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Delhi 2010 Opening Ceremony


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Patnaik to showcase Mahatma through 'sand animation' at CWG opening

NEW DELHI: Sand animation art will accompany A R Rahman's theme song at the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony on October 3 to showcase a story on Mahatma Gandhi.

The Organising Committee (OC) has asked internationally acclaimed sand artist Sudarshan Patnaik to present his unique art at the opening and sources said he has agreed to take up the assignment.

Patnaik is in the US and is expected to reach India late on Monday. Incidentally, he won three medals -- Neptune's Choice, Sculptor's Choice and fifth place in North American Sand Sculpting Solo Championship at Virginia Beach. Eleven sculptors from across the world participated in the championship. Patnaik created a sand sculpture of Neptune giving a message -- "Save the sea from oil spill".

According to the OC, the plan to involve Patnaik in the opening ceremony was conceived after his students mesmerised the audience with their sand animation art on a reality TV show recently.

This art form is very different from the figures sculpted from sand on the ground or on beaches. In sand animation, sand is put on a glass slab with lighting from the top. The artists quickly work on it to form figures and landscapes. The images are relayed on to big screens for the audience. The lighting from the top makes the figures appear in a silhouetted form. After a while, the sand figures are erased and the artists quickly follow it with another set of figures and, in the process, narrate a long story.

What the OC has conceived and asked Patnaik to execute is a story based on Mahatma Gandhi, whose birth anniversary falls a day before the opening ceremony. OC sources said it wants the artist to synchronise the sand animation with Rahman's theme song.

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Yeah, but these Games are NOT the Olympics, so it's OK to be anti-Olympic. :lol:

And they're being hosted in a traditional adversary of a moslem state...so what's wrong with that? I just spoke the truth!!

Its not a good thing to feel proud of your wide mouth. And for everybody's info, we aren't their opponent, the games will get a grand success.

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Please NO RACISM, I am Muslim too.

Your Behavior is Anti-Olympic.

Oh, just ignore Baron.

A few Muslims didn't buy his book and in his simple mind he has slotted you all into the 'bad' pile.

He considers the dismal state of the village to be perfectly suitable for the athletes whom he doesn't care for, but I'm sure he's happy to criticize the Delhi organizers.

Now he just wants a pretty opening ceremony with flashy lights to hold him over until London 2012. Oh yeah, and he doesn't want to invite the athletes.

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Please, lets be mature and get back to the topic everyone!

Prince Charles, President to open Games together

In a reported compromise over the contentious issue of the inauguration ceremony of the Commonwealth Games [ Images ] on Sunday, Prince Charles will declare the Games open while President will say 'let the Games begin'.

Highly placed sources within the Government on Monday said that this compromise has been worked out after arguments between Delhi [ Images ] and London [ Images ] over who would do the honours in the absence of Queen Elizabeth, who has decided to skip the Games and instead send Charles as her representative.

The Indian side was keen that Patil should inaugurate the Games since she ranked higher in protocol to the Prince. While the Indians were insisting on the President opening the Games, the office of the Prince said he will read the message from the Queen and end it by "declaring the Games open".

"There is no row. Both, The Prince of Wales and the President of India [ Images ] will have a prominent role in the opening ceremony in Delhi. The Queen has asked The Prince of Wales to represent her at the opening of the Commonwealth Games.

"We cannot be specific about the choreography but The Prince will read out the Queen's baton message, ending by declaring the Games open," a statement from the Clarence House read.

The two sides are believed to have reached a compromise under which the Prince will end his statement "declaring the Games open", while the President will say "let the Games begin".

Sources cited the example of the Commonwealth Games held in Malaysia in 1998 where the Queen was represented by a Royal family member and the Malaysian King opened the Games.

Likewise, India, the sources said, feels that since the Queen will not be present here and only the Prince would be representing her, the President should have the honour of opening the Games as she is ahead in protocol.

Charles is attending the Games as a representative of Queen Elizabeth II [ Images ], the ceremonial head of the Commonwealth who will give the event a miss for the first time in 44 years.

Earlier, a British tabloid quoted some of the officials of the Indian Department of Information as saying that the Indian President would open the Games.

The Queen's Baton Relay has acted as the curtain-raiser to every Games since Cardiff in 1958.

It involves the Baton being sent off by the Queen, then carried through each Commonwealth nation until it is passed back to the Monarch as her message to the athletes is read out at the opening ceremony.

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Oh, just ignore Baron.

A few Muslims didn't buy his book and in his simple mind he has slotted you all into the 'bad' pile.

He considers the dismal state of the village to be perfectly suitable for the athletes whom he doesn't care for, but I'm sure he's happy to criticize the Delhi organizers.

Now he just wants a pretty opening ceremony with flashy lights to hold him over until London 2012. Oh yeah, and he doesn't want to invite the athletes.

4seasons, u and I r such kindred spirits. We should get together and hold hands while the Delhi show unfolds!! :lol:

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Get back to the topic...i'm serious :angry: . You can discuss the whole muslim stuff on the offtopic thread (you know the one..)

*sigh* Anyway, more info leaked of the OC

Potpourri of Indian culture at Games opening ceremony

By Radhika Bhirani, IANS

September 28th, 2010


NEW DELHI - Dances, drums, music, yoga, textiles…The sights, sounds and colours of India, encapsulating 5,000 years of the country’s culture, are set to mesmerise at the Commonwealth Games (CWG) opening ceremony Oct 3 and the creative team behind it says they are ready and waiting!

“Everything is going fine. The rehearsals are on in full swing, everything is ready - the stage, the sound and lights…everything is installed and we are ready. The ceremony will be a grand cultural display of Indian culture and will not give anyone a chance to complain,” Viraf Sarkari, director of Wizcraft International Entertainment, told IANS over phone from Mumbai.

The opening ceremony of the Oct 3-14 will have a total of 7,000 men, women and children putting up as many as six different performances.

The ceremony has been divided into six segments - Rhythm of India, Swagatam, Tree of Knowledge, Yoga, Great Indian Journey and A.R. Rahman’s rendition of the CWG anthem, informed Bharat Bala, who is among the creative team for the event.

Rhythm of India will be a blend of different drums from India and will involve around 1,000 drummers creating a symphony.

Popular singer Hariharan will then sing a welcome song, which will be a cocktail of Hindustani, classical, Carnatic and folk music, and around a 1,000 schoolchildren from the capital will perform on it.

Following this would be the Tree of Knowledge, “based on the tradition of the “guru-shishya”, says Bharat Bala.

“There will be 1,000 Indian classical dancers performing bharatanatyam, kathak, mohiniyattam, manipuri, kathakali and the likes with stalwarts like Sonal Mansingh and Bharti Shivaji, Pandit Birju Maharaj and Raja and Radha Reddy. It will be a perfect depiction of Indian classical tradition,” he added.

Next will be a “unique segment” featuring over 1,000 yoga performers, followed by the Great Indian Journey, which will give a glimpse of rural India with the help of 1,500 performers.

Popular set designer Omung Kumar said: “A train has been made with bamboos. It is almost 600 ft long. It is like a complete Indian bazaar and will show people from all walks of life…It is not a swanky train, it is very Indian, very rural,” Kumar told IANS.

The first 10 minutes of the Games opening ceremony will exhibit the rich textiles and traditional crafts of India. To be shown in the first segment, it will showcase the rich heritage, art and craft of handloom weavers and artisans of India.

The crescendo to the grand, two-and-a-half hour ceremony will be brought by Oscar winning composer A.R. Rahman. He will be singing the Games anthem “Jiyo Utho Badho Jeeto”, and will also render his award winning number “Jai Ho” and his most popular number “Maa Tujhe Salaam”.

Bharat Bala says there is elaborate choreography for the last segment that would involve a huge number of performers.

“I hope ultimately everything comes out well thanks to the 10,000 people who have worked day in and day out to make this event a success,” he said.

To project India’s secular culture, azaan, will be a part of the background score at the opening and closing ceremonies of the Commonwealth Games. A qawwali soundtrack, props on the celebration of Eid and Mughal monuments will also be shown.

There will be other attractions at the event too, including the Rs.40 crore aerostat that will be multipurpose, with video content being projected on it. The projections will include animation and graphics.

The costumes for the event have been designed and arranged by Anna Singh, Serath Narendra and Delhi-based designer duo Ashima-Leena.

Organising committee chief Suresh Kalmadi had said: “CWG will be better than Beijing Olympics”.

But Sarkari says he doesn’t want to compare the two events.

“We would not like to compare our ceremony with the opening of the Beijing Olympics. India is so full of colour and culture. The event in Beijing was very technical…here we will show the human side…we will show what India stands for. The CWG opening ceremony will show a potpourri of Indian culture in one night.”


Textile show planned at Games opening ceremony


New Delhi, Sep 28 (IANS) The first 10 minutes of the 2010 Commonwealth Games' opening ceremony will exhibit the rich textiles and traditional crafts of India, presenting 5,000 years of the country's culture.

Designer Madhu Jain and supermodel-turned-crafts activist Milind Soman's project, 'The Tree of Knowledge', will be unveiled under the 'Fabric of India Segment'.

'The opening segment of the Games will be watched the world over by millions of people creating a moment in history,' Jain said.

'It is an ideal forum to showcase the rich heritage, art and craft of handloom weavers and artisans of India, and promote Brand India handwoven fabrics and handcrafted skills,' she said.

To be exhibited in the first segment of the opening ceremony, the project will cover 10 minutes of the 50-minute event.

It will showcase the country's fading craft traditions and old textiles woven in as many as 25 panels, that will be put together to create a 110-foot-high, 40-inch-wide tree trunk.

'It will be uncovered just 93 metres away from the Indian president, vice president, prime minister and the entire union cabinet, apart from the visiting dignitaries from around the world,' Jain said.

The event will be telecast to a worldwide audience.

'It will further interest and create a demand for Indian craft products in the global market and help promote Brand India. It will also provide sustainable livelihood to weavers and rural textile craftsmen,' Delhi-based Jain said.

The fabrics have been sourced from weavers and craftsmen of Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal.

Eri and raw silk fabric, woven Upada motifs in zari, vibrant motifs of Kalamkari in coloured threads and Kantha weave will adorn the tree of knowledge.

The nature-inspired motifs will feature chinar leaves and trees of life. The base fabric used for the panels are a combination of bamboo fibre and silk.

Jain, who has pioneered the use of bamboo fibre in the country, has used the Chinar tree from Kashmir as the theme for her embroidery. Nearly 300 weavers, 500 craftsmen and 200 artisans have worked for over three months to create the tree of knowledge.

The Tree of Life is part of Jain's and Soman's 'Projekt M' that was set up in 2003 to breathe life into India's handmade crafts and textile industry.

For the last 10 years, Jain has been working on the development of the art of Kalamkari and Ikkat weaves of Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and Gujarat, combining them artfully with Kantha embroidery of West Bengal.

Oh and it has been confirmed that Shahruk Khan, despite the rumours, will not perform at the opening ceremony.

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And he is proud of that. Ugly

Zain, I have no PERSONAL quarrel with you. Yes, with me...and most of us in the west...you see what you get!! Unlike a lot of people in YOUR part of the world, a lot of insiduous (do you even know what that means? I doubt it.) cowards and hyenas who hide behind smiles, 'politeness' and burkhas but WITH MURDER in their hearts and deeds!!

Everyday SCORES of people are being blown up in your native Pakistan because murderers hide behind disguises to kill and maim people.

STOP preaching to me about your sanctimonous and holier-than-thou sh*t. This is merely an INTERNET forum. When the extreme elements of your cult have STOPPED murdering innocent people in the name of your god, then I will stop too. But until that time, I say you SHUT UP and keep your preachy 'piety' to yourself. [/b]

Edited by baron-pierreIV
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28.Sep.10 Commonwealth Games opening ceremony protocol announced

Commonwealth Games Federation President, Michael Fennell, has announced the protocol arrangements for the Opening Ceremony of the XIX Commonwealth Games at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium on October 3, 2010. For the first time in the history of the Games the athletes will march into the stadium during the opening segment of the ceremony after which they will be seated to enjoy the ceremony.

“Both the CGF and the Organising Committee (OC) have agreed that the emphasis of the Opening Ceremony must be on the athletes of the Commonwealth, allowing them to be the focus of attention,” Mr Fennell said. “The Games are about the athletes, the ceremony recognises the commencement of the Games, so it is appropriate that the athletes are honoured in this way.”

The dignitaries present at the Ceremony will include: the Honorable President of India Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil; the Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh; HRH The Prince of Wales, as the representative of the Head of the Commonwealth, Her Majesty The Queen; the CGF President Michael Fennell and; the OC Chairman Suresh Kalmadi, all of whom will officiate at the ceremony. Also present will be the CGF Vice Patron, HRH The Earl of Wessex.

The Queen’s Baton will arrive at the stadium at 20:26 hours after completing its’ 170,000kms journey across the Commonwealth’s 71 Nations and Territories. The Baton will be received by HRH The Prince of Wales who will read The Queen’s message, which ends with the opening of the Games. The President of India will then deliver her address and signal the commencement of the Games.

Following the formalities, the athletes will enjoy a 45 minute cultural extravaganza showcasing the best of Indian diversity and cultural heritage.

So this will be similar to a WOG ceremony (the parade of athletes first and the rest of the performances later). Interesting, although i wonder where are they going to be seated.

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Hasn't the Baton been on the road for well over a year for some ridiculous reason. Think they definately need to look at scaling that back!

For a minute there I thought (considering the juxtaposition) your post Brekkie said 'the Baron's been on the road for well over a year for some ridiculous reason'...perhaps to escape burqa and bomb wielding assassins :lol:

Back to the subject...

Looks like if you want to go see the OC or CC then seats (well one's that hopefully won't fall apart or be used by stray dogs for rest and defecation) are still available

Worries over ticket sales as residents take up escape packages

September 29, 2010 - 4:53PM

NEW DELHI: With only four days to go to the opening of the troubled Delhi Commonwealth Games, thousands of tickets are still unsold, even for the opening and closing ceremonies and 100-metre finals.

Tickets for the showpiece event, which begins Sunday, are still on offer in the cheapest categories (200 rupees, four dollars) for most sports.

Cheap tickets have sold out for the opening and closing ceremonies, but are still available in the middle and higher categories priced at 1000-50,000 rupees, the Games' main ticket website shows.

For the 100-metre finals on October 7, normally the highlight of the athletics competition, tickets are on sale in all categories -- perhaps reflecting the absence of star sprinter Usain Bolt who decided not to attend.

For the swimming, another highlight of the Games, seats in the 1000-rupee high category for the final day on October 9 are on sale, while all categories are available for the finals on the previous Friday.

"Sales have picked up a bit in the last 10 days," said a saleswoman in the official telesales service.

In total, there are more than two million tickets available for the October 3-14 event, which brings together countries and territories mostly in the former British empire.

Organisers have struggled to convince Delhi residents of the benefits of the Games, which have resulted in major upheavals in the city amid widespread criticism over corruption and shambolic organisation.

Many middle-class citizens have decided to take up "Commonwealth Escape Packages" being offered by city travel agents.

The tickets are also expensive in a country where two thirds of the 1.2-billion population live on less than two dollars a day, according to a World Bank study released in 2008.

A number of pull-outs by world sporting stars has also left the event thin on crowd-pullers.

World 800m champion Caster Semenya from South Africa became the latest to withdraw because of a back injury.

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Well if they are sitting in regular stadium seats then it obviously would have to have been planned well in advance.

I laughed at a YouTube video I saw earlier where the reporter praised the stadium for having a number on each seat so that seats could be assigned... like wow!

:lol: I think you're talking of this video -- skip to 1:02:

You have also got to praise the organisers for having the honesty to let that reporter run through that very shabby tunnel at Nehru Stadium -- skip to 1:23:


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:lol: I think you're talking of this video -- skip to 1:02:

You have also got to praise the organisers for having the honesty to let that reporter run through that very shabby tunnel at Nehru Stadium -- skip to 1:23:

So Delhi has the same stadium technology as used in the Maginot Line circa 1937...well done! :lol:

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SPOILERS A 7 minute video with lots of scenes of the rehearsals was posted...for those who cant wait, you can click, but for the people who wants to wait until sunday, avoid it. You've been warned


PS: Well not lots of scenes, but the countdown. And some parts havent been rehearsed at this vid XD

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