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London 2012 Olympic Media Updates

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DS, boxing happened in May. An item of interest for USA track fans might be the season debut of Tyson Gay at the NYC diamond League meet. It's on NBC Saturday from 3:00-4:30 EDT. Overall, the fields aren't quite as strong as last week's Prefontaine meet in Eugene but there are some good events, particularly the women's 100m.

I've actually been to that meet a couple of times before. I was there in 2008 when Usain Bolt set his first world record in the 100. Weird timing though since it's probably only the 3rd biggest event NBC is covering that day in the greater NYC area!

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Thanks again, SwissO.

As an American from afar to France, I'm still learning gradually about this brand new BeInSport and all of the sports TV rights involved with the likes of Canal+, France TV, M6, and TF1. Very interesting development regarding the ceremonies with TF1 and BeInSport. And I already am aware that France TV holds the Olympics up until 2020. As a new media outlet, I knew that the BeInSports Olympics sportscasters will be calling the action on HDTV monitors back in Paris, since BeInSport's not really an official broadcasting partner. By the way on a side note, Orange is pulling Orange Sport off on June 30.

Thanks for the more complete list of the France TV Olympic sportscasters, but still no volleyball ones (of both kinds), likely that's TBA.

Another question has emerged for you SwissO: do you know of any pay-TV/cable/satelitte Olympic broadcasting rights holders for French-speaking African nations? SuperSport in South Africa has the English and Portuguese language rights in all of Sub-Saharan Africa. Plus, Octagon SA deals with the FTA TV, radio, and mobile rights in that very region too for them to sell. I think in Olympics past Canal+ Sport would take care of that market, no? Especially with SuperSport not offering any French Olympic coverage. Never has.

FiveRingFever, I know that boxing event is past. I belatedly linked it more as a reminder that NBC/Universal Sports was covering more Olympic qualifying events. No official announcement on its London Olympic-related programming as of yet. We know it will have to do something like news and analysis --think back to Vancouver with Meet The Olympic Press for example--as a reminder from even earlier on this thread.

All those anticipating 3D Olympic coverage from London on Canadian TV, you can just forget it. No 3DTV Olympics in Canada. The Bell Media-led Canadian Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium explored the idea while conjuring up its coverage plans but ultimately decided to reject that because it deemed it as too expensive adding that the Canadian profile of 3DTVs is still too small to justify that. Possible that there just wouldn't be practical, with all that Olympic coverage structured as it is in Canada, to accomplish that for 3D and thus wouldn't be able to have room (let alone a separate channel) for 3D. Wasn't this the same argument used on HDTV four years ago with Beijing when the CBC was the rights holder?


In comparsion, NBC in the US will show 242 hours of on 3D on a next-day tape-delayed basis. Exact details aren't yet known with that (like with the online coverage), though I'm sure there will be some 3D coverage online on select and marquee events with the increasing profile of 3D computers on the market. If Terra can announce an Olympic Internet stream for 3D, surely NBC wouldn't want to be one-upped on that.


I think I may have a partial answer to my though on the 2012 London Olympic coverage in the Pacific Islands. I went to Sky Pacific's website and it may do that perhaps in assocition with NZ's Sky Sport (I'm assuming). Sky Pacific does show a twice-daily 30-minute program called the 2012 Olympic Build Up Show on the Super Channel. The Suva, Fiji-based SKY Pacific extends its reach to just about every Pacific Island nation and territory except for the Solomon Island, Nauru, and Kiribati because of a IntelSat satelitte change in November.

Lennox Lewis joins the BBC Radio 5 Live Olympic broadcasting team for boxing. In total, BBC Radio 5 Live and Radio 5 Live Olympic Extra will have a combined 580 hours alongside 170 hours worth of highlights during the Games.


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Guess BeInSport is now an official Olympic broadcaster. But I don't yet see the logo saying such, but BeInSport now is on the Wikipedia list of 2012 Summer Olympic broadcasters.

No, BeInSport is not an official broadcaster... but a sub_broadcaster ! As i said they will comment from Paris... and even if sending some reporters in London, following the aggreement they have with FTV and/or TF1, they will have an accreditation under FTV company's name !

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I'm watching the US gymnastics nationals on NBC. Al Trautwig, Tim Daggett, and Elfi Schlegel represent everything that I hate about NBC's Olympic coverage: biased and over the top. I shudder to think what's going to happen when they hit London.

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I'm watching the US gymnastics nationals on NBC. Al Trautwig, Tim Daggett, and Elfi Schlegel represent everything that I hate about NBC's Olympic coverage: biased and over the top. I shudder to think what's going to happen when they hit London.

You surely would've hated it when John Tesh was in Al Trautwig's place during the Olympics (or any gymnastics event that NBC had) for his saccharine narrative.

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Hong Kong residents will get free-to-air 2012 London Olympics TV coverage after all. I-Cable struck an agreement with ATV Network Wednesday to have them there along with i-Cable's cable and online rights. ATV will have to show 3200 minutes of i-Cable's commercials on its English World Channel and ATV Home as part of the agreement along with the live events and daily highlights. TVB, the other free-to-air HK network involved in this deal, rejected i-Cable's "public interest" deal as "harsh and unreasonable".


I-Cable's 2012 Olympic website: http://sports.i-cable.com/london2012/

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Is it providing Gaelic-language coverage? Is it a supplier? Following article I found after Wikipedia's link doesn't say much about UTV's Olympic broadcasting plans but it does mention that it hopes for a revenue boost with that and EURO 2012. Sounds like it's more in the radio realm.


UTV (Ulster TV, named after the Irish region that makes up Northern Ireland) is the Northern Irish affiliate of ITV, the BBC's main competitor.

Radio rights in the UK are strange. Three networks are showing most Euro 2012 games (Talksport, BBC 5 Live and Absolute). I'm not sure if UTV can air live events on radio, or if it is more updates of local athletes. I don't think they have any live Euro coverage (the 3 aformentioned channels have all England/Ireland games).

I think CTV will have some events to itself unless simulcasted like both ceremonies.

Probably. They did this when 3 or more big events were on at the same time in Vancouver. CTV didn't so much have live look-in and point viewers to TSN or Sportsnet as they did what CBC did in the past, while TSN and Sportsnet had more complete coverage. Might still see the same for swimming and athletics (and maybe gymnastics), but, otherwise, I agree.

Apparently, the soccer, at this point the women's soccer, will be shared by CTV/TSN and Sportsnet but with separate sportscasters in both entities.

If you are basing this off Wikipedia, don't trust it. I don't know where that information came from. I haven't heard anything of the sort. The only confirmed member of CTV's broadcast team is Kara Lang, who is a studio analyst. They will probably use BBC commentators for most matches. Maybe Wileman and someone (Forrest, Lang or de Vos) for women's.

You probrably assume with the events mentioned on the Gordon Pinsent-narrated TSN Believe promos of Mary Kom (boxing), Wang Hao (table tennis), Jason Whitten (triathlon), Valerie Vezzi (fencing), Tom Daley and Alexandre Despatie (diving), Lin Dao (badminton), those sports will be featured all on TSN.

Again, wouldn't read too much into the ads.

As for TSN2, SN1, RDS2 etc. The channels who were part of the original deal are the only ones broadcasting coverage. I'm not sure if this was a stipulation of the contract between Bell and Rogers or not, but it is possible. Considering not everyone is interested in the Olympics, I don't have a huge problem with it. TSN2 and SN1 will have the morning loop of sports highlights in the morning. SN1 has lots of baseball too. And about 10 hours of Rogers Cup tennis a day during the second week of the Games. TSN2 has a couple NASCAR races, the PGA Championship, a Formula 1 race, an IndyCar race and who knows what else. Not to mention the extra resources it would take to put coverage on more channels.

As for APTN. Based on the 2006 Census, some 88% of Canadians considered English or French their primary language. That includes most Aboriginals, especially in the provinces. Less than 1% use an Aboriginal language (or which there are many) daily. My guess is APTN just doesn't figure it is worth it. Most people are probably tuning in on other channels. It was worth it in Vancouver since it was the "home Olympics". Not to mention winter sports are more popular in the Territories, where those languages are more widely spoken.

I could argue that Chinese, Italian, German, Spanish, Punjabi and others are more worthwhile because immigrants from those countries are probably more likely to identify with that language and tune in on OMNI than CTV.

I didn't say Dutchyshen will be the face of CTV/TSN, I said Duthie would be. Dutchy may be nothing more than a SportsCentre host IMO. Just doesn't have the flexibility of Duthie or Beirness. She is the future. Did March Madness, has hosted women's hockey, might get to do TSN's NBA Finals pre-show. Knows a number of sports and learns quick.

Wasn't this the same argument used on HDTV four years ago with Beijing when the CBC was the rights holder?

CBC had everything in HD in 2008. As was most (maybe all, I didn't have HD at the time) in 2006. 3DTV isn't going to take off in Canada. I don't know many who want more 3D coverage. CBC tried 3D hockey last season and didn't do any this year. CTV would be wiser to spend their money on something that would impact more viewers.

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John Tesh was infinitely better than Al Trautwig. John at least liked gymnastics and somewhat understood the sport.

Yeah, if you liked hearing about Vitaly Scherbo's wife's near-fatal auto accident fifteen times every night.

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Doesn't say anything about the upcoming radio plans for the 2012 London Summer Olympics, let alone Sochi two years later, but it's worth noting that in September, NBC Sports Group and Dial Global Sports will become partners in the forming of the new NBC Sports Radio Network that will, under that name, cover Sochi.


We're now seeing at least an idea of the NBC Olympic TV schedule taking shape, at least in the equestrian realm. Generic, but we can also get some insights on what it would resemble just on the days' events. Plus that, and how you can attempt to get access to NBC's Olympic coverage through that infamous authentification online.


While we await if Boxing Canada will allow 3x world champ Mary Spencer go to London --and she should IMO--the Canadian Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium announced Windsor's own Kara Ro will serve as the play-by-play announcer for women's Olympic boxing with the already-named Russ Anber for TSN, CTV, and Rogers Sportsnet.


NRK's 2012 Olympic plans for Norwegians, its final Olympics to broadcast, has been in the plans for two years, even during Vancouver. NRK's goes like this: 750 hours on both NRK1 and NRK2 on the TV side, 1500 hours streamed online, 70 radio hours on P1 but it's going to be 300 hours on digital radio (DAB) serving as the radio venue. Your NRK radio personalities are Unni Anisdahl and Øystein Havang. Bengt-Eigil Ruud will be over at Olympic Stadium for the track and field on radio. For NRK's TV side, the sportscasters are Karen Marie Ellefsen, Lars Lystad, Ove Eriksen, Christian Nilssen, and Jann Post installed in addition to Paul Gordon Nilsen and Anne Rimmer as the anchors at the NRK studios at the IBC. In all, 11 NRK reps will be there in London to cover it all for Norwegians on TV, online, and radio with a team of 150 back in Oslo, Norway working out all the stops and overtime to guarantee a high-quality coverage.


TVB explains more on why it rejected i-Cable's Olympic free-to-air offer during negotiations as "unreasonable": It would severely interrupt TVB's commercial and legit business interests on the recent offer after getting no response for a good period in TVB's initial interest to be the FTA Hong Kong Olympic TV broadcaster, especially with TVB controlling 100% of the TV programming and required to carry 90% of the commercials coming from i-Cable in them. Is ATV's acceptance to let i-Cable to dominate those days like with its commercials during the former's TV schedule during those 17 days include those 250 hours (Olympic programming currently remains unspecified) offered to TVB?


NOS in The Netherlands will provides all 13 live streams of the London Summer Olympics through online, smart TVs. and mobile devices. Seems as though, if you weren't aware that The Netherlands, as the first nation in the world to go all digital TV, is the only nation that is seriously committed to giving smart TV love along with the smart phones and tablets. But then, there indeed apps on the way worldwide for Olympic fans from many of the broadcasters like NBC, CTV, BBC, NHK, ARD/ZDF, FOXTEL and the like for those devices.


ESPN Star Sports aims for Rs550 million in ad revenue from its massive 2012 London Olympics coverage. It roped in Tata DoCoMo and AirTel with hopes of getting Samsung and Hero Motors. Meanwhile, Doordarshan/All India Radio/Prasar Bharati paid $3 million for the rights to cover the Olympics from the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union.



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We're now seeing at least an idea of the NBC Olympic TV schedule taking shape, at least in the equestrian realm. Generic, but we can also get some insights on what it would resemble just on the days' events. Plus that, and how you can attempt to get access to NBC's Olympic coverage through that infamous authentification online.


Ahh yes, another article from someone who clearly doesn't know what the hell they're talking about based on 14 seconds spent on NBC's website. They said NBC and NBCSN both won't have equestrian coverage. Sorry Maryam, but that's just trials coverage. NBCSN has very specifically put equestrian as 1 of the sports listed in their promos. She complains about not being able to find the equestrian schedule on horsesport.org yet it couldn't be much easier to find on the official London site.

I still think all this commotion over authentication is being blown way out of proportion. NBC has given everyone well over a month to become aware of it and to sign up with their cable provider. Admittedly, that's not the simplest thing in the world to do, but once you're signed up, that's it. And I'm assuming at most, it's a click or to each time you want a live event. Not some big painful process that's going to take 10 minutes every day. This is the 21st century.. if you don't have the tech saavy and/or a couple of minutes to set yourself up for something like this instead of having to feed it to you like a baby, then maybe you're not going to be watching the Olympics online in the first place.

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Only available for sale in the UK to British residents but the Official Commemorative 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Book can be reserved. The rest of worldwide will have to wait for the likes of eBay sellers.


Canada may noy get it. But Hungarians through the Magyar Televizio MTV channels will get 3D TV Olympic coverage from London as m1, m2, and the experiemental 3D channel called m3D that will cover the Olympics under that said format with nature films, concerts and docs until August 12, as MTV announced its basic Olympic TV plans yesterday. It was said this was in response to the 150,000 TVs that are 3D-capable in existence in Hungary. Nothing in-depth about the TV, online, or mobile coverage--that will come later. There will HD Olympics of course with mHD.



Looks as though TV Azteca will help cover the 2012 London Summer Olympics after all on free-to-air TV with Televisa to Mexicans. TV Azteca will be represented by Channel 7, whose daily coverage starts from 6am-10:30pm with no interruption at all--not even for news like several official FTA broadcasters worldwide! Boxing, swimming, diving, taekwondo, track and field, soccer, and cycling will all be a part of it. The TV Azteca Olympic sportscasting team promises to be an interesting mix with Julio Ceasar Chavez, Nelson Vargas Jr., Raul Gonzalez, Victoria Alfonso, Roxanne "Rocky" Garcia, Greta Rojas, Rafeal Ayala, Christian Martinolli, and Rommel Pacheco. Also promised from TV Azteca Canal 7 "innovative coverage". There will be an entertainment aspect but not as much like Televisa will do.


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Been resting on this for a few days and will continue to do so this weekend. Will be back on Monday with some interesting material and thoughts. For now, I'll post the following:

With TV Azteca confirming its Olympic TV plans, this promo takes on a "Why haven't they thought of this?" mode for other broadcasters. Its sportscasters like Julio Ceasar Chavez, Nelson Vargas Jr., and JJ Mazzera take on a Doctor Who-esque theme when they use the iconic British telephone booth to magically transport them from Mexico City to London. No complaints on the crowdedness in it, apparently. TV Azteca channels family are Channel 7, Channel 13, and Proyecto 40.

Mediacorp supports Team Singapore 2012 in London to ignite the Singapore Spirit


If any Canadian Olympic fans have further reason to be jealous over not having 3D Olympic coverage, another reason arrived. ESPN Latin America and DIRECTV come together to produce said 3D Olympic coverage for five events.



CNN en Espanol will provide comprehensive broadcast special reporting coverage of the 2012 London Summer Olympics headlined by anchor Elizabeth Perez live from London's Olympic Park. CNN en Espanol's London Olympics material actually starts this month but the full-fledged stuff comes on July 23.


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NBC will be debuting two of its new shows during the Olympics--one on August 8th, and one after the Closing Ceremony on August 12th:


When I first saw the post, I was hoping this wouldn't be what I thought it was. Then I click on the link and it is. Did NBC not learn anything from the Marriage Ref fiasco 2 years ago? I know primetime won't be largely live programming like it was for Vancouver, but are they seriously cutting into Olympic programming to debut not 1, but 2 shows during the Olympics? Come on NBC.. that's friggin bush league.

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When I first saw the post, I was hoping this wouldn't be what I thought it was. Then I click on the link and it is. Did NBC not learn anything from the Marriage Ref fiasco 2 years ago? I know primetime won't be largely live programming like it was for Vancouver, but are they seriously cutting into Olympic programming to debut not 1, but 2 shows during the Olympics? Come on NBC.. that's friggin bush league.

Agreed--between this, the addition of Ryan Seacrest, and the reported loss of a half-hour of primetime coverage every night compared to Athens and Beijing, I don't have high hopes for NBC's primetime coverage this year.

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Agreed--between this, the addition of Ryan Seacrest, and the reported loss of a half-hour of primetime coverage every night compared to Athens and Beijing, I don't have high hopes for NBC's primetime coverage this year.

I've been saying for a while that between the time zone differences from Beijing and the Comcast takeover that this could be a very different Olympics from what NBC has presented in the past. A complete overhaul, no. But different to those who know the coverage best. In terms of the overall package though, that they're streaming everything live online and making an emphasis out of NBCSN and adding more live afternoon coverage on NBC, I'm willing to take that tradeoff. I think primetime was always destined to take a hit from Beijing, but hopefully it won't be as obvious in the rest of the coverage.

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Get ready for some really good coverage of the 2012 US Olympic Trials and tune up games in teams on NBC's family of networks in swimming, track and field, gymnastics, and diving.

NBC Sports Group Presents More Than 45 Hours Of Live Olympic Trials Coverage Over The Next Three Weeks

With the US Olympic Swimming Trials in Omaha again, the way how NBC will cover it on primetime, it will be for a time like how the Australian premier free-to-air commercial TV networks--Seven, Nine, and Ten--cover the Australian version on primetime with how the Aussies love their swimmers.

AJ Nelson, a member of the University of Central Florida Golden Knights soccer team, is the latest NBC Olympics intern.


NBC and MSNBC employees gathered at Bill's Bar and Burger across Rockerfeller Square for the Summer Kickoff that had a British theme in its celebration with shepard's pies and fish and chips, among the pub grub, with free NBC Olympics 2012 T-shirts to giveaway.


The Olympic Trials and UK Championships in Birmingham, England on BBC Two and BBC Radio Five Live headline BBC's Olympic sports coverage this week that includes the latest ITU World Series triathlon leg in Kitzbuehel, Austria (live on BBC Red Button).


The third and final World Cup rowing regatta was the main feature on BBC's leadup Olympic sports coverage last week.


Getty Images, the official photographer of the 2012 London Summer Olympic Games, gets into the 3D and 360 degrees realm in photography entirely in robotic cameras. This will be interesting to see all those dramatic photos under those formats for the first time at the Olympics and rejuvenate the worldwide appeal the Olympics have.


I'm sure down in Australia that the Nine Network would've be capable of recruiting more women sportscasters (and perhaps borrow some from other TV networks like NBC does whenever the Olympics rolls around) or get those from other realms who do have some workable knowledge in some sports to help balance out the gender ratio and be out there working for FOXTEL's coverage. But there seems to be an unwillingness to do so. It's one thing if those personalities have exclusivity contracts that other networks can't touch. But it's another to seemingly ignore them, perceived from lots down there of Nine as conservative and closed-minded. Likely a lack of interest that will have something to do with this.


Hong Kong's i-Cable will offer extensive mobile programming coverage of the London Olympics for free on phones and tablets in Hong Kong


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Got lots of more stuff to cover on this posting, so let's buckle up!

Cadbury, the chocolate company, becomes RTE Ireland's primary sponsor of its London Summer Olympic 2012 coverage in all of its platforms--TV, online, mobile, and radio in a partnership of over 700,000 euros. Not only will Cadbury will do that--it also sponsors the Irish Olympic and Paralympic teams--it will ask the Irish public to help select the greatest Irish Olympic moments in a massive promotion. Appropo given Cadbury's large Irish heritage and manufacturing base. Looks as though RTE Sport's Darragh Maloney and Peter Collins will anchor the coverage based on the photos. Just don't know where and actually will they be studio hosts. We'll know more about the coverage for sure soon, confirmed to be principally on RTE Two.


http://insideireland...coverage-73628/ http://www.independe...rt-3138256.html

Tracey Piggot will be at London for RTE's coverage as the presenter for the weekend 1-4pm segments. She's enthused about Katie Taylor and enjoys cycling, swimming, and track and field.


RTE premieres its London Calling documentary series focusing on the highs and lows of several of Ireland's Olympic hopefuls aiming for their London dream tonight on RTE One.

The latest unvieling of the BBC's digital feature in time for the London Olympics comes in the form of its live streaming of the 2012 Olympics along with Euro 2012, Wimbeldon, British Open, and the British Grand Prix making its way onto Wi-Fi, 3G, Droids, and iOS mobile devices during this very special British Summer of Sport.



The BBC Sport app coming to Panasonic Smart TVs sold in the UK starting with Wimbeldon


Virgin Media will supply all 24 of the BBC's Olympic channels live in stunning HD through Harmonic Video Solutions



Little more review on the tech developments for the Olympics in Britain for TV and online


Surely the BBC's Olympics coverage, with its vast array of competent sportscasters with knowledge about the sports they're assigned to (we hope in some cases), will be much better and more living up to the majestic portion in its presentation than what the BBC gets viciously maligned with the just-completed Diamond Jubilee celebration (and be entertaining with it too). If they're not familiar with it like John Watson was with Grego-Roman wrestling and whitewater canoeing, they should take the time to conduct some extensive personal homework on the sports and train with video footage like what CTV in Canada did at its training ground in Agincourt, Ontario in the GTA.


Is the BBC involved in that James Bond (Daniel Craig) short film? Roger Mosey admits the Beeb will produce two short films for Danny Boyle's Opening Ceremony. Perhaps we will see in a eventual DVD set of the London Olympics with the ceremonies, a little behind the secenes look at both ceremonies' development.


There's a growing tension with some of the top BBC Olympic broadcasting stars like Gary Lineker and Gabby Logan in refusing to accept the BBC's offer in granting them budget accomodations during their Olympic duties, designed to cut production costs and minimize any security and traffic issues, with all the long hours they will be doing.


Sunset+Vine gets the sailing contract to help produce the BBC's Olympic sailing footage, all ten of them,this summer.


BBC continues its partnership with LiveU for the London 2012 Olympics for mobile uplink video solutions in news gathering for BBC News, BBC World, and BBC America reports of the Olympics using video footage from it.


The BBC iPlayer gets a Live Restart. Perfect for those wherever they are and missed the very start of a notable program or event like the Olympics.


Will new British IPTV Youview make it effectively in time for the London Olympics in its beta trial (and not suffer delays like it has already in its startup) with the BBC very much shoring up all the technology developments? It will be hard to make the goal of 2000 households come the start of the London Olympics, especially on the retail end.


FOXTEL rolls out a new modfied and enhanced logo in time for London and after the Austar merger


Chileans can once again vote on Canal 13's Deportes 13 (D13) on five Chilean Olympians--Matthias Del Solar, Denise Van Lamoen, Paris Inostroza, Berta Rodriguez, and Francesca Crovetto--for who among them should get the honor of carrying the Chilean flag at the Olympic Opening Ceremony in London during the Parade of Nations. This time on phone texting.


TV Azteca announces it will send a team of 100 people to London for the Olympics for Mexico with Channel 7 doing the honors. It's likely I may have misidentified the people in that brief TV Azteca Canal 7 Olympic promo. Enrique Garay, the one with the graying sideburns, is the anchor studio host and pictured in the El Universal article, is among them. I'll get to the others next time. Too bad TV Azteca had to wait for Mexico to qualify in soccer in the hopes of being there at the soccer stadiums but couldn't because registration was closed.



How Done and Dusted came out victorious over the OBS in both ceremonies.


Schweizer Fernsehen's London webpages are now up. As far as SF's Olympic TV coverage is concerned, it all starts with Nati, mostly the U-23 version, kicking things off for it against Gabon in Newcastle, England at 18:00 (Swiss time) on SF Zwei with Dani Wyler doing the call. The Opening Ceremony will be televised live on SF 1 with Bernhard Theeler and Peter Balzli as SF's hosts to the German Swiss community. Before that and the SF news bulletin and weather on SF 1, for over 95 minutes SF takes a look back at some of the greatest Swiss Olympic moments up to 2008 with Moments and the Olympic Pre-Show apparently both hosted by Steffi Buchli and Matthias Huppi.



For the daily Olympic coverage from SF, SF 2 and SF Info will tackle the coverage, the most ever in German Swiss Olympic TV history. All of it will be live and in HD. Now the full SF Olympic TV schedule is still taking shape, and it's the first time anywhere so far that I've seen something like this. Typical Olympic programming day for both SF channels will be London Live (10:50-18:50, depending on the competition that could earlier), London Update (18:50-20:00), London at Eight, an alternative live broadcasting and magazine show (20:00-22:45), and London Highlights (22:45), a late night daily news and review show assuming the competition does not go late. But they SF will deal with sports news at night on Saturdays and Sundays called Sports-Date during the Olympics that aren't Olympic-related when the sports calendar is still packed. Olympic Internet streaming will come live at http://www.sport.sf.tv


The only other development out of the SSR SRG family I saw as far as the Olympics are concerned now is the London Calling series that started on May 10 on Radiotelevisione Svizzera Lingua di Italiana's (RTSI's) Network Three Radio, a youth-oriented radio channel.


Take a look at the gold-themed Olympic trading cards presented by Team Denmark, Danmark Radio, and the Danish Sports Federation by clicking up to 30 of them.


Adobe Systems will provide streaming to mobile users worldwide through Adobe Media Server 5 starting by setting up enviroments on a micro scale and then replicating them. No doubt the technology will be tested but hopes the global infrastructire will support it.


BBC will take more than 40 of TSL's PAM2 multi-channel audio monitoring units for its Olympic broadcast coverage that will sit across the operators' positions at the IBC.


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Forgot to install this on my last post. Apparently, this is the intro to RTE's London Calling documentary with all of the Irish athletes profiled in various Olympic and Paralympic sports with of course The Clash's famous 1980 song London Calling providing the soundtrack from the epononymous album that year, an album Rolling Stone calls the greatest album of the 1980s.

Well, NRK makes it official with its roster and its OL broadcast plans on its various media platforms on TV, Internet, mobile, and radio a couple weeks ago, something that I made last week on this. On the translation though, there's a mistake: Christian Nilssen is assigned to the handball, not baseball, since Norway never competed in that discontinued Olympic sport (and wouldn't be competitive at it). Other personalities involved are former Norweigan handball star Mia Hundvin, former swimmer Elin Austevoll will be with Ove Eriksen at the pool, 1996's men's 800m gold medalist Vebjorn Rodal, Karen Marie Ellefsen, and Lars Lystad will all be at the Olympic Stadium for the track and field, Geir Oustorp, Jann Post for cycling, Line Andersen does interviews at both the pool and track, and so will Harald Thingnes in handball, and Dag Erik Pedersen among the cyclists. Anne Rimmer and Paul Gordon Nilsen are NRK's studio hosts sharing the duties with Rimmer starts things to 18:00 then Nilsen takes over in the evening.

On the radio side, Radio Sport's legend Unni Anisdahl returns with Øystein Havang as an analyst for handball.

Bengt-Eigil Ruud does the radio commentary for track and field.

The hours breakdown goes like between NRK1 and NRK2 for the Olympics: 23 hours a day for NRK1 with an hour break for news and 24 hours a day for NRK2. NRK's website--nrk.no--will offer nine online TV channels all in HD quality. NRK's Olympic studios will be made in conjunction with Sweden's SVT, Finland's YLE, and Denmark's DR. The entire 220-team will be based in both London and at Oslo's Marianlyst. A team of 50 reporters and technicians will be at the London IBC with an additional 11 reporters working to provide stories. A director will be based back in Oslo at the Marienlyst where the great majority will be at, working very late and early on all media fronts and remotely controlling the London studio.

NRK even enlisted the help of NRK's Radio Orchestra to provide the official music for its coverage! :)

I have no doubt in my mind that all this final NRK Olympic coverage this year will be dedicated in both the memory of swimmer Alexander Dale Oen, who will definitely be missed at the pool and by all of Norway's Olympians, and to the victims in last year's tragedy at the Labor Party's Oslo national headquarters and the AUF Summer Camp at Utoya Island


As of right now, there hasn't been very much in the way of any updates of the Grupo Albavision family of TV and radio channels on how each of them will handle the Olympic coverage from London. Not even Albavision's website mentions anything, be it in Spanish or English, about that or the rights to them. I got a very bad feeling about this and how the Albavision TV and radio channels will manage the coverage it owns the rights to: I visited the websites lately of SNT Canal 9 from Paraguay, Costa Rica's Repretel channels, Canal 10 in Nicaragua, and RTS in Ecuador. Bolivision and Guatemala's Canal 3 both lack websites. and Honduras' VTV hasn't been seriously updated in months, though after watching a live broadcasting of the VTV Informativo, VTV has the its logo over the Olympic rings as a bug at the right hand corner. The closest to any development that I saw lied with Repretel putting the Olympics under the Mas Deportes subcategory and a web background featuring all the 2012 London Olympic pictograms (and nothing more) at Nicaragua's Canal 10's website, indicating its the official channel in that Central American nation. More than likely the Olympics will be shown in Costa Rica through Repretel's Channel 11 (Canal 11), because of its longserving go-to status for televised sports there. Repretel also owns Channels 4 and 6. I did not know this but NBC had the TV rights to broadcast the Olympics in Costa Rica after 2004-2006. After that, Channel 11 aired the 2008 Olympics with help from Teletica's Channel 33. Would we see the same thing happening again for London with those two? Once again, with a few exceptions, we shouldn't expect much out of Grupo Albavision. Maybe Albavision is waiting until after EURO 2012 to make public their Olympic plans, since with their limited resources and priorities, it may explain it.

With America Television Channel 4 in Peru, it did something similiar to what Canal 10 is doing with those same pictograms acting as the background but with the words "official canal" on it. That has been since removed though but with no Olympic updates to compensate that absence.

I thought Puerto Ricans will enjoy the Olympic TV coverage simply from Telemundo--its logo just got changed as part of a new re-branding campaign, by the way--but then Telemundo's headquarters long moved from San Juan, Puerto Rico to the Miami suburb of Hialeah. It still has ties to Puerto Rico, but I honestly don't how much of an impact the NBC Universal acquisition has on the Puerto Rican realm in terms of Olympic coverage back in 2004. I assume it will for cable/satelitte as Telemundo Puerto Rico, but back in 2008 it was free-to-air on Telemundo's WKAQ DT-28, which runs semi-independently from Telemundo. And it may do so again this time. Got to admit I'm confused there.

But we do have some new Olympic media developments out of Puerto Rico. It was announced last week that WIPR Channel 6, aka Puerto Rico TV, and its sports channel on 6.2 called Puerto Rican Sports TV, launched on January 25, got the Puerto Rican Olympic TV rights after months of negotiations with the Puerto Rican Olympic Committee. Both are owned by the Puerto Rican Corporation for Public Broadcasting, so there's more like that obligation with public-owned channels in Europe and Asia to show the Olympics to as many people as possible. There will 17 days of Olympic action with 8 hours daily on each from WIPR 6 and the Puerto Rico Sports Network with another digital channel Teleisla, a twin station of Univision Puerto Rico. This is the first I've seen the digital subchannels really utilized anywhere in the world for the Olympics.




And the PROC allowed DIRECTV to be the satelitte/pay-TV Olympic broadcaster for Puerto Rico presenting 900 hours of coverage 24 hours every day on nine channels--seven standard definition, one in HD, another interactive. To make it even better for those in Puerto Rico, DIRECTV launched a media campaign on June 1 promoting Puerto Rican Olympians like Melissa Mojica, Javier Culson, Lorraine Quinones and Beverly Ramos with DIRECTV's support along with a TV program called Inside Sports DIRECTV on the likes of Culson among other types of Olympic-related programming in the leadoff. Likewise, the exclusive magazine for subscribers DIRECTV Zone will launch a special edition in June including special interviews with members of our Olympic team.


Along with Going For Gold--the '48 Games, the check out the First Olympians and the mockumentary Twenty Twelve wherever you watch the BBC worldwide.


Well, TVJ in Jamaica is going into the Olympic act after all like CVM as another Olympic TV broadcaster for London with groundbreaking assistance from British Sky Broadcasting, after it deemed to lose out for the first time in many decades. Seems as though, regardless of how the bidding went down over to connections, advertising, or being outbid on money, TVJ surely would be just as prepared in transmitting and cover the Olympics as much as its rival CVM with its CVM Green, Black, and Gold online channels specifically for it. Will TVJ win over the advertisers with plans for The simulcast, titled London 2012: Pure Gold, will utilise BSkyB channels BEN TV and OH TV, which both have a 70-80 per cent penetration among British homes. It will feature special Jamaica-related Olympic-London programming daily throughout the entire Olympic period transmitting to not just Jamaica, but to the UK, Europe, the US Tri-States area (NY, NJ, and CT), 23 Caribbean nations, and Africa.


It's rumoured that China National Television (CNTV), the online station for CCTV, will resell its online broadcast coverage rights in packages to sponsors in three tiers: Plan A (live broadcast, on-demand, and CCTV's coverage), Plan B (live and on-demand coverage), Plan C (just on-demand).


NHK a couple of weeks ago earlier in June unvieled what its transmission plans will be for their share of the London Olympics. Very much like what the BBC and NBC is doing for the TV production side including data about ongoing competition, but also an online component complete with live video access on mobile devices, but also support for the acTVila video on-demand portal. NHK has already locked down its four trial 8K Super-Hi Vision locations and details back in Japan, including Shibuya (520 LCD screen) while Akihabara's Studio Park will feature a 360-inch one. Most will be projected.


CCTV HD promoting both EURO 2012 and the London 2012 Olympics showing 26 events in 300 hours worth

Imagine yourself living in the Antipodean region of Australia and New Zealand (like several of us on these boards) and you're an Olympic follower. Live TV coverage from London is on during the late night and early morning hours. If you're watching from just Nine, you wouldn't need to worry too much: it plans to do a lengthy daily highlight show on each day with next-day 3D events. But it will nowhere be as extensive like FOXTEL will have it with those 8 channels to do it with, less than a third of them live during said hours. Are you willing to, as a sports-mad TV viewer down in Australia, sacrifice hours of sleep and maybe work for this? You just might since the Summer Olympics only hit every four years. Just expect to emerge out of this with plenty of days with red-eyes.


This is a very interesting and important report on two Olympic TV research studies that emerged a couple of days ago coming from the University of Delaware by James Angellini. If you follow the Olympics on TV seriously on NBC here in the States over the years since 1988, you'll notice some things. Then again, it may not be a surprise. This study focuses on the Olympic commentary from NBC and displays how inequitable it is in terms of race, nationality, and gender. Not to mention it can bring subtly old race and gender stereotypes and assumptions--like with female athletes get commented on their looks and luck and less on their abilities, male Olympians are evaluated on simply ability (like black ones) and Asians generally admired in their Olympic performance on their intelligence. Although in fairness, NBC has attempted to make its Olympic coverage more international over the years since adding the cable channels since 2000, the fact remains that Team USA will get the immense attention on a business level to attract mass attention in a competitive TV landscape that the Olympics are no longer immune to, since many of us Americans don't know a lot of non-American Olympians, even some of them too. Though known to be imperfect too, he has hopes the BBC will be more fair in its commentary.

So what does that further mean for NBC? I would like for NBC to become more impartial (and in some sports it kinda does this but far from enough of that)--like that's going to occur soon--and just strive to be so up until 2020, when the current extension is up. I'd be interested in how Angelini critiqued the CBC/CTV/RDS/Rogers Sportsnet/TSN coverage over the past several years.


You know, as I peruse through the European TV/radio network websites during these weeks, there's a strong sense that with many of those European nations outside of the major European nations (Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Spain) and even with some of the more upper middle-middle class European nations (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Ireland, Switzerland, Poland, Latvia, Romania, Belguim, The Netherlands, Denmark, and Hungary), there has yet to be any big publicity with the media rights holders from the other EBU members in their Olympic broadcast plans. Even a major player like Russia has yet to go all out in their Olympic plans. Much of Eastern Europe, Israel, Turkey, the Balkan nations, Austria, and the former Yugoslavian nations and Soviet republics, for example, are only in the tease phase. If this is about waiting until at least the end of EURO 2012, the second biggest sports event to Europeans and around the world this year given priority right now, and onto Wimbeldon for them to start thinking about London and announce their plans. Many European broadcasters tend to be slow regarding that.

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So what does that further mean for NBC? I would like for NBC to become more impartial (and in some sports it kinda does this but far from enough of that)--like that's going to occur soon--and just strive to be so up until 2020, when the current extension is up. I'd be interested in how Angelini critiqued the CBC/CTV/RDS/Rogers Sportsnet/TSN coverage over the past several years.

Ahh yes, another useless article from someone thinking he's making a point. I almost laughed out loud at the "NBC disproportionately covers American athletes" line. Hey James, news flash for you.. EVERY network disproportionately covers their country's athletes. And that you brought up CBC.. I remember watching their coverage in 1998 from Nagano. If folks think NBC is skewed towards Americans, they should have watched CBC in `98. I remember when the whole mess with Ross Rebagliati was unfolding. Brian Williams was almost angry on air that they had made that decision. Was not impartial at all. I expect that they'd cover everything from the Canadian angle, but they lost all sense of impartiality over that one.

So Mr. Angelini.. how about watching some more coverage and then tell us that about disproportionate. I'm not buying it. Not that I lump him in with your regular average NBC Olympic viewer that is practically inventing new flaws in their coverage, but what NBC does is what everyone does. And even if it is skewed American, I fail to see the evidence where that's a bad thing? I get what he's talking about how NBC's coverage affects our perception of the Olympics (Torino 2006 being a prime example), but still, I think he's over-stating the bigger picture on this one.

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Brazil's SporTV's puts up its advertisement with digital satelitte provider OiTV for its 2012 Olympics coverage days ago for its four channels.

--1600 hours combined in all four channels (actually eight, four in SD and four in HD)

--programming for Rumbo e London and Brasil 2012

--750 correspondents live from China, the USA, and Great Britain

--passport service through sportv.com.br talk with the journalists(?)

--will also show the preliminary soccer games before the opening ceremony

--SporTV also will air the Paralympics


In a sports-mad nation like South Africa, general public interest in the Olympics, despite the coming wall-to-wall TV coverage over on SuperSport and that from SABC (mostly on SABC2) and on its radio front Radio 2000, South Africans, though they do like the Olympics, it's going to be lukewarm. Perhaps this something to do with South Africa not quite yet an all-around sports power and of its very poor showing in Beijing. Viewership tends to be fragmented down there with high viewership of Olympic sports going to, interestingly, weightlifting with the anchor Olympic sports swimming, track and field (athletics), and gymnastics. No doubt if rugby was on the Olympic program in London, albeit it in the form of sevens, national interest will be greater in South Africa. So too with golf. As for the newspaper side, they try to do all they can but in the case of News24, it will restricted in what it can do with Olympic video footage although it is related to SuperSport. IOL can't do the Olympics properly. As of this writing, we have yet to see SABC's and Radio 2000's Olympic broadcast plans. Even E.TV's eNews will send a couple of reporters to London to focus on Team South Africa. But what's going on is increasingly reflective in many nations when it comes to the Olympics: it is no longer the all-encompasing major tent pole sports media event for a rapidly heterogenous population. There are sports fans, especially in the Western ones who have absolutely no interest in the Games and prefer other sports to follow without having the promotional aspects of the Olympics beating over their heads and in your face. Will be more socially-connected than ever, though.


All members of the EBU who have TV rights to the London 2012 Olympics will have access to the 12 running simultaneous streams with an additional three unilateral feeds through EBU's Eurovision once again for up to 13 hours a day. But as we've seen already with several European nations with their Olympic TV plans, the total amount of hours and streaming channels each uses in their respective broadcasts will vary. For example, SVT in Sweden will have 1100 total online hours while next-door neighbors NRK just announced its 1500. Geremany's ARD and ZDF will offer 900 hours online. Some smaller nations like Cyprus, though it hasn't been officially announced in those nations, will plan to use no more than three, I think.


These two promos come from the official Filipino free TV broadcaster of the 2012 Summer Olympics, AKTV on IBC 13. Aksion TV. The narration is a mixture of mostly Tagalog (Filipino) and English, seemingly with the English peppered in.

AKTV's profile promo on the great Usain Bolt

AKTV counting down to 52 days to the start of the 2012 London Olympics. Also available on YouTube in 43, 44, and 45 "days to go". That Albertville women's skiing medal ceremony does seem out of place there though...

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We're rapidly approaching the 30/31-day mark, the final month before the official start of the London Summer Olympics. Once we get close to it or into it, I think this will where we get the flurry of news and updates on the coverage from various rights holders and full-fledged Olympics websites emerging. In most cases this will come from many European, Asian, Latin American/Caribbean, African, and Pacific nations. In the case of the Euros, that will come in the aftermath of EURO 2012 and during Wimbeldon and the Tour De France, where it won't be bogged heavily in its priority like EURO 2012 currently is.

As for the TV schedules, they're getting finalized of course. Ready to hit for public consumption within the next couple of weeks for us all to get ready for. BTW with an update, SF Info is actually not doing any Olympic sports action. What it will do is show highlights of the Olympic day from 23:25 (11:25pm) to 8:15 Swiss time with the London Highlights show. SF Zwei is only doing the Olympic action on the SF channels involved.

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