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Still being talked about....

The first athlete to be chosen for the Great Britain team has told Sky Sports News HQ that the debris and pollution in the sailing venue at the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games “is a problem” and that British athletes are taking all necessary precautions to avoid getting sick.

London 2012 Paralympic gold medallist Helena Lucas was named on Wednesday as the first athlete to be named in the British team for the 2016 Rio Paralympics.

She became the first British athlete to win a sailing medal since the sport was introduced to the Paralympics in 2000 with her victory nearly three years ago.

Her selection means she can now spend the next year training heavily in Guanabara Bay in Rio, where the sailing will be held in August and September 2016.

But the venue has come under heavy criticism, being called an “open sewer” by some sailors, due to the high level of pollution and debris. The Rio state government promised to reduce the flow of raw sewage flowing into the bay by 80% but has since admitted that goal is unlikely to be met.

Earlier this month 32 tonnes of dead fish were also cleared out of another Rio Games venue, where the rowing and canoeing events will take place.

Paralympic champion Lucas said: “We were out there in November and I was interested to see what would happen to me. Would I turn green or something?

"To be honest we were very very careful in terms of hygiene, taking vitamins, drinking coke when we came in, to limit exposure of what was in water and none of us got sick but it is a problem and something that we very much need to bear in mind. I did see that they were making an effort to clean up rubbish on streets, as when it rains it all washes into the harbour.”

Paralympics GB Chef de Mission Penny Briscoe said that Great Britain is trying to put pressure on the Brazilian organisers to improve the situation.

“We’ve been to Guanabara Bay to the sailing venue and it’s well documented, in terms of some of the challenges there, in terms of water quality and debris in water”, she said.

“That’s the current situation and what we are trying to do is put pressure on to ensure that it improves as it gets closer to the Games. We have the test events coming up in August and that’s a moment in time when we can really start to ask those questions and hopefully the organising committee will respond to the questions being asked.



PDBG (Portuguese acronym to Guanabara Bay's Cleaning Program - or problem\o/) should have been approached in correct terms by both Rio Organizing Committee and the IOC. Carioca team should accept the truth, that it is simply impossible to clean the bay for the Games. IOC should have understood the obvious. IOC should have understood what is behind mayor Paes’ speech, since the very beginning. Paes is not a sportsman, he is a politician. When he says the bay will be ready, he is not lying. He really believes in what he is saying. However, it seems he means there will be less pollution and cleaner water; no floating garbage, not no bacteria in the water. More than that, PDBG is beyond his authority: he is Rio's mayor but Rio is not the only one municipality surrounding the bay

I once posted here a comment about PDBG. I think it was last year. However, I was not the only one to do so. For many times, I read posts of Brazilian guys (Dan and others) saying almost the same I said at that time.

PDBG is a very comprehensive, many-sided program and it is much more complicated than one can imagine. To understand it, please go to www.cedae.com.br/pdgb (no English version available). There you'll find more explanation. The question is, Why have the IOC not demanded a B Plan? An existing B Plan should be required, at least just in case of a failure, an accident or something unpredictable.

Guanabara Bay will not be ready for the Games. However, competitions may take place at its entrance, in the oceanic region where the water is clean and good for sailing. The more inside the bay, more visible and microscopic pollution one will find.

The other issue is Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, which will serve for rowing and canoeing. Last month, after a heavy storm weather, 65 tons of fish died there. The probable causes, according to biologist Mario Moscatelli, were: 1:sewage in large quantities; 2: organic waste brought by the heavy rain and 3: a weather phenomenon that divides the water into different layers; the deepest one with less oxygen; the ideal level of oxygen is found in the layer closer to the surface (see http://oglobo.globo.com/rio/mortandade-de-peixes-na-lagoa-rodrigo-de-freitas-chega-65-toneladas-7837117). If compared to the Bay, those are not real problems: it is necessary to treat the neighbourhood sewage and the garbage brought by the rain before they reach the lagoon, and keep the ideal level of oxygen, by monitoring the channels that link the lagoon to the sea. I really don not know why it is not happening yet.

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"Last day of ticket sales for Rio-2016 has 35 000 requests per hour

On the last day of registration for the lottery ticket sales for the Rio 2016 Games, the event's official website recorded over 35,000 requests per hour -about ten tickets per second.

According to the Organizing Committee of the Games, despite the increase in the number of hits in the last 48 hours, there was no fault log in the system to date."

"Rio-2016 extending ticket sales until Wednesday, Day 6

The Rio 2016 organizing committee decided to extend until next Wednesday, May 6, the deadline for the fans make the ticket purchase orders for the Rio Games in time to participate in the first draw to be held in June. Initially, the term would end at midnight Thursday (30th)."

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"Record sales: 2016 will announce its new sponsor


The Rio 2016 Committee is about to announce its newest sponsor, a Brazilian airline. The contract values are kept confidential, but with this, the Olympics in Rio will hit historic record collection - surpassing the London Games in 2012, which generated about $ 1.1 billion in sponsorships."


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You really call that a good article?

"several venues has not started" Which venues?

This article goes completely against what the IOC said last visit. Dont have mentions about the venues and even the zones of competition that are not being built or are unfinished. In addition only 10% are not ready because much has already been completed, like the Maracana Stadium (Ceremonies and Football) and the Olympic Stadium (Athletics), among other places.

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"Rio 2016 reveals ticket prices for Paralympic Games

With 94% of the tickets costing R$70 (US$23) or less, the Paralympics aims to be as affordable as possible

Already put in your application for Olympic Games tickets? Now, it’s time to choose which of the world’s best Paralympic athletes to see in action. On Thursday 14 May the Organising Committee published its price list for tickets for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. Of the 3.3 million up for grabs, 94% are on sale for R$70 (US$23) or less. In keeping with the promise to make these Games accessible to all, the ticket prices have been set to be as affordable as possible. The cost of entry to the sporting events will range from R$10 to R$130, while prices for the opening and closing ceremonies are between R$100 to R$1200."


Price list for Tickets

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The first Olympic rings arrived in Rio!


"The colored rings represent the five continents in the Olympics arrived in Rio. The main symbol of the games is installed in Madureira Park in city suburb. As shown by the Good Day River on Friday (15), it is 12 meters high and 25 meters long. The rings will be covered by a black cloth until the day of the inauguration, which will take place on Wednesday (20)."


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Inauguration of the Olympic Rings in Madureira Park



"The defining symbol of the Olympic Games has arrived in Rio de Janeiro. Accompanied by a spectacular firework display, the Olympic Rings were unveiled this Wednesday (20) in Madureira Park, during a ceremony attended by Nawal el Moutawakel, the president of the International Olympic Committee’s Coordination Commission for the 2016 Games; Eduardo Paes, the mayor of Rio de Janeiro; and the president of the Organising Committee of the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Carlos Arthur Nuzman.

“The Olympic Games are for all Cariocas (residents of Rio),” Paes said. “It is important that all of them feel that they are a fundamental part of this movement which is transforming Rio de Janeiro. Madureira is the heart of Rio’s suburbs, where our identity was forged. It is in the poorest regions of the city that the Games will have the most impact."
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From Britain to Brazil: Just realised, these Olympic rings in Madureira Park were the ones that were originally built in Newcastle for the London 2012 Games.




Which is nice! I just love those links between host cities.

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Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games coming to Wii U and Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo has announced a brand new Mario & Sonic Olympics game to tie in with Rio 2016.

The crossover sports title, which will be released on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, was announced at today's (May 31) Japanese Nintendo Direct event.

Footage in the trailer shows familiar characters such as Donkey Kong and Luigi competing against each other.

Athletics, gymnastics, table tennis, football, rugby, beach volleyball and golf are among the events previewed in the video.

Players are also offered a glimpse of what gameplay will look like on each platform the game is being released on.

Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games will be the fifth under the Mario & Sonic Olympics banner, following tie-ins with Beijing 2008, Vancouver 2010, London 2012 and Sochi 2014.

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"Rio 2016 has less than 20% of sessions sold out in the 1st phase of ticket sales
The result of the draw for the first phase of ticket sales for the 2016 Olympics will be announced on Tuesday, but many people still have the chance to secure his place in the stands in the coming months. According to data released on Monday by the Organizing Committee, only 17.4% of available sessions are fully exhausted, or 121 of 694 available.
5.2 million requests were made and a total of 4.5 million tickets were available to fans, but only 1,592,701 were allocated tickets. Siginificativa The difference in numbers is explained by the fact that some sessions were well attended, with more requests than available entries. Moreover, other methods have low demand and remaining tickets.
In addition to the opening and closing ceremonies, only three sports had the total of tickets sold: triathlon, marathon swimming and synchronized swimming. Among other modalities, in absolute numbers, the largest searches were, in order, by: football, athletics, volleyball, basketball, handball, beach volleyball, tennis, gymnastics, judo and swimming.
Entres people who requested tickets, 65% were included in the first draw, whose results will be announced from 10am on Tuesday. Fans received an email with uum link to enter the site www.rio2016.com/ingressos to access sessions which were randomly selected and the total price of your order.
From July 1, 2015, fans can request new tickets for the second draw, which will result in August. Who has not been contemplated in this first phase, will have priority in the second.
The next steps will be selling in October 2015 (direct selling online) and May 2016 (sale at the box office). Exhausted sessions may become available again in the event of withdrawal, non-payment, contingency release and return of international tickets."

See numbers and curiosities of lottery tickets to Rio 2016:

- Allocated Tickets - draw audited by KPMG
- 1,592,701 4.5 million available
- 65.5% of people were drawn to at least one session;
34.5% were not included
51.3% were partially covered
14.2% were fully covered
- Request Average value: R $ 1,341
- 26% of tickets were half-price;
- Sports over allocation of tickets
1 - Football
2 - Athletics
3 - Volleyball
4 - Basketball
5 - Handball
6 - Beach Volleyball
7 - Tennis
8 - Artistic Gymnastics
9 - Judo
10 - Swimming
- Three sports had the total of tickets sold: triathlon, marathon swimming and synchronized swimming
- Of the 694 sessions available, 121 are fully exhausted. Between them:
Opening ceremony
Closing ceremony
3 sessions exhausted
Final at the Maracana
Quarterfinals Men in São Paulo (August 13)
First stage over the weekend in Sao Paulo (August 10)
3 sessions exhausted
AT005 - including late male 100m
AT014 - including the end of the 4x100m relay men
AT015 - including the end of the 4x400m relay men
6 sessions exhausted
3 sessions first female stage
2 male and female semi Final
Beach volleyball
11 sessions sold out
Male and / or female - Semifinals (2 games)
Male and / or female - Semifinals (2 games)
Female - Bronze and Final
Male - Bronze and Final
17 sessions sold out
Male and Female - Simple 2nd and 3rd rounds; Doubles QF
Male - Simple 3rd round; Mixed Doubles 1st round
Male and Female - Simple QF and SF, Doubles QF and SF
Male and Female - Simple QF, QF and Doubles Semifinals
Male simple - Semifinal; Men's doubles - Final
Male simple - Bronze; Women's singles - Bronze, Final
Male simple, women's doubles and mixed doubles - Final
Volleyball court
11 esgostadas sessions
- 2 sessions - 1st phase F
- 3 sessions - 1st stage M
- 2 F and 2 semis semis M
- Bronze 2 F and M
- 2 Final F and M
Artistic Gymnastics
12 Sessions
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"In mourning," boats do protest against new Marina in the Guanabara Bay
Around 30 boats sailing in sail competition venues at the Olympics in performance-protest "Black Horizon" against new Marina da Glória
With black sails, about 30 boats staged a protest against the new project of the Marina da Glória, Guanabara Bay, on Sunday afternoon. The performance conceived by artist Martha Niklaus was named "Black Horizon" and performed in front of Flamengo Beach, close to the candle rays of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2016. The protest was organized by users of the Marina, which claim that local revitalization works raise the use of space prices by up to 200%.


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Somehow, yes, they will do with the Marina the same thing that happened in many countries with soccer stadiums... They will refurbsh and increase the price of the place in name of modernization...

(I saw some nice and funny protest from English soccer fans against the increase of ticket prices due stadium modernizations)

In the other side, the place do need modernization and refurbshment...

I don't understand why can't they negociate a middle-term that could benefit both sides?

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Excellently detailed piece, interviewing various people involved with or affected by the Rio Games:


The headline, then the titles and the people chosen...


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