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Dubai Logo Final Vote Round

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OK - so here are the results of round 2 -


So we say goodbye to the swirly dots and the testicles :) - great, great efforts guys!

Now we have a two horse race -



As described by the designer - As a reference to a sport event, it consists of a stylized dynamic human figure under the five Olympic rings. Composed of two arabic letters “D”, for Dubai, the emblem is rich in symbolism. The warm colors (red and yellow) symbolize the hospitality of the host city and of course the warm climate of the desert.

As described in the evaluation report - The Arabic form symbolised in this logo is quite appealing. With the selected font this submission could be from nowhere but the Middle East – and therein lies the issue. It is clichéd – however it is appropriate.



As described by the designer - The emblem represents the sun, a gold medal and the desert sand. The star is formed from Islamic geometry, often seen in Dubai tile and architecture.

As described in the evaluation report - As with the previous submission the utilising of Islamic motif along with the suggestion of the sun is a very clever idea. This submission is much better executed. The judging panel is concerned at using such overt Islamic imagery – we do not want to offend other religious groups.

Vote starts now! Just select your favourite - Option 1 or 2.

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