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What did you think of the opening?

What did you think?  

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1. I liked the henna hands and the train segments. The Ghandi segment was nice, but rather undeveloped.

2. That floating blimp thing was underused. They could've done without it.

3. It was dragging and felt self-indulgent at some points. Needed editing and a tighter narrative.

4. In relation to the comments about the empty-looking field, I think the stadium space in general wasn't used to its full OC potential. Could've done a lot more with the floor and even the tent-like roofs. Wanted to see more stuff rising from the floor, floating elements, and more surface projections.

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Apparantly the aerostat is going to be used alot more in the Closing ceremony, the mirrors on its belly are also going to be used alot more. I have also read something that says they are going to make it appear like a chandelier, but im not entirely sure what that has to do with India.

I agree about the Ghandi segment though. Even though the sandpainting was clever in terms of an art form, it really has no place in stadium theatre - unless you are going to do it on a hugely impressive large scale taking up the entire stadium floor - which would have been quite the eye catching.

Believe it or not, the Ghandi part would have been even more minor that it was if not for the last minute decision to include that light fixture of his appearing out of the ground. That was supposed to have been done just a day before the opening ceremony,

I think that while it was great seeing the joyous spirit of the participants, there needed to be more form to parts of it. It just seemed like they couldn't be arsed doing some decent choreography and just let them run around doing whatever they pleased. At times it just looked like a big mess. I know they were trying to portray the theme of *organised chaos*, but it didn't translate that well in the Celebration segment.

They also needed to make a bigger impact with the opening segment, it was just abit samey to other ceremonies. Even if it was a high impact emotive pa address, much like how Athens had the lightning effects with the whole *citizens of the world welcome to Athens, Olympic Games welcome back to Greece*.

These are a Games taking place is new exotic territory, but it was all just abit bleh.

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