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London 2012 Olympic Media Updates

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That last Nine Olympic promo I uploaded here incorrectly mentioned Thomas Magnussen as the one wearing the Speedos at the pool with the large Australian flag over his shoulders. He's actually water polo player Thomas Whalan, embarking on his fourth consecutive Olympics in water polo for Australia as Whalan discusses playing a sports that he loves for all his life while juggling family life, work, and simple not-getting-any-younger. The Australian water polo team is nicknamed the Sharks

New Empire supplies the soundtrack for this new long-form promo for the Nine Network with their song One Heart--Million Voices playing to a montage of mostly Australian Olympians like Stephanie Rice, Matthew Mitchem, and Steven Hooker ultimately succeeding in Beijing (Sally Pearson is an exception here since her footage actually comes from the World Track and Field Championships in Daegu, South Korea last year) and other estatic moments from recent Olympic Games dating from Sydney 2000. Based on the You Tube comments there, posters are thrilled New Empire was chosen for this and as a testament to their talent. Apparently, it'll be Nine's Olympic theme song.

I was at a bowling alley Sunday night with the bar having one of its two flat screens on to CNBC's live NHL Stanley Cup playoff Game 5 between the Vancouver Canucks and the Los Angeles Kings. During the first intermission there was an Olympic promo from NBC Sports Network. And of the things it features was of the fact that it confirms there will be the home of Team USA and over 260 hours of coverage just from that. It's not on You Tube yet. But when it does, I'll discuss it.

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MediaCorp is the official home for Singapore's extensive free-to-air 2012 London Olympic coverage on its various platforms with at least 21 hours of coverage a day on Channel 5 and HD 5 headlining it with an additional six sports hours of daily coverage on Channel U and Okto. It will the most comprehensive coverage FTA for Singapore with Channel NewsAsia, Channel 8, Suria, and Vasantham supplementing the coverage with news and breakfast shows. On the radio front, Singaporeans will get access to daily Olympic coverage, news, updates, and reviews/previews, and match calls on MediaCorp's 13 radio stations with Team Singapore athletes interviewed on 938LIVE Sportszone. Today newspaper will have a daily section on the Olympics with a special focus on Team Singapore. Channel 5 also encourages fans to show support for Team Singapore Olympians with specific and upcoming events.



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Been thinking lately about what SABC's Olympic TV coverage will be like with the announcement that all of South Africa's 11 official languages will be used among its 3 channels. I think this is the first time ever for SABC to do this. With those languages being mandated in its coverage, it will be an important development in South Africa's Olympics. I assumed that SABC's Olympic coverage has always been in English since South Africa was brought back into the international sports world 20 years ago after dismantling its racist and evil policies. But that isn't really the case. In Atlanta, SABC broadcasted the Olympics in four languages--English, Afrikaans, Zulu, and Xhosa. No surprise that at the time in 1992 with South Africa back in the Olympics for the first time since Rome 1960 that national interest was incredibly high and ratings shot through the roof on TV1. In 1960, South Africans didn't have TV back then until 16 years later (because the National Party feared its immense influence and thus national dissension and international thoughts on the nation), long after many African nations and some colonies then like even white-minority Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) started having TV operations. SABC even had more hours in Atlanta than NBC had under a crew of 90 people with 196. 25 hours more than the Peacock. In Barcelona, SABC was ill-prepared about the Olympic broadcasting culture in its first Olympics but had great help from TVNZ, CTV, and the BBC.


How I think it will work out this time in London, the most ambitious South African sports TV project since the 2010 World Cup? Bear in mind, I largely ignore SABC in favor of the more comprehensive SuperSport on this thread. Actually, if you read the link here, the way how SABC actually divided the coverage predated what Canadians did for Vancouver--assigning sports to languages where the interest would be high in and an African language daily Olympic highlight show. I see an improved structure from that, something more like Canada's OMNI and ATN. I assume that SABC2 and a little bit of SABC1 will deal with the bulk of the coverage in English. This is where I can see the women's field hockey team and Bayana Bayana games to be for English with both ceremonies. swimming, track and field, cycling, canoeing, gymnastics, rowing, triathlon, and archery. SABC1 has the Nguni languages, so Bayana Bayana and track and field will be there. For Afrikaans, swimming and track and field are sure bets with a few other sports on SABC2 and SABC3. Sotho has to get something. It is possible that we would, like Canada, get a portion of a wide-ranging event like the ceremonies and specific events shared by two languages in halves on the channels--like have the Opening Ceremonies portions in Zulu, Ndebele, and/or Xhosa. South Africans could get daily Olympic highlights and news on each of the 11 languages and possibly just have that for many of them, which I prefer that doesn't happen. Unlike APTN did with Vancouver, I just don't think the coverage of the same events will be regionally divided. Details on how all this will be structured will be forthcoming soon.

Did you know that South Africa's Radio 2000 FM is the nation's only sports radio station?

I would like to know if SuperSport might engage in French language coverage since it goes through all of Sub-Saharan with possibly Swahili, since there are many French-speaking African nations, most of them in West and Central Africa. Can't think of any French counterpart to SuperSport, and that's why I ponder. Unless there are plans underway for a French version for the African market direct from France.

For the 2500 live hours, 5000+ total, the 33 live hours a day from BBC1, BBC2, and BBC3, the still-undetermined radio hours, and those 24 different streams for the 26 sports, the BBC's Roger Mosey announces there will be a BBC 2012 Olympic staff of 765 in London, a 55% increase from Beijing. Efficiency, quality, and the need for extra commentators for various sports are a must. Much easier to do it for the Beeb within the UK than overseas with travel costs involved. It even outnumbers the whole Team GB for London (NBC's staff for London will hit around 2800).




Perhaps time to speculate on who will the BBC Olympic sportscasters further. Adrian Moorhouse does the swimming for the BBC, so he's there. We know about Michael Johnson and Sir Steven Redgrave. Sally Gunnell did some BBC work, but she hasn't been there since 2006. With this being in her backyard and with the amount of staff for London, she should be in. For basketball, I can see the articulate John Ameachi, one of the more notable British basketball players, and former Great Britain (and several British basketball teams) head coach Kevin Cadle getting involved. Soccer can easily use the BBC teams already installed for that, both men and women. Ditto for tennis. Water polo, volleyball, and handball would be tricky for that, since Great Britain does not have a pedigree in those. Don't be surprised to see somebody not from the UK acting as an analyst in them. This is just a start.

Just bear in mind everyone, when NBC does its coverage of the Olympics, it will be very US-centric. The BBC, like with many official Olympic broadcasters around the world, takes the same feed utilized worldwide but with a few additional cameras to focus on British athletes. The BBC will do work with the OBS on specific Olympic events.

RDSOlympiques just launched their You Tube Channel days ago: http://www.youtube.c...Olympiques?ob=0

With that, we are seeing the exact same promos used from TSN's with Pierre Lebeau's French commentary--sponsors included like Bell and Hudson Bay at the end, something Ellen Page's CTV promos don't do--but with a key difference. At the end of these following two from Alexander Despatie and Simon Whitfield, you'll notice there's no facing the camera saying "Imaginez"--not even from Simon Whitfield. Instead, you'll hear Lebeau saying that, as if to say if it were in English, "They believe." In the Whitfield piece, the Believe banner is of course replaced by Imagine at that Victoria primary school gym for the French filming as the kids cheer on his Sydney win.

Oh well, here they are. First is Alexandre Despatie. Should be very obvious there's a French version of this since he's from Quebec


Simon Whitfield French version


For Singapore, it's a good thing that the Summer Olympics telecast there will be offered in not just English on Channel 5 with Channel U and Okto with the Mandarin Chinese majority getting some love with six hours each from those channels daily. Not only will there be Chinese coverage of Team Singapore on Channel U but likely sports where the interest in Chinese Olympic diaspora is strong in like table tennis, basketball, and diving. Will we see coverage of both ceremonies in Chinese on Channel U? Look back to Sweden's SVT Barnkanalen during Athens 2004 to see a precedent of kids' network or channel doing some coverage of the Olympics when you look at MediaCorp's Okto. What kind of exact role it will play remains to be seen, though it is no stranger to telecasting sports events like the first Youth Summer Olympics Games, Commonwealth Games, Asian Games, Asian Winter Games, Youth Winter Olympic Games, Southeast Asian Games, and even both regular Olympics and Paralympics. Based on what I read about in Wikipedia, the London coverage can go from 7-12 midnight Singapore time. Might show some basketball since it's huge with kids. Vansantham TV12 is going to be interesting too. No sports coverage will be offered on it. Maybe it eventually will, but Tamil Olympic news and highlights will serve as the mian thing.

Mark Ruoff, aka the The Experte in German media, confimred in a question from Lucas that ZDF and ARD will NOT send any Olympic programming to its digital channels and instead rely on Internet coverage extension because it is "contemporary and corresponds to the wishes of our audience". In addition, the sports relegated to those four channels didn't register well with audiences in recent Olympics.


For intergrated solutions for production, playout, and delivery systems for TV broadcasters, NBC turns to Miranda for the London Olympics.


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It is pretty certain that one of the six state-run Cuban TV channels in existence as part of ICRT that will cover the London Olympics is the youth-oriented channel TeleRebelde, the official broadcaster of not just the Olympic Games but also the Pan American Games. With no baseball this time in the Olympic program, focus will of course be on boxing, weightlifting, wrestling, swimming, track and field, volleyball, some soccer--in other words, just about wherever a Cuban will be plus the international realm when warranted. It will show the Games all 24 hours a day like it did in Beijing. Educacion 2 and another channel might get involved again as they did four years ago (found that out just now on ESPN Deportes). Rebel Radio will take of the Cuban radio Olympic portion.


Can't really find anything yet regarding Paraguay's Olympic broadcasting plans for London for those who want to cheer on the likes of hotties Leryn Franco and Maria Caballero there. Not even Wikipedia's 2008 Olympics broadcasting list had a entry for Paraguay. I'm thinking Telefuturo will do it nationally and free-to-air with ESPN Latin America doing the cable honors. But I could wind up being wrong. I'll pass along the confirmed info to you as soon as I find them...or someone else does.

Chile's Canal 13's 2012 Olympic sponsor brief press kit. Did a tabulation of TVN's coverage in hours, and it doesn't even total to 100 like Canal 13. Both networks will air the Opening and Closing Ceremonies live and 30 blocks of live competition every day and 16 blocks of taped ones/news and highlights. Radio Sonar will get involved. And Canal 13 will have its own review shows.


Discovered this from Croatia's HRT's forum, translated it says that all of the major HRT Olympic actitivies will be conducted at the London IBC. HRT's team will be over 60 people with studio hosts Mila Horvat, Lana Banely, and Mirna Zidaric. Commentators for HRT will be Mico Dušanović, Slavko Cvitkovic, Drago Cosic, Bruno Kovacevic, Stepjan Balog, Sasa Sušec, Viki Ivanovic and Mario Sapit with reporters Boris Jelavic, Michael Horvat and Daniel Kriz.

Look for a series of promos emphasizing the lighter and funnier side again of Mexico's Televisa Deportes 2012 Olympic coverage starring Consuelo Duval and Adrian Uribe. They have been shot around Mexico City in recent weeks and are bound to be uploaded soon. Furthermore, there's still no new Telemundo Olympic promos for London on TV. Maybe we'll have to wait until NBC Olympics makes it own You Tube channel.

FOXTEL will have Matt Shirvington and Eddie McGuire co-hosting the daytime coverage in this web interview of Shirvo with the Sydney Telegraph.


I remember reading in this February 2006 USA Today article during the Torino Winter Olympics about how global Winter Olympic TV coverage and how they compare to NBC's that I printed a couple of times that the Japanese Olympic broadcasters--public NHK and the private ones TBS, TV Asahi, Fuji TV, Nippon TV, and Tokyo TV--all allow advertising agency Dentsu to create the TV schedule, which may confuse people. Can't think of any other nation--not even the US--that permits this. Still awaiting what those networks plans are; this is one of those nations where it would help to have a Japanese poster here who can translate the much needed info since many of us can't read the East Asian characters.

This is how RAI will manage its 200 hours of the London Olympics in Italy. For 12-13 hours a day RAI Dua will be the Olympic channel for Azzurri and afterwards RAI Sport 1 with TG2 News at 20.30 Italian time before RAI Dua comes back with Olympic news. If I got that right.


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NBC has named their hosts for the Olympics, at least on the network side, pretty much what we were expecting save for 1 mild surprise..

Primetime: Bob Costas

Late Night: Mary Carillo

Daytime: Al Michaels and Dan Patrick

Contributors: John McEnroe, Bela Karolyi, Ryan Seacrest

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The BBC vigorously defends its decision of having more staff than Team GB 2012 Olympic athletes.



DR (Danmark Radio) and TV2 will announce their 2012 Olympic media details next month, like I think with many European nations. But for now, DR announced issuing a series of trading cards starring 2012 Danish Olympic hopefuls. Can I trade you a Stine Jorgensen for a Line Kruse, Karina Jorgensen, Jonas Warrer, or a Lene Sommer? Nikolai, let's wait with bated breath.


ZDF plans to relaunch its online portal in time for the London Olympics with a sports version


Chinese sports journalists are getting a course on how to cover the Olympics


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London 2012: BBC launches Olympic torch relay trail

The BBC has launched its Olympics marketing campaign with the release of a minute-long trail highlighting the torch relay.

The trail will run on BBC One, BBC Two and BBC Three, and will then move into a 40 second promotion for a One Show special on 18 May, the day the torch arrives in the UK from Greece.

It is the first time audiences have heard the specially commissioned Elbow track "First Steps", featuring the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, a school choir from Elbow's old school and the London Community Gospel Choir.

The version used on the torch campaign is a taster for the full track, which will be launched for the Games time marketing campaign and BBC Olympic title sequences.

Watch @


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Wow. That was amazing! Goosebumps upon goosebumps here. Love the musical arrangement too.

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That music sounds traditional yet it sounds new, it sounds British it sounds inspirational, cant wait to see it tommorrow night and see what they do with the titles for gamestime programmes. Apparently a few shows are getting a bit of a 2012 makeover too.

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Are you talking about the online coverage of the lead-up? Obviously you're not talking about the games themselves, certainly not with the impending announcement that everything is going to be streamed LIVE (thanks nyk, you beat me to it). I agree that there is definitely a lack of buzz right now compared to this time 4 years ago, but NBComcast is about to present more coverage of the Olympics than there has ever been before. I don't see how that could be considered watered down.

Yes the online version, but that has changed recently.

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While watching CNBC's 2012 NHL Stanley Cup Eastern Conference Quarterfinal Game 7 double overtime between the Florida Panthers and the New Jersey Devils from Sunrise, FL, the scrolling at the bottom of the screen--it wasn't actually, but whatever--NBC Sports Network mentioned what it will feature as part of Team USA's home: US men's and women's basketball, beach and indoor volleyball, equestrian, US men's and women's water polo, US women's field hockey, and last, and certainly least, They Who Must Not Be Named.

In 302 gold medal events in London, FOXTEL promises all gold medal events live, especially if an Australian Olympian is involved, during its long format runs. But pretty much like everywhere else in the world, once the Olympics are through, many Australians move onto somthing else to preoccupy their sports interests. Never mind that FOXTEL's research says Olympic interest is very high. London adds a tremendous appeal for Australians (and Kiwis too) this time around. This article also mentions how the Olympics helps Australians in its soft power and people's knowledege of it outside its borders. Also, FOXTEL will air the preliminary soccer matches in both men's and women's soccer coming prior to the Opening Ceremonies.


Social networking will be as important than ever before, and the Olympics will offer some things to make things more interactive and global. But there are restrictions implemented during London. This is a another one of those such articles.


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Sky has just started their new promos for the New Zealand coverage of the Games.

Sky Television has unveiled a flashy new advertising campaign to help promote its unprecedented London Olympic Games coverage across five dedicated channels.

The campaign is a nod to the changing nature of sports broadcasts and the potential for an event such as the Olympics to become even more of a televisual spectacle than it's ever been.

Conceived by long-time ad agency partner DDB and shot by Exit Films director Greg Wood, the series of four TV ads uses more than just your usual patriotic hype to get Kiwis amped about the London games beginning in late July.

With a style described in directors' parlance as "impressionist", the footage captures the intricacies of several sports that traditionally attract New Zealanders' attention during the Olympic Games schedule: rowing, gymnastics, cycling and swimming.

In the first two TV spots, rowers pump their oars back and forth on Lake Karapiro as their lungs and limbs burn with effort, and a gymnast orbits the high-bar hanging from his finger-tips as chalk and sweat flies.

Two more clips will go to air later in the month, including a chess-like cycling battle and a surreal swimming race shot using an ultra-slow motion "phantom" camera shooting up to 1000 frames per second.

Veteran Emmy Award-winning actor Brian Cox lends his voice to the visuals in each instance, adding a gravitas reminiscent of his portrayal of King Agamemnon in the swords & sandals epic, Troy.

It's poetry in motion, says Wood sitting amongst the Mad Men-ish 1960s kitsch of Exit Films' Auckland headquarters while the office whippet stalks its way around the room looking for attention.

Despite the typewriter sitting unattended at reception, there's nothing old-school about the company's production values.

"On one hand we had our documentary hats on because we're actually out on Lake Karapiro dealing with Olympic level athletes who are on these full-on training regimes and they might only give us one run [to get the shot]," says Wood.

"And then at the other end of the spectrum we're doing visual poetry as well."

The end goal is to show the skill and effort that Olympic athletes put into every moment of an event and in doing so, show how much enjoyment viewers can get out of watching every uninterrupted moment of the Games on Sky.

Hence the tag line: "Every Moment is Gold".

"We've been trained to accept the Olympics on one channel like it was on TVNZ, which was almost like a highlights reel," says DDB's long-time Sky account manager Danielle Richards.

"So we've had to build interest into the fact that you're going to see more beyond just one channel and explain why it was worth actually having Sky or getting the [High Definition] ticket to get eight channels.

"The creative challenge was to inject in there why having this extreme coverage was of benefit to consumers." The money that went into the advertisements' production reflects the significant investment Sky has made in screening the Olympics.

The broadcaster will have five standard-definition channels dedicated to 24-hour Games coverage on Sky Sports, which can be expanded to eight high-definition channels if subscribers have purchased a HD "ticket".

But free-to-air viewers can also expect as much as 23 hours a day of Games coverage on Prime.

With all the grief Sky is getting for monopolising our pay television landscape, the kind of wall-to-wall, free-to-air coverage they're proposing is an example of how New Zealand viewers can benefit from a broadcaster that's willing to part with some cash.

The network is sending 70 staff to London to produce their coverage and will add another 100 staff to a "mini Olympic Village" at Sky headquarters in Mt Wellington.

That kind of investment for a two-week event would simply not be possible at either MediaWorks or TVNZ.

It's clear TVNZ doesn't believe there's a pay-off for covering the games, given it handed its rights to the 2010 New Delhi Commonwealth Games to Sky citing a probable loss of $5 million on the event.

For Sky, blanket coverage of the Olympic Games gives further credence to its claim to be the home of sports in New Zealand which is a huge factor in the up-take of Sky subscriptions.

Of course, since then TVNZ has entered into the Igloo pay-TV joint venture with Sky and may indirectly benefit from the Olympics coverage.

However Sky says it has not yet worked out whether pay-per-view coverage of the Olympics will be provided on Igloo.

But the network can be sure that, with the kind of next generation technology that is transforming sports coverage spider-cams, ultra-slow-mo 'phantoms', high-definition pictures sports will continue to be even more engaging, and even more persuasive, for an even larger audience in the future.

*The ads will play only on Sky channels until the weeks leading up to the Olympics when they will also run on free-to-air channels.

- © Fairfax NZ News

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Yahoo surely is moving up in the Olympic world as the world's biggest non-media rights holder coverer and and increasing power-player of the Olympics, not just in mainstream North American sports. You know this when it had lots of traffic for its coverage of the past three Olympics (besting even NBC's) and expresses interest to carry the Canadian media rights to Sochi and Rio De Janiero. For London, it will double what it accomplished in terms of coverage and presence what it did two years ago in terms of reporting and will have the likes of Summer Sanders and Dan O'Brien on hand. Even the Olympic sponsors like Visa and Proctor and Gamble will get involved. Did I mentioned that Yahoo turned a profit in this?



Fans of badminton, handball, judo, fencing, and modern pentathalon? Don't get your hopes up on the BBC showing sustained coverage on the BBC following the Olympics in future years and outside other times of the year.


CTV's Canada AM starts their new Countdown To London 13-part feature series today.


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My first post.

Here is more information about NBC's streaming:


The only new information here is that there will be audio commentary for some sports from the Olympic Broadcast Services. In 2008, there was no commentary, just someone typing a description alongside the audio.

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