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The GB Logo Comeptiton Evaluation Report

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Logo Competition Report

Please have a look and feel free to comment.

We will vote for Dubai first starting tomorrow. It will be an open vote - I have decided to not limit any members. Only a core group of members will vote either way so there should be no issues. I will monitor the vote and cancel any suspicious votes. I will open that first vote thread tomorrow - you will be asked to rank the logos and each rank will have a point score attached.

I have decided on 5 Dubai finalists and due to the high quality of Aomori logos 9 made the cut. We may have two rounds of Aomori voting and then a final vote off.

Anyhow please read the report and feel free to discuss it. I have judged every logo that was posted in the original thread bar one which was later resubmitted and modified.

Enjoy :)

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im happy to see i made it! well hm just something im wondering now..my logo (the blue orb) appears to be oval in the report. i just wanted to clarify bc it should be a real circle shaped, or maybe its just the way my computer displays. thnx anyways

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...hopefully people can get beyond the roughness of this early version!! Remember this raw beauty when you vote!

The ONLY vertical logo...first time in Olympic and neo-Olympic history!! Unlike all those humdram, run-of-the-mill horizontal...


And the only one attempting an ORIGINAL font. It would've been perfect if I were professional. No reflection on Danny, but I would have picked a rounder font for "2-22;" and they were meant to be partially hidden and covering each other. And slogan placement is the way I have it in the rough version.

We like to play rough!!

Cariocas para Aomori 2022!!

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Good evaluation report, but a little bit sad my Dubai logo didn't make the shortlist.

Let's vote!

Baron, the clean version of your logo is better, trust me!!! rolleyes.giflaugh.gif

Cariocas para Aomori, Cariocas para Chicago... Since when you are carioca, Baron??? Did you marry Ms. Paes and didn't invited us to the party? tongue.gif

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dear members .. I don't want to spoil or interrupt this topic.. as it is not the voting threat.

I want to ask politly if everybody who reads this clicks 1 TIME on this link


On this link I have a flag counter .. on a Turkish forum where a lot of members are mailing me with PM's

saying that the campaign wont reach whole the world..

I need only your support just with clicking on it so the flags around the world will appear on the counter.

Meanwhile , I am very pleased that my both logos are shortlisted,

I want to say from the bottom of my heart and my personal feelings and emotions that

I had more pleasure with the AOMORI example .. whereas you would think there are not so many concepts to produce WOG logo.

Dubai was difficult but at the same time evident because you have a few concepts where you can built on and on.

Good luck to all the contestants .. love you all ;)

Best regards fatixxx

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