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The 2nd Annual GB Logo Competition!

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By overwhelming popular demand I am happy to kick off the second Games Bids Olympic Logo competition!

The first one attracted 20 entries and a record number of voters!

This is how we will do it you have to design a new logo for either the 2018 Olympic Games OR the 2020 Summer Games.

For the purposes of this competition I have chosen the following cities -

2018 Aomori, JAPAN


What I need you to do is come up with a logo for that city that encompasses the overall feel of the future Games. What local influences can be tied into a visionary design concept?

The first step will be to design your logo. It has to be bold, new and indicative of how you want the city to be represented.

This logo has to be presented in 3 forms the full colour logo on a white background, the logo in black and white and the logo utilised as a Games Time logo - a street banner, a tshirt etc.

I want you to post the first one in here only the full colour logo on a white background. The others can be sent through to nyc2012@gmail.com

Obviously I realize that not everyone has access to the same level of technology to complete the tasks at hand so the initial stage will be judged not on execution, but on visual impact.

This is a great chance to let your artist side just run wild!

You have 2 weeks to submit your designs - at which point the much anticipated official report and shortlist will be announced - prior to a public vote off!

If you want a look at the last competition report here you go -

GB 1st Logo Competition Report

And here are the previous winners!


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DannyelBrazil's AOMORI 2022 logo proposal


The concept of this logo brings a blend of Japanese culture and the broader reference to the Winter.

The rising sun, the largest Japanese symbol is the backdrop for the snowflake, referring to the winter games.

Elements are overlaped to give the sensation of movement, so characteristic of the athletes when participating in the Olympic Games

The sun's rays shows a circular infinte motion and with the snowflake also conveys the idea of time.

A simple and modern design for the Olympic moviment..

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DannyelBrazil's DUBAI 2020 logo proposal


The concept of this logo shows references to modern Arabic graphics, besides bringing a familiar symbol of Olympic victory.

The main element of the logo refers the laurel wreath of ancient Greece using the forms of two of the most famous places in Dubai: Burj-Al-Arab and the palm-shaped islands.

The background represents the colors of Middle East, the climate of the region and the warm colors remind us the sun, ever so present in that part of the planet.

An emblem worthy of the Olympics and the delightful city of Dubai.

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Since I love tranportation systems, I made my Logo application into it.



Why bother competing. DannyelBrazil has just won the winter bid logo comp straight up :lol:

Great stuff.

Thank you for the comment, but we have also other great designers here in GB. I hope this comp gets huge like the previous one!

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I always feel so inadequate when I see everyone's logo talents here - I can't do graphic design for sh!t.

Loved your Aomori one, Danny, and loved the colours on the Dubai one. My only nit-pick on the Dubai one is that it looks like a white feather on it - like they're ready to surrender without a fight.

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My proposal for Aomori, not much compared to DannyelBrazil's but I thought id give it a shot.


Representing the cities landmarks (Aomori Prefecture Tourist Center, Aomori Bay Bridge) and the mountains, It is also in the shape of a Japanese fan.

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VERY NICE jobs, Danny and Max!!

Thx for the comments!!! Let's see more proposals! =]

Roltel, what matter is not the software you use, but the idea you have.

Draw it in a paper and scan it.

If you want a help into a final design, I can help you. =]

Will Fatixxxx and scotguy join the comp???

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Here is my entry for Aomori 2022


Aomori here is showed joined with the mountains, with the Olympic mountain. The Olympic colours are represented in the numbers of 2022 and there is a red rising sun to symbolise the host nation of Japan

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I'll repost this post of mine though, from the Cauldron design competition thread:

Since I bought myself a new PC, I haven't got Photoshop or Fireworks software anymore - which is what I used in the past in GB Comps. This entry was done instead using free software downloaded from the internet. I thought it might be worth posting the links to this software here for people who want to enter, haven't got expensive graphics software, and don't want to use MS Paint!

Inkscape - for vector graphics, drawing


Paint.net - for photo editing and manipulation


Perhaps TNMP could edit the first post to include these free resources??


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