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World Expo bid


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2017 World Expo in Kazakhstan, Astana “The Future Energy”


Paris – November 22, 2012 – At the conclusion of the voting procedure the delegates of the BIE’s member states selected Astana (Kazakhstan) as the official host of the International Expo in 2017. The choice between two candidates - Belgium (Liège) and Kazakhstan (Astana) - has been made during the 152nd General Assembly of the International Exhibitions Bureau (BIE).

Kazakhstan received 103 votes. Belgium received 44 votes. (1 abstention)

Expo 2017 will be hosted between June 10 and September 10, 2017, on the site of 25 ha. The organizers expect it will be visited by over 5 million people from all over the world. Kazakhstan proposed “Future Energy” as the theme of Expo 2017. Nowadays, the world is facing a shortage of energy with a threat of environmental crisis, which raises a real challenge in conserving traditional energies and finding alternative energies. As oil production is declining and its value increases gradually, in the near future, a large amount of population will have to shift to alternative energy. The Expo will serve as a platform for exchanging experiences all over the world in the filed of alternative energy, a sector that is growing rapidly these years.

Astana, capital of the young nation, was awarded the “City of Peace” UNESCO reward. Kazakhstan is the first nation in central Asia to submit an application for a specialized international Expo. Organizing an Expo in Astana is another step on Kazakhstan’s plan in renewing economy type based on environmental friendly clean energy resources.


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Ekaterinburg struggles for Expo 2020

Ekaterinburg, the capital of Russia's Urals, has climbed one more level in the fight for the right to host the international exhibition Expo-2020. Russia's file history has been officially handed over to the International Exhibitions Bureau (IEB). The dossier submitted by the Russian organizing committee to prepare Ekaterinburg for the exhibition was accepted personally by IEB Secretary General, Mr. Vincente Gonzalez Loscertales.

The chairman of the Russian Organizing Committee for preparations for the exhibition, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Arkady Dvorkovich, confirmed that all of Russia's obligations would be met on time and in full.

"Russia's bid to host the Expo 2020 in Ekaterinburg is a priority for the Government of the Russian Federation. I believe that Ekaterinburg, owing to its unique combination of rich history, extensive business, cultural and scientific life represents the face of modern Russia - the country that is open to the world and deserves to host events of great international importance," said Arkady Dvorkovich.

Russia is fighting for the right to host the international event with Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand and Turkey.



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Sao Paulo showcases its Expo 2020 bid

Sao Paulo, Brazil's most populous city, on Friday showcased its Expo 2020 bid at a symposium attended by delegates of the Paris-based body that will pick the winner in November.

This bustling metropolis of 11 million people is competing with the Turkish city of Izmir, Ayutthaya in Thailand, Ekaterinburg in Russia and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates to host the next Universal Exposition.

The five cities have submitted their bids to the 157 member states of the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE), which will announce the winner in November after a vote.

"Sao Paulo is a cosmopolitan city which shelters and welcomes communities from around the world," Mayor Fernando Haddad told the symposium. "It is a city that celebrates tolerance, peaceful coexistence and this is an very important part of our culture which will influence the final verdict of BIE delegates."

Brazil's Vice President Michel Temer expressed confidence about Sao Paulo's chances, noting that this South American powerhouse of more than 200 million people has already been chosen to host next year's World Cup and the 2016 summer Olympics.

And he pledged federal aid, if necessary, to help Brazil's economic capital foot the $3 billion bill -- $9 billion if transport infrastructure projects are included -- for the six-month-long extravaganza.

Last March, Haddad said Sao Paulo's bid was on behalf of the whole of Latin America, which has never staged the event before.

With a metropolitan area of more than 20 million people, Sao Paulo, which represents 12 percent of Brazil's GDP, can guarantee the attendance of tens of millions of visitors.

The last World Expo was hosted by the Chinese city of Shanghai in 2010. The Italian city of Milan will stage the next Expo in 2015.

Smaller three-month long "International Expositions" are held in between the five-yearly Universal Expositions.

The first Universal Exposition was staged in London in 1851 and since then they have served to showcase technology, architecture and culture, while attracting visitors to host cities and generating business.



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Expo 2020 city-host to be chosen Wednesday

AFP - Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey and Brazil will find out Wednesday whether their chosen cities have been selected to host the 2020 World Expo.

Brazil, which is already gearing up to welcome the World Cup next year and the Olympic Games in 2016, has put forward its most populous city Sao Paulo as a candidate.

It is competing with the Turkish city of Izmir, Ekaterinburg in Russia and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates to host the Universal Exposition in 2020, according to the International Exhibitions Bureau (BIE), which oversees the organisation of these large-scale events.

From 0930 GMT on Wednesday, each country will have 20 minutes to showcase their city in a high-pressure contest in Paris, after which the 168 member states of the BIE will vote electronically for their favourite.

"We will know in the evening which of the four countries was chosen," the group said, adding the results would be published on its website.

The World Expo -- which showcases technology, architecture and culture, while drawing visitors to host cities and generating business -- is held every five years.

Shanghai was the last host city and Milan is next in line in 2015.

If Dubai -- home to the world's tallest tower, largest man-made island and one of the world's busiest airports -- is selected, it will be a first for an Arab country.

The glitzy Emirati city has said it would present a "positive" image of tolerance in a region rocked by turmoil.

The bustling metropolis of Sao Paulo, meanwhile, has highlighted its culture of tolerance with communities from all around the world living in the 11-million-strong city.

It has dismissed security concerns following a surge in violence last year.

As for Izmir, a city on Turkey's western coast and known as a centre for medicine, it already bid for a chance to host the 2015 Expo but was rejected for Milan.

Lastly, Russia is presenting the industrial city of Ekaterinburg as part of a bid to develop the Ural region into a hub for technology and innovation, and attract more tourists to this lesser-visited part of the country.



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As I Brazilian I'm sad about last position, but somehow my point is still valid: Sao Paulo is not a city suitable for 30 million tourists events...

The result speakes for itself... If Brazil dreams of receiving the Expo someday, Brasilia is the one to bid.

One more thing to Ibirapuera and other paulistas who loves to get happy with bad news from Rio: what a day for Sao Paulo, hm???

Edited by DannyelBrazil
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It's terrible you read these news under the 'city vs city' POV and use it to 'score more points' for Rio de Janeiro...

With all respect, did I ask you something?

It's clear my post is not for you.

Rio de Janeiro is not in discussion here.

Edited by DannyelBrazil
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One more thing to Ibirapuera and other paulistas who loves to get happy with bad news from Rio: what a day for Sao Paulo, hm???

You - as always - pushing all things Rio against the world. People died today and cariocas all over the internet are insufferable with this silly rivalry and mocking São Paulo. Have some respect, you fool! Don't you forget São Paulo will provide that very football venue for 2016 and their airports will handle air traffic for Rio during games time and the Expo could raise their profile as a gateway and transport hub for the country.

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As I'm Brazilian I'm sad about last position

My condolences to the families of the dead people in this terrible accident.

Hope this does not bring a big delay on delivering the roof of Arena Corinthians

Go Sao Paulo!

I'm totally pro-Sao Paulo hosting the World Expo. It fits very well the city atmosphere, still, compared to the other bidders, Sao Paulo have nothing to show as a strong appeal, unfortunatelly.

Edited by DannyelBrazil
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