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Which Org is Truly more international? FIFA or IOC

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Question: which body is more TRULY international -- in terms of regions represented and the weight of their votes -- FIFA or the IOC?

FIFA: if the 2 errant members are not cleared by Dec 2 (and probably will not be), then they will only have 22 voting members.

IOC: supposedly cannot have more than 115 members at any time. But are ALL the IF heads in there as voting members? Why is it so heavily weighted for the Euros? Will it eventually be more representative internationally?

So, on the 22 v. 115, which is truly more international?



BTW, some idiot just gave this topic -1?? I guess it's too touchy for the moron to think about. Oh well...

Anyway, just had a chat with one of our landscaping foremen who also moonlights as a soccer ref, trainee, etc. He says (or I think more 'surmised') that the linesmen for the World Cups can get as much as US$50,000 for the tournament; and the field refs can get as much as $250,000 for the entire tournament (or probably in graded tiers...depending on how many games they get chosen to ref). Interesting.

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Intriguing point for discussion Baron (and BTW that negative has been remediated...such buffoonery lol). I guess you could nominally say that the IOC is more global in terms of the sheer numbers and representation from far more nations (e.g. the FIFA Exec Committee has no Aussies, the IOC has 3), however we all know that the core decisions and discussions in the IOC are in fact dominated by a group of say 20-30 board and committee members.

Methinks the most international body is in fact neither the IOC nor FIFA; it is in fact ANOC, the Association of NOCs. However it has less influence as a global sporting committee.

Some other points to consider:

  • FIFA has taken the WC and affiliated tournaments to Africa, the IOC hasn't, hence the international presence of the IOC is limited.
  • The IOC has a constituency across over 35 summer and winter sports with unique and differing international standards all under one umbrella; FIFA has one sport with a core of only 32 nations only able to compete at the main championship for the men's version and 16 in the women's world cup
  • Both FIFA and the IOC are administrations with a European powerbase
  • The IOC has had better luck in engaging with and including as part of their processes China (which has more than 1/6th of the world's population), whilst FIFA has been able to demonstrate that it's sport has a truly international qualification process for its pinnacle event.

All up...an intriguing point for discussion :)

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South American countries have hosted or will host a World Cup five times, but only one will soon be hosting an Olympics.

On the other hand, Asian nations hosted the World Cup on just one occasion, but have hosted an Olympics five times. The World Cup has never gone down under, but the Olympics have gone to Australia twice.

Mexico and the U.S. have hosted a World Cup a total of three times, but the U.S., Canada and Mexico have hosted the Olympics a total of 12 times.

To me the Olympics "feel" more international than the World Cup, because so many different nations participate and walk away with medals. It is hard for me to determine whether which out of the two organizations are more international, because I know FIFA has a lot more going on aside from the World Cup.

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