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Blame it on Rio: Jason Day, Shane Lowry remarks show Brazil's problems at forefront of golfers' exodus from Games

If there were any doubts that the Olympic destination of Rio de Janeiro was driving the mass exodus of golfers from the Games in August, Jason Day and Shane Lowry removed them Tuesday with their withdrawals.

Both said they are still fully committed to attending the World Cup in December in Australia. Yes to the World Cup, and no to Olympic gold.

Both men, in their 20s and intending to have children in the near future, cited the Zika virus in their decisions.

They add their names to a significant list of players who are bypassing the chance to play in the first Olympic golf competition since 1904.

More withdrawals could be on the way, especially now that Day, the reigning PGA champion and the world’s top-ranked golfer, is taking a pass.

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Tourists coming to Rio de Janeiro may be greeted in a weird, unsettling way upon arriving at the city: a sign saying “Welcome to Hell.” It is part of a protest staged at Rio’s International Airport by twenty law enforcement agents against precarious work conditions and delays in the payment of their salaries.

They have not yet received the full amount of their May wages. In a tunnel between the city center and the airport, protesters have tagged the phrase: “Welcome, we don’t have hospitals.”

Their goal was to get some international attention – in which they were successful. But the protest wasn’t limited to the unsettling greeting – law enforcement agents also did a half-day strike, and could to do the same during the Olympics if nothing is done to solve their problems.

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It seems like Rio 2016 reputation is ruined in USA as one of the nation's top tv show reports this..

Unfinished venues? Zika virus? Chaos? blah, this is just a comedy show. The picture they showed as sailing venue is really to laugh.

This is how they see now:


This is how they will see in a month:





It seems that Chicago defeat still hurts

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Brazil to Allow Aircraft to Spray for Mosquitoes to Combat Zika

The decree, signed June 27 by Brazil’s acting President Michel Temer, would permit aerial spraying to combat Aedes aegypti. Although the government hasn’t said which pesticides would be permitted, they reportedly wouldn’t include DDT, which is prohibited in Brazil.

With the Olympics starting Aug. 5 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazilian officials are trying to calm athletes’ and tourists’ fears of contracting mosquito-borne illnesses.

“To use aviation in the fight against mosquitoes is ignorant,” Dr. Timerman said, adding that what he called aerial “fogging” would have no effect on mosquito larvae, but could pose serious health risks to humans.

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‘Rio is delivering an enormous benefit to the future of the Olympic Games,’ says Carlos Nuzman

Nuzman said smaller Games were more in keeping with current global conditions. One of the main aims of Agenda 2020, the strategic roadmap of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), is to make the Olympic Games more manageable for potential host countries.

"What has happened in Brazil was a surprise for everybody, but everyone is behind us. The integration and unity between the organizing committee and the federal, state and city governments has been a great help to the Games."

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Truck Carrying Broadcast Equipment for Olympics Hijacked in Rio

RIO DE JANEIRO—Thieves hijacked a truck and made off with valuable broadcasting equipment from a pair of German media companies Friday in Rio, highlighting growing security concerns ahead of the Olympics.

The equipment, valued at €400,000 ($445,000), was being transported from Rio’s port to a storage facility when the truck bearing two containers was intercepted, broadcaster ARD said in an emailed statement

A number of foreign media outlets have fallen victim to robberies in recent weeks as reporting has ramped up ahead of the Olympics, people familiar with the matter say. In one case, some equipment was recovered following negotiations with leaders of the community where the theft took place.

A spokesman for Rio 2016, the local organizing committee, said it “was aware of the incident” involving ARD and ZDF on Friday but declined to comment further.

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When police are under so much pressure and not getting paid on time it's hard to believe the Mayor would come out critisizing them. Obviously tensions (and crime) are on the rise at the worst possible time but there is no excuse for the action of this Mayor. This is the fastest way possible to turn off the people you need most...a terrible lack of leadership. If the police were protesting before this will ramp it up.

Rio mayor criticizes police after high-profile crime

Rio de Janeiro (AFP) - Rio's mayor, Eduardo Paes, on Saturday harshly criticized what he called a lack of police leadership in efforts to fight rampant crime a month before the city hosts the Olympic Games.

Referring to the hijacking on Friday of a newly arrived shipment of German television equipment to be used at the Olympics, Paes said the police need to work harder.

"I respect the police force. I think they lack leadership," he said on Globo television.

"I think there needs to be leadership in the state, someone to say 'Come on, let's take action, let's work,'" he said.

"People need to have security," he said. "I think it has gone beyond the limits. There's a lack of minimal leadership."

There were 1,715 murders in Rio de Janeiro state just between January and April, up 15 percent on the same period last year. Non-lethal crimes like street robberies are also on the rise.

Police mounted street protests last week, saying that they have not been fully paid for months as Rio state's budget hovers on the edge of bankruptcy.

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