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Delhi 2010 Opening Ceremony


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You hope there are no muslim Harvey Lee Oswalds hiding in some nearby highrise, with that thing in range. Otherwise, it's BLACK SUNDAY all over again.

There is no highrise near JLN stadium. About 1,70,000 security personnels will be guarding the games. They surely aren't deployed for some 'Muslim Harvey Lee Oswalds' to come and shoot the aerostst down. :lol:

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Indeed, you better get used to Baron sarcasm :lol: . We all did.

Anywaaays, here is some more info of the opening


Lit up and in full bloom, Rs 50-crore aerostat to dazzle onlookers in stadium


New Delhi: To call it an expensive helium balloon isn’t quite fair when you actually get to see the 80metre by 40metre aerostat, uncovered, in full bloom and lit up, looming over the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium.

It’s actually quite a complex piece of levitated gadgetry. The whole thing is five air compartments stitched together, within each of them fans to maintain pressure so that the giant canopy stays in place. It is fitted with cables to create aerial lighting, and its belly is fitted with huge round mirrors that will deflect beamed light on to the stage below.

That is not all. The 8-metre side walls of the oval aerostat will act as screens on which the show of the opening ceremony will be projected, interspersed with pre-recorded graphics and films. ‘‘These kind of devices are used in mega shows, say, U2’s 360-degree concerts,’’ says Alisair Mascarenhas of Wizcraft which is responsible for the whole show.

TOI was the first to see this controversial aerostat, often called an unnecessary Rs 50-crore opulence, fully unfurled on Tuesday. There was excitement in the stadium. But would a shower of rain cripple all this gadegetry? It has, after all, been reported that the aerostat’s efficacy depended on the weather.

‘‘Yes, it depends on the weather, if it becomes so furious as to force the airport to shut down and cripple the city,’’ says Mascarenhas. ‘‘That kind of weather has been seen in Delhi only once in 50 years,’’ he claims. ‘‘It will be able to withstand torrential rain and any form of inclement weather, barring an exceptional gale.’’

The aerostat has been manufactured by Lindstrand, and it has been designed by Mark Fisher of (Stufish), credited with the creation of the Cirquedusoliel, a 3-dimensional stage, used in many mega events of the world. The contraption is anchored to the ground by 8 winches, which are all computer-controlled and monitored from the technology control room.

Says deputy director of the general ceremonies, Indu Anand, ‘‘The aerostat will give our opening ceremony a threedimensional effect. It was also important to have the aerostat to balance the lightness of the stadium walls which prevented us from lifting and mounting heavy lighting equipment for the opening and closing ceremonies.’’

And also:


Spectacle under majestic canopy

In the first sneak preview of Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony, TOI gets window seat on an exclusive train


Beyond the mounds of debris, lengthening shadow of scandals and the frantic race against time to meet the deadlines for the Commonwealth Games, an army of 6,000 young men and women from different parts of the country have gathered at the Army’s Parade Ground for practising rhythmic, choreographed movements for the Opening Ceremony of the Games.

TOI had a sneak preview on Tuesday evening of the show that will kick off the Games on October 3. The ground, similar to the size of Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, was bathed under floodlights, attracting the eye of curious jawans passing by as well as giant monsoon beetles.

The 10-minute sequence being rehearsed was ‘‘The Great Indian Journey’’ for which hundreds of youth ran into the ground holding rudimentary props that will represent a giant human train, and will metamorphose seamlessly into an elaborate bazaar scene.

The stage is 80feet by 40feet, encircled by a 30-feet area, where in the course of a 140-minute presentation, Indian culture, from its hoary past to the modern day, will be showcased. Over this stage will be the aerostat, a lighted canopy that is expected to make the opening ceremony a bewitching spectacle.

But to be honest, it is difficult to discern the entire scheme from a 10-minute preview minus the real props or dress. You can tell how effective it is only when the whole thing will come together with music, colour, laser and giant videos on the wide walls of the oval aerostat. Still, one thing is obvious: this is an elaborate affair, involving the hard work of thousands.

Bansi Kaul, formerly of NSD and the lead choreographer, is confident that all the sweat will pay off. His top assistants, Prapti Malhotra, Indu Anand and Poornima Pendse, fill in the details. ‘‘The rehearsals start at the crack of dawn, at 6am,’’ says Poornima Pendse. ‘‘The first lot of performers, who fill up the ground in the morning, are students from Delhi. They train and then go off to school.’’

‘‘There are designated practice hours and many of our girls from all other parts of India are staying here at the NCC barracks,’’ says Prapti. A flash of lightning splits open the sky. She looks up: ‘‘We just hope the rains stay away.’’

The two-hour-twenty-minute extravaganza is expected to start at 7pm and continue till 9.20pm on October 3. It is divided into several segments, each specially crafted and choreographed. Most sequences, say the organizers, are between eight minutes and nine minutes — an attempt to keep the programme vibrant and showcase as much diversity and heritage as possible.

The Great Indian Journey, for instance, seeks to create a human train (a tribute to the main sponsor, Indian Railways?) that will give glimpses of ordinary Indian scenes as seen from a train window. Soon the train breaks up and vignettes of Indian life are created — the bazaar, the cycle shop, kite shop and vegetable market where the vegetable seller who, among other things, is talking on a mobile.

It appears orderly and chaotic, at the same time. ‘‘There is order behind every chaos in this country,’’ says Bansi Kaul. ‘‘You can say that again in the context of the Games,’’ quips one of his assistants.

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More info:

Commonwealth Games opening will have spiritual touch

September 16, 2010 20:20 IST

The opening ceremony of the Delhi [ Images ] Commonwealth Games [ Images ], at the Jawaharlal Nehru [ Images ] stadium, on October 3, will have a spiritual touch. Azaan, Vedic and Buddhist chants will be played in the background as performers, wearing costumes depicting different aspects of the pluralist character of India [ Images ], present the theme song Swagatan in different Indian languages.

The music, approved by the Group of Ministers (GoM), headed by S Jaipal Reddy [ Images ], incorporates Hindustani, Carnatic and Quwwaali styles.

The Rs 40 crore Aerostat will project Gautam Buddha's image, props of Eid celebrations, important monuments and themes representing various periods in Indian history.

Commonwealth Games mascot SheraThe opening ceremony, which will begin with the National anthem, will feature the 'Great Indian Journey', split into three segments -- Human Train, Gandhi and Celebration.

The Human Train segment will present "the confluence of all aspects of rural India", while the Aerostat will show sights visible from the window of a train while travelling through rural India.

A flute recital of Gandhi's hymn Vaishanv Jan To and folk dances by some 800 performers on the rendering of a composition of Kabir are other highlights of the opening ceremony okayed by the GoM, which wanted better presentation of Kabir's couplet (Doha) as it found phonetic clarity lacking.

Yet another incorporation at the instance of the GoM will be a stanza from the tenth Sikh Guru Gobind Singh's Koi bole Ram, koi Khudai.

Bharat Bala, the creative head for the opening and closing ceremonies, made a presentation to the GoM at the last meeting, on behalf of the Games' organising committee, and assured to incorporate the suggested changes.

The closing ceremony, again in the same stadium on October 14, will end with Vande Matram being played, as 2000 children perform on the ground. Its highlight will be a presentation of Indian martial arts, like Malkhambh of Maharashtra [ Images ] and Gatka of Punjab [ Images ].

The organisers had a tough time getting the security agencies' clearance as the show includes use of sticks, swords and fire.

All athletes from the participating countries will come together at the closing ceremony to depict Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (world is a family), while the last item on the agenda before Vande Matram will be a 30-minute "music of universal love", having segments from folk, sufi, popular and world music.

Bollywood stars like Shah Rukh Khan [ Images ], Katrina Kaif [ Images ] and Kareena Kapoor [ Images ] among others have been approached to perform in this part of the ceremony. The GoM is, however, yet to clear names of the film personalities sought to be inducted as crowd pullers.

There was a bit of controversy at the GoM meeting over the rendition of Vande Matram in its modern style, as produced by Bharat Bala and sung by A R Rahman [ Images ] in the late 1990s, that became an instant chartbuster.

The GoM decided that the "contemporary" version may hurt people's sentiments as it is a national song and would be better not to deviate from the original version.

The possibility of rain spoiling the opening ceremony continued to haunt the GoM at its meeting on Wednesday because Viraf Sarkari of Wizcraft, the event managers, insisted that several segments would have to be cancelled or scaled down if rain continues.

"If the rain continues further, it would not be possible to build any stage and all the flying scenes would have to be dropped. Only ground-based choreography would be presented. It may also be difficult to present the different installations of the Great Indian Journey," sources quoted Sarkari as telling the GoM.

He even indicated difficulty in hoisting the Aerostat if the weather worsens.

The rehearsals that had were to start at the venue from September 1 have been deferred to September 22 because of the heavy rain in the capital and, hence, Sarkari, has pleaded with the GoM to allow the rehearsals up to October 2, just a day before the Games open. The security agencies are, however, not inclined to extend the deadline of September 30.

Meanwhile, the India Meteorological Department is bracing for three-hourly weather forecasts in Delhi during the Games. It has been issuing such forecasts for long for the aviation sector and space launches.

These will cover temperature, humidity, rain or thunderstorms as well as wind conditions -- factors that could affect Games.

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They have started rehearsals on the stadium already. Pic found in twitter.


Also this: http://deepwarriors.com/anand-raj-anand-to-perform-at-commonwealth-games-opening-ceremony/

I agree with cormiermax. The opening ceremony might be the only good thing of these games.

EDIT: Reuploading the image


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Shahurkhn Kahn (or whatever you spell it) was confirmed to perform at the opening ceremony. He will be performing various songs, including Chhaiya Chhaiya, from the Dil Se Bollywood movie. In fact, the scene with the large train (one of the confirmed segments) will probably be something like this:

PS: Wasnt he one of the performers of the handover too o.o?

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