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London 2012 Olympic Media Updates

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That's nice but that leads me to this: do you think TF1 and France Televisions were ever in negotiations at all for sharing the free-to-air Olympic TV coverage, the sports that is, during those years since both are UER members live TV2 and DR did for Denmark and of course ZDF and ARD in Germany? TF1 certainly shows sports, notably soccer. And FTV has its own personnel to cover the ceremonies. But I guess that would come into conflict with its ownership of Eurosport (especially having its own army of French sportcasters).

One of the more humourous Olympic TV promos from last year. Ramaya Productions made this for SKY Sport Italia for its Olympic coverage when a guy does his daily walk to the park while watching SKY Sport Italia's London Olympic broadcast on his tablet. But it's not his dog that he's walking and prompting strange reactions.

Costa Rica's Repretel discusses its London Olympic plans with a "what, who, and when to watch for" for Costa Rican viewers to see their Olympic athletes. All on Canal 6. Think I may have seen a bit of Repretel's Olympic intro.

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How satelittes changed and evolved Olympic broadcasting over the years from 1952 all the way to the present


When you look at the Fiji One and Sky Pacific channels' TV schedules during the London Olympics like along the weekends, it emulates a lot like what you see from their PNG neighbor's EMTV with plenty of NRL rugby league action buffering it. Here's such an example from Saturday August 4:


Tokyo TV had a London 2012 special that included a profile on gymnast

Toby's Sports hooked up with Filipino Olympic broadcasters Solar Sports, Basketball TV, and Talk TV for an Olympic Sports Fest promotion from mid-July to mid-August on during prime time there.

Photos of ESPN Brasil's London Olympics studio set designed by Dick George Creatives


In spite of the no agreement reached forthcoming between North Korea's state-run KCTV and South Korea's SBS to supply the former with complimentary Olympic coverage from London for all of the Korean peninsula, the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union had to step in and supply a relay for its member KCTV in Pyongyang. Both SBS and KCTV also agreed to work together for other projects, training, technical, and content in the future. Thought it was all taken cared of.



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The following is a commercial promoting Dolce Sport's portion of Romania's Olympic TV coverage with TVR. Dolce Sport handled basketball, gymnastics, handball, volleyball, track and field, fencing, tennis, and canoe/kayaking during London. In this case, we're seeing one of the bridesmaides at the boquet throw thinking she's a handball goalie. It's part of that ad campaign that Romanians are all "Crazy For Sport". They were devised by ad agency GMP Bucharest.

I wish I could find some things regarding Cambodia's Olympic TV coverage from the Cambodian Television Network and the TV Kampachea. All I had in my Google searches has been brief news reports from CTN about Team Cambodia that were on TV and of a sendoff for the 2012 Cambodian Olympic Team at CTN in Phnom Penh. But so far I had little success from their websites, which I can't read or even had the luck in translating well. I will try again on that. I assume, recalling how Southeast Asian nations' national broadcasters handled the London Olympics, TVK did the ceremonies and placed focus on the Cambodian Olympians and had programming in blocks. CTN likely went more in Olympic sports that were popular with the Cambodians and probrably more international like boxing, swimming, basketball, soccer, weightlifting, badminton, table tennis, taekwondo, and track and field. Both using the world Olympic feeds and offered daily highlights. However, I did find a website that contains news about the Cambodian Olympians' time in London from Mekong TV (as well as the Facebook pace of the NOCC).



Laos only sent three athletes to London--swimmer Phathana Inthavong (15 year old was the youngest swimmer in London) and sprinters Kilakone Siphonexay and Laenly Phoutthavong--who were easily covered on Laos National Television. But like with its non-Vietnam Indochina neighbors Cambodia, info from its TV is very hard to come by, especially when you consider that Laos is still emerging from its international isolation with its socialism. But I can assume it was more about daily footage and highlights with select sports and focusing on the three Laotian athletes, say two hours of coverage a day. Surely both ceremonies were televised live and in full with replays. The 2012 London Olympics had to have been on LNTV 3 because that channel is 24 hours a day. I can however show how they all fared in London with help from Australia's FOXTEL that someone recorded for Laotians through a video camera. Each and every single one of them!


ORF's promo for its official start of the London 2012 broadcast on Friday, July 27 in what unfortunately turned out to be Austria's worst Olympics in almost five decades with absolutely no medals to show for its visit. It all started with ORF 1's Feuer and Flamme for one hour then after that Olympia Studio for 40 minutes and the big entree the Opening Ceremony. All live.

According to the IOC's London Olympics broadcasting list, nobody there in Kyrgyzstan planned to locally broadcast the London Olympics. Not even its national broadcaster PBCK. Partly because of the lack of all-over transmission throughout the nation. Maybe PBCK wasn't interested. So all of the Olympic footage was shown online on its YouTube channel for Kyrgzyians to follow. Then again, it had to show all of its athletes on TV there at least in Bishtek.

Making myself clearer regarding Malta. The Maltese havd three TV options with Eurosport (as mentioned earlier here), TVM2 (domestic broadcaster), and also even RAI from Italy. All are on Melita. 600, 104, and 151, respectively. But Melita, when the Olympics were coming up, promoted just Eurosport in its print ads as if they were the only broadcasters for the Maltese. On a different satelitte, Maltese residents can watch them also on the BBC through SKY TV. TVM2 did show a lot of stuff live, not just the Maltese Olympians in the three sports: swimming, shooting, and track and field. Don't think it was 24 hours a day. Showed the ceremonies live. Yeah, there were daily highlights. But there was one problem: shooter William Chetcuti's live performance wasn't on TVM2. Not TVM2's fault. All of the footage wasn't done by OBSL.


Frank Zammit was among those involved in TVM2's coverage as a vision mixer


NCN Channel 11 in Guyana had exclusive broadcast rights for the London Olympic there. With regulations that were similar to its Caribbean broadcasting neighbors, which Guyana tends to allign itself with although it's actually a South American nation.


Ever since the Moscow 1980 Olympics, Nigerian Television Authority has always shown the Olympics. Its sports chief, Akinloye Oyebanji, the General Manager (Sports) of Nigeria Television Authority. promised last year on the eve of the London 2012 Olympics promised even more coverage with help from its NTA Sports 24 that would enhance the "effective coverage" Nigerians would get with help from the NOC. Too bad Nigeria, like Austria, got no medals in the end.


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Japan's Olympic radio broadcasters were, of course, NHK Radio plus Nippon Broadcasting System, Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, and TBS Radio and Communications. The list of Olympic radio broadcasters were Yuji Araikawa (NBS), Futoshi Hasegawa (NCB), Mitsunori Kemuyama (NCB), Masahide Ota (NHK), Tetsushi Sakanashi (NHK), Emiyasu Sato (TBS), Riyo Sugisawa (NHK), Kenjiro Toyohara (NHK).

Tokyo TV's 2012 Olympic Preview show had a profile on gymnast Ryohei Kato. Dur to multiple third party notifications on copyright infringements, I can't upload the video from the user's now-terminated account. However, I can show you photos from the Facebook page.


This is OSN's commercial promoting its London 2012 Olympic coverage through the Middle East. Another one exactly like this was done in Arabic, which I will get to soon. Got footage of the London Olympics already on there but was obviously done later.


Filipino Twitter followers were very upset that TV5 failed to air the London Closing Ceremony live, but, through a TV5 spokesperson, the channel said the CC was aired live for just one hour 4-5am local time with highlights incorporated into the the channel's morning show with a the more complete airing on tape delay at 12 noon on TV5 and at 8:00PM on AKTV on IBC. But many Filipino viewers claimed false advertising on the live, thinking it's supposed to be full. Much of the article is in Tagalog.


Suriname's STVS, Suriname Television Foundation, had exclusive broadcasting rights to the London 2012 Olympic but later shared them under a sublicense with ATV in an attempt to get the Olympics reached out to many Surinamese as possible. With as massive a media project as this, the STVS and ATV crews were trained under intense circumstances with some experienced hands.


STVS got into a festive mood to celebrate the start of London


CVM's Olympic studio set


Dianne Dixon from Jamaica was like many Jamaicans frustrated with CVM TV's "ruined" coverage of the London Olympics in 5 ways on her blog compared to what NBC offered in many aspects and qualities that Jamaicans had in the recent past. She also states that CVM's Facebook page was filled with angry posters regarding said coverage. After all the complaints about how pro- and only US coverage they got from NBC that was within their reach and a longstanding desire for a Caribbean flavor to the Games.


Another thumbs down view about CVM's Olympic coverage, "dull" and "sleep-inducing" she says, centering on day 1 and local sportscaster Bobby Fray.


RJR had the radio Olympic broadcasting rights in Jamaica


Things got so bad about the poor quality coverage from the public there in Jamaica that CVM CEO Al Edwards had to also hear it from the Broadcast Commission too for breaching its license responsibilities and promised better coverage. It had problems with its reach throughout the island. Hopefully that happened in time when Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake handled their business on the track. (Dated August 2)




Band Sports London 2012 intro with offfical broadcast sponsors Caixa, Panasonic, Ninho, Embratel, and Petrobras

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You know when you visit the electronics store and spot those widescreen TVs prominently displayed with rich, lavish, crystal clear images--the eye candy that will help sell the sets? Stuff that you would see from BBC Earth, National Geographic, and sometimes even some Olympic action on Panasonic HDTVs. That's what I instantly think of when I see the bulk of this video that was taken live moments before the Opening Ceremony on TVR HD in Romania that has no dialogue that will possibly be shown worldwide and see London and its venues through a girl's wonder. It was obviously placed there to fill the minutes of time before that. Wouldn't be out of place there Bookended by the TVR Opening Ceremony promo, the OBSL intro, and a few seconds of the countdown to the OC with a bit of the TVR commentary.


London 2012 Olympic promo from Abu Dhabi Sports Channel for primarily the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait.


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Just as a possible reminder about The Bahamas coverage for London. ZNS TV-13 handled the free-to-air coverage that had an emphasis on the 2012 Bahamas Olympic Team with live coverage starting from 4am daily on an average of 21 hours daily in sports like of course swimming and track and field that were of particular interest to Bahamian public. ZNS TV-13 started with the Opening Ceremony that was on 4pm local time--actually at 6am Friday July 27 with taped delayed soccer game for men's and women's. Expansive coverage was also found on the radio platform as it was on TV from ZNS. ZNS did discuss with Cable Bahamas Limited on joint coverage to make it more extensive, those talks never took place. CBL, more on them later, made a deal that in order to show its portion of the coverage, it must not insert any local advertising on the CBL's Olympic channels. Ricardo Lightbourn was part of the ZNS team coverage.

ZNS Radio stations broadcasting the London Olympics were Radio Bahamas ZNS-1 1540 AM, ZNS-2 1240 AM, ZNS-3 810 AM, and Power 104.5 FM.

The fee Cable Bahamas Limited, previously unhappy with the way the negotiations with ZNS were going, paid as a sub-licenser went undisclosed but reported to be in excess of 50% of the rights fee ($300,000) paid by ZNS. However, that was seen to be exaggerated by ZNS' head Dr. Rev. William Thompson. But the deal struck was an improvement on the Beijing deal four years ago that even threatened a lawsuit from CBL at one point. CBL was apparently not allowed to air the exclusive Caribbean-focus material from IMC and SportsMaxx but could from the BBC, NBC, and CTV on their channels.




ZNS TV-13 report on ZNS' and CBL's Olympic broadcasting coverage agreement

ZNS London 2012 Olympics promo with of course a Bahamas bent. There were three in all I found from ZNS.

ZNS TV schedule from July 22-28


Mio TV and SingTel in Singapore was promoting the 2012 Olympic coverage on home/mobile broadband, tablets, and smartphones with special offers until August 3



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I'm sure there was some sort of confusion with the People's Republic of China when there was a listing of the TV broadcasters under that nation featured not just CCTV and CNTV but including GDTV, SMG, and BTV. None of the other three channels actually had Olympic coverage from London. GDTV, Guandong TV, had GDTV World only involved itself with a 2-minute NewsHeadlines report six times a day during the Olympics and a 10-minute Guandong Report from July 27-August 12. It also conducted London Olympic Special Reports on anything involving the city during the Olympics like all the sports, business, social, and cultural aspects at that time. GDTV also had reports on the ceremonies, when China got its medals, and whenever a Guandong-based Olympian succeeds.

http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=zh-CN&u=http://world.gdtv.cn/news/2012/0727/10517.shtml&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dhttp://world.gdtv.cn/news/2012/0727/10517.shtml%26hl%3Den%26biw%3D1280%26bih%3D855 (includes GDTV Olympic promo)

Beijiing TV, BTV, had its three of its channels involved in its Olympic-centric programming with no Olympic coverage whatsoever through BTV, BTV Sports, BTV News, BTV Finance, and BTV Literature and Arts that will include microblogging. BTV Sports, for example, started its coverage on the moment of the Opening Cerenmony started at 20:00 local time by going to 17 local high schools called "step-by-step win-win in London" in a quiz show format asking question about the Olympics. BTV News would have wide-ranging in depth Olympic news.


I tried to find some info on the London Olympic coverage from Ghana with Ghana TV, GTV, and its sports channel GTV Sports+. Tried belatedly to find something on Facebook and through a Google search. But found nothing meaningful so far. Since GTV Sports+ shows a lot of soccer, it would stand to reason that it showed much of both the men's and women's Olympic soccer tournaments. As it's a 24-hour sports channel, it was going to show events that has Africans and not just Ghanians in it. But GTV Sports+ is not as comprehensive as South African-based Supersport, which is shown throughout sub-Saharan Africa like in Ghana.

TVK in Cambodia generally broadcasts nine hours on weekdays and seventeen hours on weekends, on weekdays is separated into two sessions, morning session from 11:30 to 14:30, and evening session from 17:00 to 23:00, and on weekends broadcast in one section from 6:00 to 23:00. Reruns are also broadcast at night. I kinda think it made an exception to that programming block on weekdays because of the Olympics, though it could had several hours running and then return for a daily Olympic news report with highlights of the Cambodian team.

ZNS (mostly) Olympic TV schedule July 29-August 4


ZNS (mostly) Olympic TV schedule August 5-11


St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla National Bank sponsored providing additional The Cable channels in those two West Indian islands Olympic coverage to add what was already there on Channel 98 and those living on the southeast peninsula watched the Games on Channel 80 on ZIZ.


A guy runs through the streets of Bucharest with TVR's version of the London 2012 torch (looks aluminum to me and definitely not brass) in this TVR promo for the London Olympic Games. No security or motorcade even.

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ESPN Deportes did a daily show called Londres Al Dia. Unlike its ESPN sister channels in Latin America and much of Asia. it wasn't showing comprehensive coverage or actual highlights from London but still focused on the Latin Olympians with general Olympic news. Apparently, this was taken on the second to last day, if not the last day of the London Olympic because the two co-hosts were talking about their favorite Olympic moments from London. The producers discuss the show. It was produced back in Bristol, Connecticut, it relies on ESPN personnel and relays back from London and Buenos Aires.


Norwegian TV Master recorded numerous things from NRK's last coverage of the Olympic Games in London on his 720p HDTV. While nice, problem is that the audio is non-existenent in them. He says he has a poor mic on his camcorder which is why the audio is low. Consequently, there's no way he could rectify the problem. Because of this, I avoided them from posting earlier in the hopes of seeing more NRK Olympic intros from London. One of them here are the intros and idents

Monomenn's instrumental music from the NRK OL 2012 London promo


Even with or perhaps because of these were the last Olympics NRK covered, it enjoyed a record amount of viewers and ratings for London in the early going with the women's handball team getting the largest views.


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This was the call from Danmark's DR P3 from DR Sporten's Henrik Fallesen of the final moments of a London 2012 Olympic men's semifinal doubles badminton match for Matthias Carsten Boe and Mogensen that saw them go the gold medal match (They eventually got silver). It now has the famous call "Den Er Inde, Den Er Inde" (It is possible! It is possible!) as part of DR P3's top 50 moments in its 50 years of existence celebration this year.

One of DR's two London 2012 Olympic Games promos in the leading up to the Olympic Games. This one here actually is the second one as part of the same campaign. It focuses on the struggles, failings, and the controversies in Olympic history and then onto the notable Olympic triumphs on why we are attracted to the Olympics before showing the main DR Sporten London 2012 OL cast. I will get to the first one later, but it's not on You Tube anymore.

Norway's U19 national team and Klepp player Maria Thorissdottir was so annoyed by what she saw as the too negative commentary on the eventual gold medalists Norwegian women's handball team after their loss to Spain 25-20 from NRK's Christian Nilssen and Geir Oustorp that she took to Twitter criticisizing them. NRK, as you would expect, defended them.


Many in the Norwegian sports media realm were not happy with the limited amount of accredidations for them in London. Not NRK. Definitely not future Olympic broadcasting returnee TV2 .


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TRT in Turkey censored the "no religion" line from John Lennon's classic "Imagine" in a Lennon tribute section during the London Closing Ceremony. Apparently, the network's state-run's commentators don't want to envision no religion, regarding a beautiful song promoting peace and humanity instead of division and conflict. But it would be unfair to only blame the commenators on this without looking at the bigger picture regarding the Turkish government. You have to wonder about that ruling AKP party in Turkey, a pro-Muslim conservative party that pushes more religious laws and restrictions led by PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan since taking over several years ago. Now battling in a crisis, or a social standoff, against many Turks. Makes you wonder why and the need to look into themselves. Also makes you wonder did TRT attempt to censor any religious displays of non-Muslim athletes?




You can see the Imagine video with the TRT commentary self-censoring here:


Die Burger's cartoonist Fred Mouton's thoughts (in Afrikaans) lampooning on how much better and obviously far more comprehensive London 2012 Olympics coverage was on Supersport's channels were compared to what SABC offered on its three channels, mostly on SABC2 though. Something I obviously agree with given how the Olympic TV schedules were structured.


Lebo Motsoeli got to do SABC's live Olympic soccer coverage, both men's and women, and coverage for Radio 2000. All adding to the popular Lebo's ever-growing resume in sports broadcasting after a 14-year field hockey career. Hope she gets to do some Winter Olympics stuff in Sochi.


Took me some months but I finally at least got basic info on the Olympic TV coverage plans from RTS and Tele in Ecuador, as Ecuadorians saw their largest ever Olympic delegation in action. Both RTS (Channel 4 in Guayaquil, Channel 5 in Quito, and Channel 7 in Cuenca) and Tele (UHF Channel 38) both aired the Opening Ceremony live at 2:45pm (12:45) local time. RTS only dealth with weekends: Transmissions on July 28 was from 23:45 to 6:00, and Saturdays and Sundays (10:00 to 18:00) until 12 August. Tele handled the bulk of the Olympic dyas of programming starting with Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 on 6:00 to 19:30 and from 22:00 onwards. From July 30 to August 4 will air the participation of Ecuadorian athletes, from 6:30 to 12:30 and from 22:00 onwards. Really not too different from what many Latin American FTA Olympic broadcasters structured their Olympic programming, even when shared.


Gaby Pazmino, a former volleyball player, was one of RTS reporters in London


RTS preferred to show regularly scheduled programming during the weekdays, displaying a kind of contempt for daily Olympic stuff. The following article is critical of its commentators with its utter cluelessness, apparent racism, poor quality, ill-advised attempts at humour, and incompetence (Andrew Paulson commenting basketball, for example and Alfaro Moreno in football exempted).


Really just the OBSL Intro but with Turkish narration promoting the Opening Ceremony being shown on TRT1, TRT HD, and 'de TRT1. Really disappointing TRT would use that instead of, what you would expect, footage of past Summer Olympic opening ceremonies like Beijing.


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London 2012 Olympics Brazilian TV guide up to August 7 with all of the Brazilian TV networks very belatedly arrives here:

July 25


July 26


July 27


July 28


July 29


July 30


July 31


August 1


August 2


August 3


August 4


August 5


August 6


August 7


(if you can deal with those annoying popups, that is)

Ana Paula Padrao, Mylena Cirabelli, and Paulo Henrique Amorim promote TV Record's, Record News', and R7's broadcast of the London 2012 Olympics as the free to air broadcasters in this two minute promo

Padrao, Cirabelli, and Amorim join forces with the likes of Oscar Schmidt, Rene Simoes, Romario, Virna, Fernando Scherer, Luisa Parente, Rogerio Sampaio, and Mauricio Torres all getting ready for London simulating a soccer team getting dressed in the locker room and coming out of the tunnel and into the stadium in another Record London Olympic broadcasting promo

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Canal 7 Argentina's (aka TV Publica) little promo for the Opening Ceremony in London--all footage of course comes from the Beijing ceremonies

Here's how one blogger, MaxFax, thought about Doordarshan's Olympic coverage from last year:


Another writer expresses his disappointment on behalf of Indian sports fans who had to endure broadcasting gaffes during coverage of both DD and ESPN Star Sports for missing out on Air Rifle shooter Gagan Narang’s qualification quest, badminton gold medal hope Saina Nehwal’s opening victory, and "couldn’t watch boxer Jai Bhagwan raising his hands in delight following his bout".


Akashvani, also known as All India Radio, provided live radio coverage of the Opening Ceremony, Closing Ceremony and all of India’s hockey matches. These live broadcast were available on its national channel, as well as AIR FM Gold (106.4 MHz), while state capital Kendras also relayed them.


But though Doordarshan beat ESPN Star Sports in terms of London 2012 Olympic viewership, it disappointingly couldn't generate enough revenue for it as the network liked.


Doordarshan's Olympic theme. Sounds dated like it came straight from the early 1980s with the analogue new wave-y Moog keyboards. That, and the fact it cuts itself off as it rises to a cresendo.


ESPN Star Sports and Doordarshan also managed to get Amul Milk, Samsung India, Proctor and Gamble, Seagram's Royal Stag, and Acer, all of which jumped into the Indian Olympic advertising gambit for London


Chile's Canal 13 UC pays tribute to its staff in London during the final moments of that channel's coverage

Wanted to know who were the TVB and ATV Olympic hosts for their London co-production, a first for the two in HK? TVB had Eric Tsang and Natalie Chan. ATV had Kenneth Chan and Shirley Yeung. Other media sportscasters included Kate Tsui, Rebecca Zhu (also from TVB) and 30 other personalities. Both channels shared a studio at TVB's headquarters AT tvb cITY for the Opening Ceremonies which the coverage was both in English and Cantonese in dual audio.


Report from the press conference announcing the unprecendented get-together (and the posters' criticism about how I-Cable handled or dictated the whole situation and gave them a strategic, "take-it-or-leave-it" attitude with its very short time of negotiations after the Hong Kong government couldn't grant a license for its FTA Fantastic TV in time for them) can be found here:


The then-tenative breakdown on how TVB Jade, TVB Pearl, ATV World, and ATV Home did the London 2012 broadcasting


When SuperSport and SABC handled the multiple streams of (mostly live) Olympic coverage coming from London to Johannesburg, where many of the technical staff and operating staff stayed even when both shared a small space at the IBC. Does not say how the SABC broadcast was divvied up to the 11 languages. But it does say that the tennis was in a highlights package until live coverage of the semifinals.


As a little advance teasing for my next post here, we get to see some notable members of the 2012 Canadian Olympic Team milling and chilling at the mosh pit-like setting at the Closing Ceremony that 7.5 million Canadian residents saw (5.1 million live on CTV alone). Flagbearer Christine Sinclair looking for her people--her teammates, Ryan Cochrane, swimmer Brent Hayden, and trampoliners Rosie McLennan and Karen Colburn as Ryan Duthie and Jennifer Hedger commentate.

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Thanks Martijn! I'll check it out soon.

Thailand's True Visions went 5.1 Dolby Digital Plus Surround Sound Stereo for the 2012 London Olympics for its coverage with its four premium HD channels that were actually ESPN's


You ever seen those oft-silly moments of older people usually in sitcoms, music videos, and commercials getting into hip hop with their moves when they get into it, albeit stiffly? That's what I'm reminded of when several members of the decidedly mixed-aged group of Band Sports Olympic sportscasting team trying to get down with some Salt N Pepa's "Swoop" in between breaks waiting for the cue at their studio outside Olympic Stadium. Especially Nelson Gomes. All just having some silly fun. Ivan Zimmerman couldn't stop laughing.


Supersport played up this Cameron Ver Der Burgh's suprise gold medal win at the pool in this commercial well into its coverage a year ago all over Sub-Saharan Africa, not just South Africa. By the way, the voices at the London Acquatics Center calling the race are the Australian duo of Bruce McAverny and Nicole Livingston, both of whom know the Olympics well, from the IOC English language world feed that Supersport used throughout the Olympics.

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Guardian Sport proudly announces it won the 2013 Consumer Editorial Team Award from the Association of Online Publishers in June for its coverage of the 2012 London Olympics, calling it "a transformative moment in digital sports culture". I haven't had a chance to look at its special London 2012 section with its record number of online traffic during the Games. Would've liked to see how it was all planned. I gave more info regarding Yahoo's and CNN Espanol's Olympic coverage and link you to them than the Guardian's. But for those who haven't seen it, like me, we can take a look now and take your time with it.



Can't say with certainty that this is a promo SABA TV submitted to promote its coverage of the 2012 London Olympics for Afghanistan for it does seem to be rather long for it. I think it is. Does show several of Afghanistan's top athletes and hopeful--and even the Afghan cricket team, which are of course not part of the Olympic program, jubilant after its upset win over neighbors Pakistan. There's a countdown to the days before the start of the Olympics--note the 11 because it was submitted on July 16, 2012.

NRK's Karen-Marie Ellefsen being with Vebjørn Rodal and Lars Lystad was caught on air joking about one of the decathletes in London, saying she "could've done a better job myself" during the 1500m. She thought they weren't. In all likelihood this moment was largely forgotten or ignored since.


Other info on the NRK 2012 London Olympics promo state that the video was shot in and around Oslo, Bygdøy, and Sørkedalen. Lenses used where Lomo Anamoprhic Roundfront together with a Red Epic camera.

Elaine Storstad explains how NRK viewers could get "geeked out" over NRK's London 2012 coverage on TV through NRK2 and online on its seven channels (OL 1-7)--as well as BBC1.


NRK and EBU came under fire for butchering the men's cycling road race during the Olympics, among other things there in London, partly for no time references. The EBU went as far as calling it the "technically worst since Atlanta 1996" and even sharply attacked the London organizers.


I wished that I got into what CCTV did for the Olympics for as we were anticipated for London. Yes, we certainly did it for London. Problem was, I didn't touch on it as much as we did back in Beijing four years earlier. Here's a general breakdown of what the CCTV channels did: eight channels were involved--CCTV-1, CCTV-5, CCTV-7, CCTV-News, CCTV-2, CCTV-HD, CCTV-3D and CCTV Golf & Tennis for the comprehensive television broadcast with CNTV dealing with all of the Olympic footage live online and for the first time. It was multi-angle and all-around. The TV side was 1052 hours of events with the news portions and interviews added totalling up to 1900 hours. "5 + CCTV-5” live broadcast 32 major terms and 302 subordinate events, with a total of 5600 hours of events. Ratings were up in all accounts during the CCTV coverage.

During this Olympic period, the average daily page views of CNTV site amounted to 580 million pages, and 35.155 million average daily visitors, up 255% and 134% respectively than usual. All CNTV terminals have an overall coverage of 485 million people, up to 610 million times of the broadcast number by mobile TV, mobile client, IP TV and other multi-terminal video players.


London paved the way for CCTV to have its first-ever HDTV 3D Olympic studios live in China at its E16 Studio broadcast in its headquarters and other details like DUAL-LINK signal for the HD 3D signal there. CCTV brought aboard a 2000+-person staff to London (somewhere 450 in the front and 1900 in the rear)


Typical daily broadcast schedule for London Olympics in FTA Hong Kong TV (times local).

4.30pm - 7.30pm live on TVB Pearl
7.30pm - 8pm news
8pm - 11pm live on ATV World
11pm - 2am live on TVB Pearl
2am - 5am live on ATV World

There will be daily highlights on Cantonese channels ATV Home in the morning and lunchtime, then on TVB Jade in mid-afternoon and late night. Both broadcasters stress that the broadcast times are not strict, if an event will go over the allocated broadcast time on one channel, it will stay on that channel before it tells viewers to switch to another channel to continue watching. All the announcers called the action at TVB's studios in HK with both English and Cantonese utilized. Both ceremonies were shared.

Australia's Olympians and the Nine Network were getting ready to show the world they could bring it from London. Surely Aussie TV viewers down there did watch even if Nine lost millions of dollars. This could be easily mistaken for the intro for its coverage from the Opening Ceremony with the way how it's packaged. But it could pass as an extended promo.

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Magyar Televizio pays tribute to all of Hungary's medalists in London in one of Hungary's better post-Communist Olympics performances that all were shown on M1.

RTE looks back at Ireland's performances--and in general--at London 2012 at the end-of-the-year RTE Sports Awards 2012


How Supersport and DStv look back at all the immense hard work from the world's first true social Summer Olympics. It actually liked getting inundated with a flurry of social messages during that time:


RTP's press release on its London 2012 Olympic coverage for Portugal:


One columnist was not pleased witrh France Televisions' London coverage


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Uh-oh, Schweizer Fernsehen accidently pulled the plug on the Closing Ceremony after Dr. Jacques Rogge's speech, declaring the Games closed. Swiss sports fans couldn't believe it and were thus deprived of the music concert. Flame wasn't even extinguished yet! Confusion abounded. German-speaking Swiss viewers headed to neighboring broadcasters ARD and ORF for the rest.



See the credits of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation London 2012 Olympic opener as well as the intro again here. Jorg Dummermuth holds a large part of the concept:


What occurred involving Greek national long jump champion Voula Papachristou's dumb, ignorant, and racist joke about African immigrants in Greece and the West Nile virus and her subsequential expulsion from the Olympics in London even before the Opening Ceremony and her Olympic debut by the Greek Olympic mission obviously points to the increasing power of social media. She's reportedly a Golden Dawn supporter and that disturbs me as, whenever there's severe economic crisis in a nation like Greece is enduring for one thing, racism and fascism rises. Scapegoats are sought for blame of the national ills like Africans. And that racism decidedly goes against the Olympianism. Greece is becoming multiracial and multiethnic. Because of all this, I think they made the right decision. The IOC does not want its brand embarassed. On the other hand, she would have afforded a case as she was a national performance and value. Anyway, I feel there should be some type of social media bill of rights and responsibilities enacted and learn how to cope effectively with social media and deal with its potential ambiguities. I definitely agree with the positioning in this piece regarding the grey areas the IOC will have to deal with and get the regulations refined and expanded since they're playing catch up but not block the beneficial fan outreach they all have. Hopefully, Papachristou would've learned her lesson by now about social media discipline. Not going to be an isolated incident.


Pakistan Press Foundation gives praise towards PTV's coverage of the London 2012 Olympics for putting events live and exclusive. They were impressed with former cricketeer Aamir Sohail at the CC. Apparently though, PTV was scared of showing synchronized swimming because of Islamic women modesty concerns, and the PPF calls for more seasoned athletes with superior language skills to call events.


RTE Two's London 2012 programming schedule:




Katie Taylor's gold medal win turned out to be the 11th highest-rated Irish TV event last year with 750,000 viewers. Biggest Irish TV sports event was EURO 2012 Ireland vs. Croatia match ranked at #2 besting the Ms Brown's Boys Christmas Show with the Late Late Toy Show tops for the year.


At least a million Irish viewers watched at least some portion of the Olympics on RTE. But this article also says 1.1 million saw Katie win gold, but I guess this involves and includes partial viewers


RTE looks back at its London 2012 coverage and the viewership it got


Bill O'Herlihy's 10th and final Olympics for RTE. He missed on LA in 1984 due to heart problems.


General details of TVR's 2012 London Olympics website:


PRIME NZ TV studio host Melodie Robinson gets caught with a mouthful live on TV as they switch to her from the judo. Timing sure is interesting from PRIME during that time last year. Like to know how our NZ posters here thought of that.

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I plan to bring a another gamut of news and info regarding London info very soon. Just need to get things organized. But as I get back into this, I would like to show you a promo about a documentary that was shown on Peru's SUR Peru cable network presented by Peruvian Olympic Committee sponsor Xoom called Heroes in Red and White featuring several of the Peruvian Xoom sponsors like Gladys Tejada, Victor Aspillaga, Mauricio Fiol, Raul Pacheco, Mario Bazan, Ines Melchor, and Claudio Rivera

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Very belatedly, the SKY Sport NZ London 2012 Olympic press kit with all the SKY and PRIME sportscasters. It also mentions that SKY, in an agreement with Fiji TV, unsurprisingly carried the Olympic feed for Sky Pacific to all the English-speaking Pacific islands throughout with 768 hours on two of Fiji TV's FTA channels 24 hours a day (up to 19 hours daily). No schedule though.


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Months after my last post here due to mainly being busy and focusing on Sochi 2014, I'm back here with another one regarding London media that deals with awards that since changed from Vancouver. After the Canadian Olympic Host Broadcast Media Consortium won several Geminis in 2011, the Genies and Geminis wound up merging in 2012 to form the Canadian Screen Awards and incorporating new media too. Well, TSN's coverage of the London 2012 Summer Olympics won Best Live Sporting Coverage Award. Ken Volden, Gord Cutler, Linda Tremblay, and Bill Dodson all won Sports Analysis and Commentary for their work in London for TSN's primetime segment in the first CSA that was held in Toronto on February 27, 2013.


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Very belatedly, the SKY Sport NZ London 2012 Olympic press kit with all the SKY and PRIME sportscasters. It also mentions that SKY, in an agreement with Fiji TV, unsurprisingly carried the Olympic feed for Sky Pacific to all the English-speaking Pacific islands throughout with 768 hours on two of Fiji TV's FTA channels 24 hours a day (up to 19 hours daily). No schedule though.


Thanks very much for posting this. I havent seen it at all so good to look at


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The IOC now has the Opening and Closing Ceremonies available on their You-Tube channel.

Been up for a while BR2028...great to watch by the way.

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In an Olympic experience at London that witnessed Opening Ceremony flagbearer Lee Wai Sze win bronze in the women's cycling keirin, it was quite an experience to see Hong Kong's top terrestrial broadcasters TVB and ATV joining forces for the Olympics coverage, only because I-CABLE couldn't get license permission from the HK government to have its proposed Fantastic TV hit the airwaves in time for London 2012 and of the IOC's strong desire to get the Olympics shown on FTA bringing tense negotiations. This is at least the full hour of TVB's and ATV's unprecedented joint London 2012 Olympic coverage sharing the TVB Pearl studios starting with such mutual camaderie before the Opening Ceremony broadcast with a few of its reporters over in London. Kept playing the OBSL intro music on permanent loop.

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Very belatedly--and it's something that I just discovered recently--I present to you Com Hem Magazine Summer 2012 issue with pages 4-8 devoted to SVT's last Olympic TV broadcast in London and Team Sweden and its highlights. Has Ebba Jungmark on the cover:


The London 2012 cycling road races left much from the television production side of things to be desired for many within Europe with no time references or exercises. EBU called it the worst since Atlanta. NRK was among those who complained.


And so did the British--and the BBC had to apologize to the British public for the quality of coverage, reminding viewers it's not their images or not to be "put off" if you're a newbie to cycling:



London 2012 Summer Olympics were a great summer success on VRT's Sporza (4 million Flemish viewers) and Radio 1 (1.7 million). Not to mention it blew up with 15, 000 social media posts:


NRK sports director Rune Haug laments the sadness NRK feels in not having any Olympic rights for 6 years following London. And talks about the challenges TV2 Norge faces in acquiring and producing the coverage. Based on that, there weren't much in the way of complaints during its Sochi coverage of its 750 hours spread in all of its channels from TV2 to TV2 Sportkanalen to TV2 Zulu as it went wall-to-wall with its coverage and were comprehensive. Given how big winter sports are in Norway. Except for the concerns of the commercial break placements.


Yes, I do agree that Nine in Vancouver-London was kinda the last of the era of single Aussie Olympic FTA TV rights holders thankfully. Even with FOXTEL taking over the Pay-TV side with multiple options and times. Now that Australia has digital TV with multiple subchannels for each of the networks and with Ten later acting as a model with its Sochi 2014 coverage with that, I sincerely hope the Seven Network is taking notes and learning lessons from Ten and perhaps improve on that. Days of jumping around coverage from event to event in progress are obviously over.


Jamaica's Broadcast Commission blasted CVM-TV's London 2012 "poor to very poor" coverage to Jamaicans:


If there were tech-savvy Jamaicans out there agreeing with the JBC's stance of the "poor" CVM Olympic coverage, they certainly could get around that through the bit-torrents and VPNs:


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