hooper said.

Following the IOA's suspension by the IOC, the world body had declared the controversial elections held on December 5 "null and void" and termed the Chautala-led officials "illegitimate individuals".

The world body had declared "illegal" all the activities done by Chautala and Co. and had warned the National Sports Federations not to be associated with them.


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Trespass to design Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games uniforms


Trespass is supplying uniforms for Glasgow 2014 staff and volunteers

Outdoor clothing manufacturer Trespass will design and supply uniforms for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games workforce, it has been confirmed.

The firm will also provide outfits to be worn by the Games' army of 15,000 volunteers, and by those accompanying the Queen's Baton Relay.

The Glasgow-based company originated in 1938 as Jacobs and Turner Limited.

It is now managed by brothers Afzal and Akmal Khushi, who established the Trespass brand in 1984.

Trespass currently has 140 stores across the UK, with a further 40 due to open in the next 12 months.

Glasgow 2014 chief executive David Grevemberg said: "I am delighted to welcome such a well-known brand and great Glasgow success story into the Glasgow 2014 family of sponsors.

"We were hugely impressed not just with the quality of the designs that Trespass presented us with but with their passion and enthusiasm to be part of our journey."

Trespass co-founder Afzal Khushi added: "The year 2014 was always going to be special for us since we will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Trespass brand.

"We can think of no better way to mark this landmark date in our history than to help show the world what our home city has to offer."


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A new record has been set by the number of people offering to be volunteers at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

A total of 50,811 people have come forward offering their services - more than the number who applied for both the Melbourne 2006 and Manchester 2002 Games.


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Glasgow 2014: Commonwealth Games baton relay route unveiled


Commonwealth Games organisers have unveiled the route the Queen's Baton Relay will take around the world.

The 190,000km relay - far longer than the Olympic Torch relay - will travel to 71 nations in about seven months before arriving in Scotland.

It is 500 days until the 2014 Commonwealth Games is held in Glasgow - from 23 July to 3 August 2014.

The baton, whose design has not yet been revealed, will leave from Buckingham Palace on 9 October.

It will carry a message from the head of the Commonwealth, The Queen.

The relay will visit 71 nations and territories of the Commonwealth, including India, which will be its first venue on 11 October.
Continue reading the main story

It will also visit Australia, South Africa, Canada and Jamaica as well as many smaller nations such as Tuvalu and Nauru, before returning to Scotland for an extensive tour in June 2014.

The final relay runner will hand the baton back to the Queen at the opening ceremony of the Games.

The Queen will then read aloud the hidden message and officially declare the Games open.

The honour of being the final relay runner in 1986, when the Games was held in Edinburgh, was given to sprinter Allan Wells, who won gold at the Moscow Olympics six years earlier.

In 2002, in Manchester, footballer David Beckham ran the final leg with Kirsty Howard, a young girl who had been born with a heart defect and was raising money for a hospice.

The relay was introduced at the 1958 British Empire and Commonwealth Games in Cardiff.

Before 1998, the relay would only travel through England and the host nation but by 2002, in Manchester, it was covering 100,000km and visiting 23 nations.

Melbourne 2006 was the first baton relay to visit all 71 nations which sent teams to the Games.

The 2014 games will see 4,500 athletes compete for 261 medals in 17 sports, held in 14 venues around Glasgow and beyond.

Hampden Stadium in Glasgow will be used for the track and field events, with the Emirates arena being used for badminton and the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome for cycling.

Tuvalu is one of the smallest nations to be taking part in the Commonwealth Games

The venues at the SECC, including the new Hydro arena, will play host to gymnastics, boxing, judo, wrestling, weightlifting and netball.

Squash and table tennis will take place in Scotstoun, swimming at Tollcross and lawn bowls at Kelvingrove.

Ibrox stadium will be used for the rugby sevens and Celtic Park will host the opening ceremony.

Outside Glasgow, the Royal Commonwealth Pool in Edinburgh will host the diving, the Barry Buddon Centre in Angus will be the venue for the shooting and the triathlon will take place at Strathclyde Country Park in Lanarkshire.

full route


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