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London 2012 Olympic Media Updates

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Have we had the ident for London Olympic Broadcasting (or whatever they are called) yet?

Should be hitting very soon. I just made a check to see if it was uploaded already. But no. I'd say give it another week.

The last batch of sportscasters for the Canadian Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium has yet to be announced and so is the fuller breakdown of the hours for each network involved and what sports. But CTV Olympics announced yesterday after the Canada Day weekend a slew mixing beloved features and segments with new ones ready to hit between now and during the Olympics on CTV, TSN, Rogers Sportsnet, and RDS like the Summer Olympics version of the Difference Makers (hosted by Rick Hansen in English and Chantal Petitclerc in French), Superbodies, The Experts, Canadian Performances, Snapshots, Upclose, Gold Medal Moments, and newbie Raising an Olympian. The excellent Stephen Brunt returns for the Olympics with his brilliant essays that will now be a more frequent part called Stephen Brunt Essays (closest thing to that here in the US recently were the Olympic Moments and Jim McKay's Essays). One thing in what made him so damn good and moving in Vancouver was Brunt wasn't frequent in them during the Games, just only a few times, like in the closing one that won him a Gemini Award. Just hope he won't get overexposed this time around, like CanadianSports says in his post. Hope to bring a few clips in the next few posts here.



Some women's pre-Olympic soccer friendly involving Canada on Sportsnet One in Canada and NBC during this past Canada Day weekend


Two new Olympic Games promos from Argentina's TyC Sports deal with two themes under the tagline "The Olympics. Where an Argentinian can defeat another Argentinian", produced by Young & Rubicam Argentina. Both are very good and use classical music setting the tone. All of it making it sound divine. Maybe it could've used more of TyC Sports personalities for them.

The first one of the TyC Sports Olympic promos here is called "Contrasts". Here, Argentinians everywhere discuss in their everyday conversations Argentinians athletes in sports other than soccer, which obviously doesn't occur very much down there.

Second one is "SABEMOS COMO SE SIENTE" (or "Know How It Feels"). That is, feeling all of the rang of emotions that will come from Argentina's Olympians in action. Much of the footage comes from the Guadalajara Pan Am Games 2011 though there is Olympic footage like with the dejected Leonas in their loss to the Dutch in field hockey.

NOTTV will offer the 2012 London Olympics coverage, both live and delayed, on the latest models of smartphones in Japan that BS will offer.



British viewers are a bit ambivalent to the really nice and new BBC 2012 Olympic campaign that was doled out. I can definitely see remnants of The Incredibles in it with a lot of video game aspects. But what the reactors need to be reminded of is the fact for the Olympics all of Britain is the sports stage, to paraphrase Shakesphere.


Team GB men's and women's Olympic soccer teams take the field for a couple of pre-Olympic matches this month in Middlesborough. And BBC One will be there for all of them, capturing every second. Just like BBC One will be there for their opening games before the OC


Lithuanian pay-TV operators are furious over national broadcaster LRT sold the Olympics and UEFA Champions League HD rights to incumbant telecommunication company TEO LT, and they claim secretly. TEO LT operates IPTV and DTT service as Gala.


On the very busy month of July with Olympics rapidly approaching, ESPN Star Sports Asia launches the "My Country, My Cheer" Facebook app. The way how it's reported, this is India-only. But with the wide reach from West Asia (starting with Afghanistan) to almost all of Southeast Asia, it ought to be encompassing for those numerous nations.


I already mentioned this eons ago on this thread but it's worth mentioning again as a reminder. Starting on July 9, TVE's La 1, Teledeporte, and rtve.es will show all of Spain's men's pre-Olympic tuneup basketball games across Spain (except for one trip to Paris to face Eurobasket silver medalists France there on July 15 during its Bastille Day time) with the Euro champs Spain taking on Olympic hosts Great Britain culminating with a match against Team USA in Barcelona on the 20th anniversay of the Dream Team's magical run there. This report is a lot more detailed than what I first submitted.


It's been made aware that the Japanese Association Independent Television Stations (JAITS) is also part of the Japan Consortium with NHK, TBS, Nippon TV, Fuji TV, Tokyo TV, and TV Asahi during the Olympics. As you may expect, it acts like the Canadian version during this in its Olympic functions. You could say it is the original one.

Markus Rogan, Corinna Kuhnle, Yvonne Schuring, Viktoria Schwarz, Ludwig Paischer, Sabrina Filzmoser, Thomas Farnik, Victoria Max-Theurer zu Wort were all interviewed on ORF Sport +'s Olympische Spielen 2012: Countdown to London several days ago.


Televisa Deportes Network's Olympic theme song is "Adelante" ("Forward"), performed by Paty Cantu, Ha*Ash, Mary Limbo, and Rodrigo Motel. Cantu wrote the lyrics for teh TDN song.



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Jessica Mabroy and Stan Walker sing the classic Waltzing Mathilda in this Nine Olympic promo with Australian Olympians, fans, and Aussie banners (C'Mon Aussie and the boxing kangaroo) superimposed with famous London images and through the streets of London as the athletes are competing and great, recent Australian Olympic legends make appearances.

Waltzing Mathilda as an upbeat power anthem? File under "Things you have to be Australian to understand". Anyway, reminds me of one of the better closing cermony moments of all time:

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Waltzing Mathilda as an upbeat power anthem? File under "Things you have to be Australian to understand". Anyway, reminds me of one of the better closing cermony moments of all time:

Got to admit turning Waltzing Mathilda into an upbeat power anthem is a bit odd to me. And yeah, nobody can do it like Slim Dusty. Always his was the best. God rest his soul.

Sagacious, the BBC since pulled the full version on copyright grounds.

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For anyone who is interested the Canadian broadcast schedule will be out wednesday.

I think it will also be on Wednesday that we will discover the last wave of sportscasters for CTV Olympics. Lots of sports haven't covered yet.

This is a different Eurosport London Olympic promo (the British Eurosport one here) than from the one starring Maurice Greene and Pieter van den Hoogenbond. This is a very graphically stylish one with a few of the notable top Olympians--on a very advanced superimposing--excelling seemingly at various points of London.

Saw USA Today came out with their Summer Olympic preview special edition debut this morning at a supermarket that I go to sometimes. Will pick it up later this weekend and discuss it here.

After some practicing on the pole vault, Steve Hooker gets to enjoy some Olympic action on his tablet on this FOXTEL Olympic commercial promoting its Olympic app.


My thoughts on the Suva, Fiji-based SKY Pacific getting some London Olympic action proved correct. It will be on two channels in most of the Pacific Island areas Fiji One and the Super Channel. Fiji One will carry 350 hours in total (240 hours live with 15 daily from 8pm-11am and 110 tape-delayed with 7 hours daily in that from 11am-6pm). Super Channel will air 310 hours including 240 hours live (15 hours daily too in the same time slot) but with only 72 hours delayed going from 2-7pm lasting 5-7 hours daily.


British pop/dance/R&B star Taio Cruz's "World In Our Hands" is the official song for ZDF's 2012 London Olympic Games coverage


Will return tomorrow for lots more.

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Apologies if anyone has already posted this or you have discussed discussed these things elsewhere, but I came across this article (actually I think the original was in the Telegraph) and was intrigued by the new technologies on show.


So I looked on youtube for the camera for synchronised swmming as I was really intrigued by this the most! Looks great and I can't wait to see it in action. :)

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That's really intriguing about the twin-camera system hoping to be used for the synchronized swimming by NHK. Thanks for that BethnalGreen!

Another thing I must add regarding what Reidjr said yesterday in addition to what I put in is now with the home stretch up ahead to the start, CTV installed a couple of new promos for the Games like what they did for Vancouver as the Believe movement builds. It wouldn't surprise me at all if the coverage of it all starts with the Canada-Japan women's soccer game on the television side on TSN or Rogers Sportsnet, likely TSN I think because the majority of the Consortium is Bell, of which TSN is a part of. Though I wouldn't be surprised if Rogers Sportsnet gets a few of them in themselves since last year at this time it was a Canadian co-broadcaster of the 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup with the CBC.

Now here comes Dial Global Sports and NBC Sports with their US Olympic radio plans that were announced yesterday. Some of the details were already known well before. Just waiting for the affiliates.


This is just stating the obvious of what is going and all the heavy investments made from having significant portions of the Olympics that draw the biggest interest broadcast them on 3D. Though Britain will get limited hours of the Games in next-day 3D on the BBC, interest is surely there to buy the 3DTVs thus boosting its sales.


I previously assumed with many of the West Indies nations as far as the Summer Olympics coverage is concerned, the BBC would supply them with a feed to utilize with to cover them (while possibly doing them back in their studios back home in their island capital cities) since an overwhelming majority of them are Commonwealth members. Then I recently learned that it was NBC in recent times that actually did this and that sparked some concern over the American jingoism inherit in them and less focus on their respective nations. This time, thanks to IMC's SportsMax, those in the 18 West Indies nations will no longer have that issue with the 396 TV hours--from a more objective OBSL feed--and 130 radio hours coming their way, more than twice of what was offered in Beijing four years ago on TV (154), with a special interest in the Olympic sports high in interest to the Caribbeans. Sportsmax production manager Jerome Lamond will be there in London to help oversee that as part of the OBS. Some new developments occurred since earlier this year include the unvieling of seven Internet Olympic channels available at sportsmaxolympics.tv as the exclusive Olympic Internet rights holders to all of the 18 nations and territories excluding Trinidad and Tobago (more on that later) accessible through coupon codes. Jamaican first female track golden girl Deon Hemmings, Trinidad's Olympian and 400m national record holder Ian Morris, Bahamian triple jumper Frank Rutherford, and Jamaican Olympic swimmer Janelle Atkinson are now all part of SportsMax's Olympic broadcast team with Lance Whitaker and Hubert Lawrence. And there will be a daily highlight show at primetime. Furthermore, SportsMax and IMC vow to be aggressive in terms of public viewing advertising policies on those who do not seek its permission will be met with prosecution.


RTE Ireland just relaunched its own Olympic website as part of its London Olympic coverage. As part of its major partnership with Cadbury, RTE and Cadbury are currently promoting a competition on what the Irish consider as that nation's Favourite Olympic Moment out of its shortlist of finalists. This was already made known upon the partnership's announcement. Also of note is while RTE will use the BBC's visiual feed for the Olympics in London, it will use its commentators on all its platforms.



Based on what we just went through with the EURO 2012, I'm starting to think we may see the London Olympics televised on both First National Television Ukraine and on Kanal Ukraina on the free-to-air side. I'm basing this on the fact both shared the Ukrainian EURO 2012 coverage. No further details have been forthcoming so far though. On the latest edition of Olympic Course on the Ukrainian First National Television that aired yesterday, viewers take a look at where the Olympic medals are stored and the first meeting of the Ukrainian Olympic Committee this year dealing with the preparation and participation of the Olympics, Youth Olympics, Paralympics, Deaf Olympics.


You can watch Olympic Course here: http://translate.goo...zoVKYm3L_eU-Saw

Looks as though RCTI will serve as the Indonesian terrestrial broadcaster of the 2012 London Olympics. But when I just visited RCTI's website, though it had the London logo up (the blue version) accompanied its slogan "Inspire A Generation", there was no info whatsoever on the Olympic broadcast plans. Stay tuned...

IOC says SBS is the actual TV rights holder for the entire Korean peninsula of the 2012 London Olympics. Interesting that SBS talked to KBS and MBC in the broadcasting of it and dealing with them over how to transmit them to North Korea. Nothing fruitful out of those meetings so far.


OK, this is what we got coming in fuller detail from the Flemish (or Dutch) language coverage coming from VRT, in this case Sporza. London Olympic Flemish TV coverage will come as Sporza on the Canvas channel live every day nonstop from 9:30 in the morning all the way at least to midnight or later, Belgian time. During the wall-to-wall Sporza coverage, studio anchors will rotate among Maarten Van Gramsberen, Catherine Van Eylen and Frank Raes (all back in Brussels) and then regularly on to Karl Vannieuwkerke and Lieven Van Gils in London. Karl will sit at a fixed location in the Olympic Park with Lieven Van Gils stationed with a satellite truck. Three times during the day (9:30, 1:30, and 23:30), there will be roundups and highlights of the Olympic day. All that as Belgiums sends perhaps its biggest Olympic team ever. In case you're wondering about both the Opening and Closing Ceremonies announcers from the Sporza team, it's Michel Wuyts and Inge Van Meensel. Swimming will be announced by Stef Wijnants and Sidney Applebloom with the action from the London Olympic Stadium in track and field will be from Kris Meertens and Marc Willems.

It's already mentioned here earlier but in preparation for the Games from June 25 to July 16 Sporza presents Gold Rush. Frank Raes and Karl Vannieuwkerke hosts this every Monday on Canvas with four portraits of notable Belgian Olympians: Tia Hellebaut, Jean-Marie Dedecker, Justine Henin and Filip Meirhaeghe. Also tonight on July 10 Canvas will show the IOC history documentary Women at the Olympic Games.

On the VRT radio side, Sporza presents Sporza Olympia on Radio 1 with Merlevede Steffy bringing every day from 13.00 to 14.00 the morning highlights and she also looks forward to the competition later that day. At 19.00 to 23.00 it's Bart De Raes and Bart Schols hosting you with live coverage from the Sporza team in London.

A press release discusses some additional Sporza details of the London Olympics like a special daily section devoted to Olympics on Het Journaal along with the EURO 2012 and Tour de France during the "Summer of Sport.


We now officially have Uruguay represented on the broadcast front. The Television Nacional de Uruguay Canal 5 is the one that will broadcast the Olympics. Like is the case with several Latin American nations that holds the Olympic TV rights, live coverage will be in blocks daily with 2:30-7, 10:30-12:30, 18-20, and a one-hour wrapup show from 23-24. The ceremonies will indeed be live too. Coverage of course largely starts for many there with Uruguay's Celeste (the U23 version) taking on the United Arab Emirates on July 26, though things will start the day before on the 25th. Just don't know how Very interesting how things came about since soccer is the most important sport going on to many Uruguayans. Tenefield, the business that operates the soccer business in that country like the Celeste, failed to come into an agreement with the commercial/private channels for the Olympic broadcasting rights. But that exclusivity doesn't apply to the Olympics. TNU's journalists will cover the Olympics on TV and more general news will be taken cared of by the news reporters on its news channel. A big unprecedented coup altogether for TNU as the channel becomes more competitive with the advent of digital TV.



Over in Poland, having just co-hosted the EURO 2012, TVP, the Polish broadcaster of the 2012 London Olympics, just announced a partnership with the Polish Olympic Committee for several years and that the SPORT.TVP.PL multimedia sports portal with everything in it is now available on the Netia Player personal home media HD decorder including popular websites.


Official confirmation in the Philippines that with Solar Sports as the pay-TV broadcaster, it will have three channels involved as opposed to five like four years ago in Beijing: Solar Sports will go 24/7 in its portion of the coverage. Basketball TV (BTV) will show the men's and women's basketball games like the NBC Olympic Basketball Channel will. And TALKtv will have a two-hour daily Olympics recap program.


Another confirmation of the national Olympic channels lies in Cuba. Instead of three Olympic TV channels for the Cuban broadcast of the Beijing Olympics, it will just be ICRT's Tele Rebelde that will do it and have it around the clock designated as the Olympic Channel, starting July 27th. Coverage will be 24 hours a day, thanks to Cubavision taking care of the morning coverage, to bring forth greater diversity in the range of Olympic sports along with ample coverage of ones like boxing, basketball, track and field, swimming, soccer, and volleyball that are of major interest to Cubans. Before that, Tele Rebelde will show FIVB World League Volleyball, EURO 2012, and the Cuba-US baseball series. Regular Tele Rebelde programming will head over to Educaion 2. This is as part of ICRT's proposal of making more diverse programming through all of its channels during this summer.



Radio Rebelde will cover most Olympic sports


This is how DIRECTV Puerto Rico will cover the 2012 London Olympics with some help from three of Puerto Rico's Olympians Javier Culson, Beverley Sue Ramos Morales, and Leona Quinones. Don't worry there will be English along with Spanish in the transmission. Furthermore, DIRECTV Sports will have four original and exclusive Olympic programs (Connexion America, Londres Total, Londres Al Dia, and Agenda 2012). Will also hookup with ESPN 3D in much of the Latin America nations for the select 3D footage (PR is not one of them). DIRECTV Latin America will three less than Puerto Rico will but will still have 900 hours in total. Connexion America will utilize a double decker bus as a mobile studio too.



DIRECTV also has this Olympic offering available for Trinidad and Tobago, Aruba and Curacao, and Barbados.

TV SLO 2 in Slovenia was involved in the live broadcast of the presentation of the 2012 Team Slovenia London in Ljubjana.


If you visit Super Sport Albania's webpage, at the home page at this time on the upper right hand corner there is a promo for the 2012 London Summer Olympics. It says Super Sport Albania will have two channels devoted to it, likely on Supersport 1 and Supersport 2, apparently round the clock. Eurosport will be involved in the coverage as separate channels in it--usually listed as Supersport 4.


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Can't really make of this from Turkey too well even with the translations but it does say TRT will use the Illicali Acun Acun Survivor format that will follow the 24-hour personal lives of the athletes and celebs-athletes


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Just paged through the USA Today preview that Durban mentioned earlier. It really was a waste of money. Largely a series of getting to know the athlete profiles and rather devoid of any meaningful analysis (I guess they figured a lot of people could care less about the strengths and weaknesses of Tunisia's men's basketball team).

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I was working on another massive post on several of the latest Olympic media developments worldwide ready to submit (including my thoughts on the brand new Canadian Olympic TV schedule). But then I got into a processing problem that eat it all, and I must start all over again! Dammit! :( Won't do it tonight but will return tomorrow.

So for my contribution today, I'll focus on the promos.

Sexy hottie Leryn Franco may not be carrying the Paraguayan flag in the Opening Ceremony in London, but she is in this new Olympic promo (along with her other fellow Paraguayan Olympians like Veronica Cepede, Gabriela Mosqueira, Augusto Stanley, Abraham Acevedo, Marcelo Aguirre, and flagbearer Benjamin Hockin) from SNT Canal 9 that just hit You Tube several hours ago.

Several of Mediacorp's Chinese media personalities enthusiatically profess their support in Mandarin Chinese to Team Singapore at the London Olympics on MediaCorp's Chinese channel Channel U. Go Team Singapore Go!


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Just paged through the USA Today preview that Durban mentioned earlier. It really was a waste of money. Largely a series of getting to know the athlete profiles and rather devoid of any meaningful analysis (I guess they figured a lot of people could care less about the strengths and weaknesses of Tunisia's men's basketball team).

I'll reserve my thoughts on it when I buy my own copy during the weekend. Based on what you just mentioned, I may not enjoy it and it's more of the print version of the infamous Up Close and Personals.

Confirmation that Argentina's TV Publica Canal 7 is covering the London Olympics indigenously as the free-to-air broadcaster with TyC Sports doing the cable honors. This promo stars cyclist Walter Perez, its top contender in that sport, cycling alone at night with a spotlight on him.

For Theo, Lucas, Marlon, Joana Maranhao, Maurren Maggi, and Emanuel, their Brazilian Olympic TV coverage of choice is SporTV and its 4 HD channels.


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