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"BBC will not be host broadcaster of Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games."


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Check out this article titled: "BBC will not be host broadcaster of Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games."

Check out the link:


Speaks volumes for me....

How is the CGF/ CWG in general going to recover from these Delhi games? The next games are in Glasgow, but wiith regards to broadcasting, TV channels are now shying away! The BBC has turned down the opportunity to be the host broadcaster of the 2014 games is set to pull out of its broadcast deal to cover the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014, which would have saved millions of pounds for the event!

As for the athletes, it will now be more routine (a precedent has been set) for the big name athletes to NOT attend, it will be very difficult to attract them back and market the CWG in the future. This is a problem that been acknowledged by Perry Crosswhite (Australian Commonwealth Games Association chief executive).

During a recent interview with the smh, he (Perry Crosswhite) was quoted as saying: “Unfortunately … there’s no money in the Commonwealth Games and I don’t think there ever will be as far as paying individuals to come or paying gold medal reward schemes or things like that……So you’re always going to have a difficulty attracting people that might be able to earn more money elsewhere……My view is that you’ve got a lot of work to make sure that Glasgow (2014) has a good

turn-up (by athletes)……My view is that we’ve got to work hard to probably define what the Commonwealth Games is.”

Check out the full article at this follwing link:


I think the CGF should be very angry given that this 2010 edition of the games has done so much damage to the credibility and image of these games. The CWG is already an event that is struggling for it’s place on the international sporting calendar and overall significance (eg. winning the 100m title in a time that would not have even got you into the final of the olympics or world championships), and after the Delhi 2010 games it is in even worse condition. Even more of the top athletes didn’t compete this time round compared to previous games.

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