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Aomori Logo Final Vote Round

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So here we are - here are the results form round 2 -


Leaving us with the following 4 options when the winners of the two rounds are brought together.


Sorry - when I tried to enlarge option 4 it got very distorted :(

Just vote for your favourite - post which option you prefer and we will finally get our winner!

The final report had the following to say -

Option 1 -

The combination of the rising sun motif along with the stylised snowflake provides a very visually appealing logo. The judging panel would suggest using the one font however as the larger 2022 is jarring and seems out of place.

Option 2 -

This late submission is quite unrefined but also quite pretty. The suggested mountains – in particular the one forming an ‘A’ are well done. The font works well as does the blue shading. Visually impressive.

Option 3 -

The stark stylised fan is frankly stunning – and the shape also suggests a mountain which is very appropriate. The muted winter tones work exceptionally well and overall this design would be very adaptable to multiple uses.

Option 4 -

Out of all the logos this one is the most overtly Japanese. The hieroglyph used suggests a snowflake and coupled with the rising sun motif it is a very powerful symbol. The Olympic Rings may need to be enlarged though.


I'll kick it off -

I will vote for Option 02 - I love everything about it. Subtle, yet obviously winter related. Option 4 came close to getting my vote as did 3. I like 1 but find it a bit generic. Great effort though! Congrats to the winner!

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Option 3

Superbly well designed graphic. The colours are stunning and it is absract enough to be a mountian, a fan, or that triangular building specific to Aomori. It therefore encompasses the winter Games, Japan AND the city; the only logo to do so. The colours verge on being luminous at the same time as being tranalucent which I love. Font really lets the design down though.

A quick mention for option 2 as well. If the design was a bit more refined (i.e. if the clouds didn't spread out so much making it more unweildy than necessary) your deaign would be vying for my vote. I loved all the promotional material you posted showing how the design could be used.

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Option 2

Option 1 and Option 4 are cliche. The use of the rising sun is a tired angle and unoriginal. Also the design within the rising sun on Option 4 looks more middle eastern than Japanese. Option 3 is totally meaningless. How does it relate to Aomori? Option 2 is the best choice and should be the winner. It's the one that most says "Winter", with it's color palette and the evocation of mountains in it's design. It's also something more original for an Olympic Winter Games logo, while not being too radical. In addition, it's been proven to work over a wide range of games time uses by the designer.

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Thanks to all those who voted for my highly original logo in 1st or 2nd place. You have taste and class; as for those who didn't, you have none. As they say, save the BEST for the LAST!! HA!!

Anyway, my final vote is for Option 1. The "electric-fan grill" look just screams Japanese winter to me!! :lol:

(Just a comment on Option 3 -- it reminds of a cake-icing nozzle tip. See here: http://www.richesnrealms.com.au/shop/cakes-and-candles-cake-decorations-c-185_190_299.html or http://www.alibaba.com/products/decoration_cake_tip/TW--100005662----------------Y.html

) So, when is the next 'cake bake-off,' Max?? But it still relates to winter...icing, anyone? ;)

BTW, on the REAL world front, my pumpkin carving won FIRST Place last night at a friend's party--and I came away with a REAL Prize: a box of artisinal chocolate. So there!! MY designs win in the REAL world...not in these fantasy woods!!

Will post the prize-winning pumpkin in a day or two!!

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