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Auckland 1990 Commonwealth Games Music


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Recent got my hands on a rare cd soundtrack of the 1990 Auckland Commonwealth Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

Will try post a few of them on here, and once I track down a vcr, will upload clips of the ceremonies too.

Song of Welcome

Let me know if this works and I'll post a few more

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Yup, it works very well, at least for me, (although it seems it ends abruptly at 2:31 o.o) and the welcoming song sounds very interesting i'll say. Awesome find mattygs! It would be interesting to hear the rest of the songs (do you have a pic of the CD cover too?)

Good luck with the clips as well ;)

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I actually got it from trademe, I never knew that the cd existed. Some of the tracks on there aren't the ceremonies3 version , but the artistic pieces are.

Not sure what happened with that song of welcome upload, so I've redone it again, should be the full piece.

Song of Welcome (full version)

Rangi & Papa

The narrated creation myth

Kia Mau Ki To Maoritanga (look to the future)


The song performance which also featured land yacht formations, laser light displays (ok Delhi...verrrry modern), and bungee jumpers

A Celtic Medley

We Can work Wonders : Closing Ceremony

This is the Moment

The official Song

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Ok, the Song of Welcome sounds perfect this time. Many thanks for this awesome find once again mattygs I'm sure people who watched the 1990 CWG are going to love this for sure :D

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:) well done mattygs...

Stumbled accross my old Offical Music 'cassette' on Saturday during cleanout of ancient junk. Wayne Laird's music so evocative. Massive memory flashback! The 'Pacific Rythym' beat was thrashed relentlessly for ages after that incrediable (for its time) Opening Ceremony.

:( What a shame the CWGs aren't worth bidding for now.

:) But then there is always an Olympics!

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