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London 2012 Olympic Media Updates

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Starting Monday, Supersport will, like with the World Cup before it in South Africa, re-air select moments from the London 2012 Olympics with more or less complete events like in track and field, swimming, basketball, soccer, tennis, water polo, gymnastics, cycling, diving, and synchronized swimming simulcasting on both SS1 and SSHD on up until Boxing Day. It will also show a three-hour and 30 minutes Olympic show devoted to South African and African Olympians repeatedly, Paralympic highlights, and Road to London Review episodes.

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I wonder if NBC's sports networks, including Universal Sports, is planning to show any re-airings of the London Olympics during Christmas?

NBCSN had their whole Return to London series that I think re-aired a few times recently, but nothing coming up. The only Olympic-related programming I see anytime in the next couple of weeks is the Showtime networks showing the Bud Greenspan documentaries.

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NBCSN had their whole Return to London series that I think re-aired a few times recently, but nothing coming up. The only Olympic-related programming I see anytime in the next couple of weeks is the Showtime networks showing the Bud Greenspan documentaries.

I know about the NBCSN doing that. Was hoping they would re-air that for the holidays with no NHL hockey to show due to the lockout, why not the Olympics again for the holidays? No press release arrived on that happening for the holidays when I saw the NBC Sports Press Group website. Oh well.

Been knowing about those Bud Greenspan Olympic docs for a few years being on the Showtime networks.

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And still is the case. Think the Peacock dropped its NBC London 2012 YouTube channel with that too.

Did anybody burned all or any footage off of that before that happened? When I watched a few of the events shown, it would either have the IOC/OBSL's English-language commentators or have none at all in the case of some basketball games and boxing matches that I watched online this past month. Made me wished I had my own computer at that time :(

Some details that I hoped to catch up and offer my thoughts on will start arriving again early next week.

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I just watched the official 2012 Olympic film "First" (five quid on DVD). Very much towards the warm and fuzzy end of the spectrum, but the focus on a dozen individuals does give an interesting balance of success and failure, and there's some effective use of the camera (good soundtrack too, if you like British/Ulster indie music).

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The bulk of the stuff I want to mention regarding London will likely have to wait next week, if possible for the lengthy development that came out for London tomorrow.

But first, boy were the Thais were screwed if they wanted see events that were shown on the True Visions Olympic channels for NBT, Thai PBS, and Channel 3. NBT, as national FTA broadcaster for the Olympics, focused on Thai Olympians and only Thai Olympians in London with focus on women's weightlifting and boxing with Thai commentary and when there's no live Olympic action with Thais involved, it gets repeated (with daily cutaways to 8:00 programming and events simulcasted on all channels on Saturdays). These broadcasters outside of Ture Visions on the FTA side don't heavily regard the Olympics highly posessing no taste and vision. Even an event like the men's 100m final that is surefire tentpole event worldwide got no love from the Thai broadcasters. Swimming did get shown live on Channel 3.

Whenever there was an event that gets shown on True Visions and seemed to air on those channels when promoting live upcoming Olympic events, Thai residents will get an on-screen message basically saying due IOC broadcasting rules in its dealings with True Visions broadcast programming from them but can be seen on antenna and over the air. Couldn't even find a schedule anywhere on the TV coverage from those channels.


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Continuing on with Thailand, if I got this right, I think this was the TV scheduling blocks among the four commercial of the five Thai FTA TV channels, the so-called TV Pool, that broadcasted them. Modernine TV aired the Opening Ceremonies. TV5 did the Closing Ceremony. After that, it was like with the Super Bowl among the FTA networks: the four channels rotated each day who gets the cover the Olympics--in order of sequence: Modern Nine, Channel 3, TV5, and Channel 7. Mostly the Olympic TV blocks ran daily from 17-20pm and from 23-2am (except on Saturday July 28 on Channel 3 16-19pm and 21:30-24:30 am, Monday July 30 on Channel 7 17-18:30pm and 21:30-2am, and Sunday August 12 on Modern Nine from 15:45-18:45 pm).


True Visions could not be held responsible for what the Thai commercial channels did with their Olympic progamming like cutting away from events.

Bill O'Herlihy interviews Gary O'Toole about the London swimming competition at that point on RTE Two's 2012 Olympic coverage

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No, I have not abandoned this thread here. It's still great and I still have lots of details to cover with even though we're now moving on to Sochi and Rio De Janerio. Though right now, I'm rather busy for much of this month.

Oscar Pistorius' recollection of watching Great Britain's Derek Redmond pulling up lame and then getting helped by his dad, finishing the race together in Barcelona, in one of SuperSport's 2012 Olympic promos for London in its "All the..." (in this case "All The Brave") campaign was nominated as one for the Virgin Active Sport Industry Awards 2013 Official Shortlist for the Best TV Sport Commercial of the Year, sponsored by Sports Illustrated.

TV Record's Mylena Ciribelli analyses Australia's Belinda Snell's phenominal last second three pointer to send its preliminary game against France into overtime (which Australia lost to and end up costing them first place in its group and eventually lost the USA in the semifinals)


How RTE was preparing for its coverage of the London Olympics, its 13th Olympics, that included 225 hours on RTE Two, 2300 hours altogether on its various platforms in TV, online, and radio, and a London-based staff of 45-strong with Ireland's most diverse Olympic team yet.




It also covered Team Ireland's live Olympic homecoming in Dublin:


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The theme music for Brazil's TV Record's coverage of the multisports events it owns the TV rights to dating from the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics up to the 2016 Rio De Janeiro Summer Olympics.

And in keeping with the Brazilian TV Record theme here with this post is members of the Brazilian version of the teen group Rebelde from the novela Rebeldes (the adaptation from the Mexican original from Televisa)--Sophia Abrão, Lua Blanca, Mel Franckowiak, Arthur Aguiar, and Chay Suede--counting down for TV Record's broadcast for London in a promo filmed at the volleyball court.

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I know I was late with Pakistan--very late--but better late than never with them. PTV Sports, the 24-hour Pakistani sports channel, got involved for that nation with plenty of emphasis, I'm sure, dealing with the field hockey, shooting, as well as soccer, volleyball, swimming, track and field, and basketball, with the emphasis on the Pakistani Olympians. The following is the second of those PTV Sports Olympic promos.

You can visit PTV Sports Olympic 2012 webpage here: http://sports.ptv.com.pk/olympics2012/

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The BBC used Genelec DSP Loudspeaker Audio Systems for its three channels (BBC 1, 2, and 3) for its London Olympics coverage to monitor its broadcast audio in combination of 5.1, stereo, HD, SD and 3D transmissions.


NHK Online Olympic VOD used Thomson Video Video Networks’ ViBE VS7000 multi-screen video platform for its online coverage of the 2012 London Games


Australia's FOXTEL also used Thomson Video Networks for linkage back from the UK


SporTV used TSL as a systems integrator for the Brazilian broadcast


Some reminders of the Olympic broadcasting coverage and how it was organized in the face of such a mammoth challenge. We get to see the breakdown of which broadcasters operated the production of the events.


I don't know where the full commentary list of the English and Spanish language world Olympic feed coverages is online. I definitely do know Bruce McAveney and Nicole Livingston did the swimming and Livingston covered the CC. Shannon Miller was in the women's gymnastics. South African Duane Dell'Oca did six sports including soccer, field hockey, and tennis. Mark Tompkins was the world feed commentator in the triathlon.

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Bermuda Cablevision and local broadcaster VSB brought the London Olympics to Bermuda, although given its close proximity to the USA and even to fellow Commonwealth member Canada, Olympic coverage from NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, and CTV (and maybe TSN and Sportsnet) had to be blocked out. Bermuda residents had over 400 hours of TV coverage from IMC's feed, the operators of Sportsmax, on CableVision, compared to 154 in Beijing. Like with Sportsmax in much of the Caribbean, the focus lied on more of the Caribbean Olympians--and none of the US bias observed by many. CableVision's channel 514 had more of the 24-hour coverage with VSB on Channel 11 dealt with the London Olympics on a separate feed. Also offered an extensive reach through WOW subscribers there.


But because of the region-exclusive IMC feed granted to CableVision, some Bermudans weren't happy with the coverage offered, which CableVision couldn't control. Like poor visual control, errant sound, terrible commentators, studio set, and selection of sports because of its Caribbean location that are only offered by IMC. It was this or nothing.




Marpin 2K4 subscribers weren't out of the cold as far as Olympic coverage in Dominica was feared when Marpin struck a deal with Dominica's Olympic rights holders SAT Telecommunications struck a deal in time with Marpin acting as sub-leasers.


Duna TV, a sister Hungarian TV channel with M1 and M2, teamed up with Magyar Televizio with the Hungarian Olympic TV coverage, as previously mentioned. It started it off with pre-Opening Ceremony soccer coverage with the US-France women. Then it was for Thursday with Spain-Japan at 17:55, the United Arab Emirates-Uruguay match at 20:40 am and finally to Brazil-Egypt on Sunday at 20:40 and the United Kingdom-United Arab Emirates. Soccer sportscasters were Eugene Knezy, Thomas Menczer, Richard Farago, and Kriztian Matusz.

Duna TV's coverage was during this Olympic period was on Duna TV each morning from 7:05 to 8:25 pm an 80-minute provides a summary of the most important events of the previous day. Then following that, viewers from 9:27 to 8:35 can see a 52-minute studio discussion and expanded daily with fresh news about the sports channel at 18:20 and 22:30 am.


This was a general overview of how M1, M2, Duna TV, Duna World, and Hungarian Kossuth Radio covered the Hungarian language Olympic coverage of the 2012 London Olympic Games to Hungary with its 72-person public broadcasting crew headlined with Takacs Gundel, Peter Horvath, and Deaks Gabor calling the Opening Ceremony. M1 and Radio Kossouth focused on the Hungarian athletes with a simulcasting coverage. For several of the sports, like with you may have seen on RDS in Canada, there were sportscasters who performed multiple Olympic sports. London highlights coverage on 3D was broadcast on the new M3D channel.


London 2012 Olympic TV promo for m1 and MR1-Kossuth in Hungary that started on July 25. Another media reference prominently showing the iconic double-decker London buses

2000 hours of Olympic TV coverage on SKY Italia that had 13 channels (12 in HD and 1 on 3D) that saw some interesting temporary channel changes during Olympic time of Sky Sports 1-3, Eurosports, and ESPN America and ESPN Classic. The breakdown of the SKY Olympic channels went like this:

SKY 1 HD Olympics--both ceremonies (also on SKY Sports 1 and SKY Olympics 3D), "best of the best", Italian Olympians focus

SKY 2 HD Olympics--swimming, track and field

SKY 3 HD Olympics--fencing

SKY 4 HD Olympics--volleyball

SKY 5 HD Olympics--water polo

SKY 6 HD Olympics--basketball

SKY 7 HD Olympics--soccer

SKY 8 HD Olympics--cycling

SKY 9 HD Olympics--boxing

SKY 10 HD Olympics--tennis and other sports

SKY 11 & 12 HD Olympics--other sports

Of the 64-team Olympic crew for SKY Italia, 27 of them were actually in London. The crew was ranged from swimming, basketball, cycling, soccer, handball, track and field, boxing, gymnastics, water polo, beach volleyball, diving, synchronized swimming, tennis, rowing, canoeing/kayaking, wrestling, judo, taekwondo, fencing, equestrian, modern penthalon, and weightlifting.



250 hours on SKY Sport 3D (140 of them live) were part of the Olympic package on mobile devices on SkyGO. RAI did 211 hours of coverage with an emphasis on the Azzurri but with no video on demand or additional services. Has mobilized on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube with, as a EBU member, access to Africa and Asia. RAIsport1 and RAI2 Olympics were also a part of the live RAI coverage with a dozen hours each daily. Radio1 and Radio2 had Olympic coverage on Caterpillar FM. Plus, there was concern for commercial interruptions on SKY Italia during in the midsts of the Olympic coverage.


As a reminder regarding the Canal 7 TV Publica Argentina coverage, where its coverage came on live from 4am-its close each day, it actually had assistance from DeporTV with a ready-made studio at its owners Argentina's Ministry of Education's signal with daily coverage on 5am-8pm on a mixture of daily live and recorded footage that started at 24.01. It even produced special Olympic programming like "Argentina's Olympics", "Game Changer: Britain Prepares", and "Olympic Academy" in the anticipation of the Olympics.


An El Comahue article that goes into greater detail about Canal 7 TV Publica's and DeporTV's London Olympic coverage like with the former's sportscasters for the televised sports and hosts and the latter's synopsis on the Olympic docs.


CCTV-5's second TV promo for its wide-ranging coverage of the London 2012 Olympics now with a voiceover and hearing from the Chinese Olympic hopefuls

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This German Olympic Team London 2012 montage of its best moments had to have been shown as either ARD or ZDF signed off from its Olympic broadcast after the Closing Ceremony or before that. I forgot at the moment exactly. But we'll find out.

I have to disappoint you: This is not an ARD or ZDF video. First of all, ARD was the network that broadcast the final day of the London Olympics (including the closing ceremony). And they usually always include not only German but also international athletes in their "best moments" montages. I have to see whether I have recorded the official ARD montage coincidentally.

I believe, however that that montage was produced by the German NOC, the DOSB. That would explain why it focusses only on the German team. The music played in the background also wasn't used by ARD or ZDF during the London Games (they usually use their official Olympic theme songs for their final montages; in ARD's case in London that was Muse's "Survival", in ZDF's case Taio Cruz' "World In Our Hands").

By the way: The ironic thing is that although that video was produced in Germany and posted by a German YouTube user, it's now blocked in Germany due to music copyright restrictions (our music copyrights watchdogs, named GEMA, really are a pain in the a**). I was only able to watch the video via proxy.

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Good news: I recorded the ARD montage indeed (they showed it at the end of their closing ceremony coverage). The bad or at least strange news: It was unusually short, only one minute. It didn't even include all the names of the Olympic staff of ARD and ZDF who broadcast from the London Games. But, as I supposed, it was played with Muse's "Survival" in the background and showed - besides footage of German athletes and their performances at the Games - also international athletes like Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps and several British athletes like Chris Hoy and Zara Phillips.

I haven't done that so far and have to work out how to do it - but if I have the time, I'll try to upload that montage to YouTube.

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That video I posted should've resemble that ARD would air and not be for a minute, especially with Germany's rich Olympic pedigree. Don't have a problem with either ARD or ZDF actually showing non-German athletes in those montages. Would make sense that the DOSB would produce that montage if not the two networks.

SVT in Sweden seemingly went out of the Olympics, temporarily they hope, with a bang when the men's gold mdeal handball match between Sweden and the world juggernaut that is France, the eventual gold medalists, scored a 2 million+ TV viewership. Track and field (athletics) proved to be very strong too on the last day of the sessions there too with 1.444 million viewers. Friday had 1.26 million. SVT hopes to return to Olympic broadcasting from the Modern Times Group starting with Pyongchang 2018.


Another article explaining why ZDF and ARD utilized the Internet more for live stream broadcasting more events than it could televise, even when the two were alternating days, and decided not to place several of them on their digital channels that were more costly. If you remember, both ARD and ZDF went reverse on sportscasting with ARD sportscasters on ZDF's Internet feeds and vice versa.


Proof positive that Openinfg Ceremony hosts talking too much and misidentifying is not restricted to just the US and Canada. Focus magazine's online editor Peter Seiffert in Germany criticizes Wolf-Dieter Poschmann for interrupting the fellow Opening Ceremony hosts like Christian Keller and Katharin Pohlan and not catching up, misdentifying Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan, lacking the intellectual and emotional depth of knowledge. Prompting angry Facebook reactions on ZDF's Sport's page.


Overall, the coverage from both was solid. Live streaming was a huge hit. But there were some moments where they fell short. For all of his weaknesses, Wolf-Dieter and Alexander Bommes came out OK. Franzi and Michael Antwerpes? Not so much.


Canal 13's Olympic broadcast team of Karen Bittner, Claudio Palma, John Christopher Guarello, Aldo Schiappacasse, and Ignacio Valenzuela leave their Santiago headquarters to make their way to London to cover the Olympics in gymnastics, swimming, track and field. But not before numerous Canal 13 personalities in various capacities wish them well for a happy trip there. Incase you're wondering about the music, that's The Clash's "Brand New Cadillac". Unlike the woman in the song, they were coming back.

Too bad SuperSport 3 did have its soccer coverage in HD. Need to see the SuperSport Olympic TV schedule. Would have like SuperSports coverage be fuller on-demand. Then again, much of the coverage was actually the IOC English world feed that we can see now on the IOC's YouTube channel anyway.

Singapore's ESPN Star Sports version upgraded to EVS XT3 servers for the London Olympics in its broadcast systems


ESPN Star Sports and Doordarshan weren't the only ones in India that getting to promote the Olympics and, specifically, Indian Olympians. CNBC-TV, Times Now, History TV, and A+E all had original Olympic programming on their own on Indian TV.


Nine Network took a A$28 million wash in the red for London. But Australians were more receptive in watching the Olympics on traditional television broadcasters than anybody else in the world at 13.5 million overall, more than Beijing and Athens when 7 did those. Still, the FTA Australian TV networks would be wise to be more conscious of the younger viewers in the long run. FOXTEL did well on TV and online. Nine's new media coverage was strong. Neither, however, was able to stream as frequently like the Americans and British.


Sydney Morning Herald's Richard Hinds sized up the respective coverage of both Nine and FOXTEL in his breakdown of several aspects. For example, Nine promised to break away from "longform storytelling" in favor of something more dexterious and immediate coverage. But you may have had the feeling Nine will wreck things. And it did in plenty.


The Olympic equestrian TV schedule for 9 and FOXTEL


Eric Libot discusses how France Televisions covered the 2012 London Olympics. He singled out praise for Yannick Souvre for her excellent women's basketball analysis. Wishes Andrew Garcia would shut up in handball more. But doesn't understand why several of the iconic British rock acts and even why Monty Python Flying Circus didn't fully reunite, save for the Spice Girls. Doesn't he know that some members are now deceased?!


Excellent France TV promo for the London Olympics ranging from the tense moments to the victory on France 2


General breakdown on what RTM and ASTRO through ESPN Star did for its Olympic TV coverage in London


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Bolivision still doesn't have a website. But it does have a Facebook page, which isn't all that updated in comparision. Not since November. Bolivision had it just in time for the London Olympics, which means there's still some notes about Bolivision's coverage of the London Olympics on it. For example, Bolivision aired 10 hours of daily coverage from Monday through Friday (in 4 blocks--8:30-9, 10-11, 16-17:30, and from 23-6:30) and 18 nonstop hours of Olympic action of Saturdays and Sundays (8-18). Like with any national Olympic broadcaster, emphasis was on its few Bolivian athletes competing live like swimmers Karen Torrez and Andrew Rutherford, shooter Juan Carlos Perez, and track and field's Bruno Claudia Rojas. There's even a promo with Usain Bolt's 100m gold medal win on it. So it was 200 hours in total




Following video is a 2 minute+ long presentation on how Panama's TVMAX Canal 9 tackled its Olympic TV coverage with emphasis on the Panamian Olympians. Seems like all the Latin American Olympic broadcasters love playing Coldplay on its promos.


Albania's RTSH, the national broadcaster there, 2012 London Olympics TV spot. Some of the footage seen here for some reason reminds me of the NBC intro for the Opening Ceremonies. At least some footage is. RTSH used its second channel, TVSH 2, for its Olympic broadcasts and for its Albanian Olympians. In fact, just before the London Olympics, RTSH recently launched its digital sports channel. Interestingly, Kosovo, a nation that has a strong Albanian population, offered its own Olympic footage through RTK that was very limited. Doesn't offer much detailed info other than that. I may still fiond something later.



One of the sponsor billboards for Nine's/NBN's broadcast of the 2012 London Olympics with Commonwealth Bank, Swisse, Coles, and Telstra

NHK's coverage of the London 2012 Olympics on the terrestrial side was 230 hours, about the same as there was back in Athens 2004 for Japan. BS1 and its radio channels was of a combined 683 hours, which was less than it was for the last three Summer olympics (Beijing, Athens, and Sydney) because there's now one less BS channel. One the online side of things, there were 1000 hours on 8 streaming channels with up to 20 events. BS1's more complete coverage had 350 hours of coverage on 22 hours a day on all 26 sports with specific programming and analysis for some of its Japanese Olympians. Even NHK Olympic archival programs.


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The general overview of what RAI 2 and RAI Radio 1 did with their broadcast team and coverage plans for each of its 200 hours of coverage from London. Sandro Fioravanti served as the RAI 2 hostcaster. With RAI Radio 1, it was under three daily blocks.


Well, I decided to do something a little different for this post as I still continually seek more and more info regarding the worldwide coverage of the London Olympics after some time of inactivity. What I have here is the live presentation of two parts of TF1's coverage of the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony hosted by Amelie Mauresmo, Harry Roselmack, Gilles Bouleau, Jean-Marc Ayrault, Guy Drut, right at Olympic Stadium. They go to Caroline Henry and Yann Hovine at Club France (later with Marie-Jose Perec), Catherine Jentile De Caincaude at Hyde Park, Guillamme Hennette at Bar Londoneine. Les Bleues women's soccer coach Bruno Bini with Julie Soyet and two other members of the team in Glasgow, Scotland. NBC was never really there at least a good 50 minutes before the start of the stadium. Even the world Olympic feed started out with the helicopter aerial shot through downtown London along the Thames River and going into the Olympic Stadium with no shots of "the green and pleasant land" that was agrian Britain and started with the LSO's rendition of Nimrod. One of the nice things about this is seeing lots of the action set in agrarian Britain as the actors began and some of the fun the spectators had like with the giant balls so you can start the immersing. The Red Arrows make an appearance in their flyover and the TF1 gang comment on seeing the French flag on their exhausts. Even in the background you see the time ticking up to the start from the LCD. Wonder if the BBC was this good in that. Haven't seen that. Pierre Poivre planned to have this in 5 parts. We only have the first 2 since July. Perhaps this has something to do with copyright/geoblocking issues. I can care less about the protocol and Parade of Nations stuff since we can get all of that elsewhere online (though I did see a shot of the Mauritius athletes walking in with a shot of some members from Team France--aka Les Bleues--talking amongst themselves after marching like basketball star Tony Parker). Why TF1 takes care of the ceremonies and not France Televisions? Long ago, they used to be all together before the breakup.

Part 1

Part 2

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Why TF1 takes care of the ceremonies and not France Televisions? Long ago, they used to be all together before the breakup.

In France for the 2012 Olympics, it was UER the official rights holder.... As both members of the UER in France, TF1 and France Television bought back the Olympic rights and decided to share the bill.... They agreed back in 2004, when they were hoping to get the Games at home in Paris, to share them... having TF1 only for the Ceremonies and FranceTelevision the exclusive broadcaster of all sport events (which is logical for FTV to use 4 different channels to broadcast tehe competitions).

For the coming games, this is no more UER the rights holder, but directly France Television, so the Ceremonies and sport events will be on the same network !

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