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The Olympics Cost Rio at Least $13.1 Billion and Probably More

New data released Wednesday by the local government puts the final price price tag at least 42.8 billion reais ($13.1 billion), according to local newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo. Those numbers, though, reflect a mix of new estimates and questionable estimates. The Brazil Sports Ministry gave a current estimate for construction of Olympic arenas of 7.2 billion reais, but arriving at that total requires relying on outdated numbers to account for the bulk of the costs -- the public works related to the event.

In the larger context, Rio’s inability to provide an exact cost assessment of the games is yet another blow for the International Olympic Committee, which has acknowledged a crisis in attracting future hosts. Budget overruns and the lingering economic strain put on host cities has been at times extreme.


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Padlocked and falling apart: Rio Olympic legacy in tatters

"Now nobody is responsible," says Leitao. "So nobody has done anything."

IOC balks at helping Rio with $35 million-$40 million Olympic debt -Chicago Tribune

In a statement, the IOC said "more detailed information" was needed and said it "deferred any further consideration at this stage." It added that it "has closed all its obligations with the organizing committee."

Contractually, host cities and countries are obligated to pay Olympic debts.


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As much as I think the IOC can be a corrupt organization, they don't owe Brazil and Rio s**t. It was Brazil and Rio's decision to put forth a bid. It was their decision not to wait 6yrs until after the end of the World Cup they believed a 2yr gap was fine. They knew EXACTLY what the IOC required of them during the bid process and they didn't hesitate to give them everything without thinking about the consequences on the city and its people. They already lived through what happened to Athens and the information about other abandoned facilities exist out there for them to be familiar with the downfall of hosting these games. This is ALL ON THEM so live with it Brazilians!


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7 hours ago, LatinXTC said:

It was their decision not to wait 6yrs until after the end of the World Cup they believed a 2yr gap was fine.

That sort-of made sense, because it meant that systems and infrastructure developed for 2014 would not have degraded too much by 2016 and could to an extent be reused.

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The saga continues :lol: 

Brazil police raids amid 2016 Olympics corruption probe

Brazilian police say they are raiding a number of addresses over "strong evidence" of vote-buying in the country's 2016 Olympic bid.


Looks like Carlos Artur Nuzman will be jailed very soon as well.

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7 hours ago, paul said:

Rio’s BRT to Close 22 Stations Due to Violence and Evasion

Due to a lack of security one of the main legacies of the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games for Rio de Janeiro, the BRT transportation system, may have to close 22 stations in the Transoeste corridor, directly affecting more than 30,000 passengers.

The odd thing is, 30,000 passengers over 22 stations (assuming that most of them are travelling to one of the unaffected major stations) is not a lot by urban rail standards. Sounds as if there are quite a few stations which have not generated great demand.

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Brazilian Informer Says Bribe to Diack Bought Four Votes for Rio 2016

......the full extent of Diack’s influence in deciding where the Games of the 31st Modern Olympiad would take place is still unfolding, and the revelation that four votes were secured through bribes is significant.

Though Rio ultimately beat Madrid, its next closest contender for the 2016 Olympics, by 34 votes, totaling 66 to Madrid’s 32, it is vital to note that in the earlier rounds of voting Rio was not as much of a favorite as the final tally would make it seem. In round one of voting on host cities, Rio received 26 votes, Madrid 28 votes, Tokyo 22 votes, and Chicago 18 votes. Even if all four votes were evenly distributed, Rio would still only tie with Tokyo in round one; however, if all four had instead gone to any of the other three cities, Rio could have been eliminated in the first round.

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Pele Expected to Testify in Rio 2016 Investigation


(ATR) Pelé will testify in the vote-buying legal process that revolves around Rio de Janeiro’s election as host of the 2016 Olympic Games.
The former footballer will testify as a witness for the defense of Carlos Arthur Nuzman, the former president of the Brazilian Olympic Committee and the Rio 2016 Organizing Committee.

Pele was an emblematic and busy figure for the candidacy of Rio that managed to become an Olympic host. The ex player made several trips through Africa during the race before the Brazilian city´s election in Copenhagen in 2009.

According to the newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo, Carlos Emanuel Miranda, former adviser of the then governor of Rio de Janeiro, Sérgio Cabral, admits that four votes were illegally bought in the IOC in exchange for the election of the Brazilian city as the organizer of the Olympic Games 2016.

The newspaper cites Miranda's confession before the Brazilian judicial authorities as part of a cooperation agreement between both parties and approved by the Brazilian Supreme Court.

According to Folha, Miranda said that the information conveyed to him by Cabral himself occurred in prison in early 2017. Soares Filho, a personal friend of Cabral’s and also known as "King Arthur," is accused of transferring $1.5 million to Papa Massata Diack, Lamine Diack’s son. This delivery was apparently made three days before the election of Rio. A second transfer of $500,000 ended up in an account of Diack´s son in Russia. Father and son have defended their innocence.

The Brazilian Prosecutor's Office already had indications that this money was to be distributed by Diack among other other IOC voters.

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Wow.  More terrible news from Rio.  This is heartbreaking.  


Brazil's National Museum in Rio, went up in flames last night -- and some 20 million, many irreplaceable artifacts, may have been lost.   Sad that no sprinklers had been installed earlier.  Heed to ALL Museums now.  

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