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Rio will have a new center of policy command

Government wants to expand the integration of police for all capital

Is forecast to receive 12 seats Cup centers by the end of 2012.

In Rio, work began in October and must end in July 2011.

The federal government intends to expand the creation of integrated centers of the police command for all Brazilian capitals, according to the National Secretariat of Public Security (SENASP) under the Ministry of Justice. The government had already announced the 12 World Cup host cities will have the centers by the end of 2012.

"Effective public safety is the actual integration of Brazilian police. Therefore we have integrated centers by 2012 in 12 capitals host the World Cup. And running at the same time, no precise date to complete, but concurrently for the other 15 capital of the country, integrating the entire Brazilian public security system, "said Maj. Alessandro Aragon, national secretary of Public Safety.

According to Aragon, January 2011, it is expected that all terms of reference for the construction of the centers are unsigned. The documents will serve to formalize the state and federal forces will work together.

The Ministry of Justice reported that each center will have people of different forces, federal, with the Federal Police, Highway Police, the Brazilian Intelligence Agency (ABIN) and the Armed Forces, the state, with civil and military police, and municipal, with guard civil.

The 12 host cities for the finals, which will receive the centers by 2012, are: Rio de Janeiro (RJ), São Paulo (SP), Belo Horizonte (MG), Porto Alegre (RS), Brasilia (DF), Cuiabá (MT ), Curitiba (PR), Fortaleza (CE), Manaus (AM), Natal (RN) Recife (PE) and Salvador (BA).

By agreement between the Union and state governments, the state bears the costs of construction, and federal government agencies team.

The integration of the police was one of the key aspects for successful police operation in the German set of slums in Rio de Janeiro. For more than two weeks, troops from the PM, teams of civilian police and military personnel work in patrols - see video on the integration side of the police in Rio

Action to combat trafficking in Rio is going to be constant after the creation of the center. In the state, according to public works department of the State of Rio de Janeiro (EMOP), construction began in October this year and finish by July 2011.

As the EMOP, the Centre Integrated Command and Control (IACC) is the center of Rio and the capital will cost $ 36 million. House, in the same physical space, telemarketing Military Police (190), Service Mobile Emergency Care, the Samu (192), Fire (193), Civil Police, Civil Defense Hall, Municipal Guard, Highway Patrol Federal and CET-Rio.

Everything will be divided into a four-story building that will include a room with big screen monitoring, crisis room, private rooms for meetings, intelligence rooms, living quarters, helicopter pad, among others.

'Majority of security'

Undersecretary for Public Security, Alessandro Aragon, the centers will represent the "majority of public safety" in the country.

"The United States had to go through a crisis in 2001 to join the police. On Sept. 11, teams do not talk to each other. When the twin towers collapsed, a department knew it would come down and could not speak with the other . and killed 86 policemen from the Police Department of New York because there was no communication. (...) That the Americans could do in a crisis. We have the opportunity to learn from that and we have until December 2012, command centers of control, "assesses the undersecretary.

Aragon says the integration will only benefit the people. "We control centers sit all security managers, Samu, Fire, PM, guard. For the citizen, no matter who answers to the case of car theft is the PM, the police or the Scouts. He wants to be solution of their problem, that's all. "

For the World Cup, the centers should not just focus on the everyday issues of urban violence, but to turn its attention to the situation in the stadiums, hotels, facilities used by Brazilian delegations and events organized by the International Football Federation ( Fifa).

The center of Brasilia can centralize the operations related to the World Cup in other states. The exact formatting of integrated centers, however, is still under discussion. Late last month, officials from several states met in technical meeting on the topic in the Ministry of Justice. New meetings and seminars should be conducted in 2011 to handle on the integration of security forces.


Cabral assures peace of all slums in Rio 2014

Governor says security before, during and after the 2016 Olympics it is a compromise with the International Olympic Committee

A day after making the historic territory of the complex by the German state of Rio de Janeiro, the public safety issue eventually gained prominence in the second seminar on "River City headquarters." The subjects graded for the event held this Monday, in Copacabana, was "Urban Mobility" and "Tourism and Hospitality Infrastructure", but the speakers made sure to leave your testimonials about the latest government actions against parallel power. Governor Sergio Cabral returned to ensure that the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics will be held in peace with all communities in the state already pacified.

- I always told members of the International Olympic Committee that we have not only a commitment to an Olympics and Paralympics and give peace to the thousands of visitors. We want to give a legacy of safety before, during and after. And I was engaged in the campaign to regain all the territories occupied by parallel power. I'm absolutely sure that I will fulfill this commitment by 2014 - said Sergio Cabral, who was much applauded during the event sponsored by the newspaper O Globo.

The president of the Brazilian Hotel Industry (Abhi), Alvaro Brito, was among the speakers who showed more optimism about the actions of state government. Public safety was a major concern in the industry to achieve major sporting events in the city.

- For me, our biggest problem is safety. And the state government is giving an answer pretty. It was a fantastic deal. But I would say this is the first step - he said.

Director of logistics for the 2004 Athens warns on spending

With the presence of the director of logistics for the 2004 Athens Olympics, Evangelos Angeletopoulos, the seminar also aimed to establish an interaction between the two host cities. The Greek stressed the importance of attention to costs, which tend to be "double expectations." Another point highlighted is that each city has its own needs and difficulties and thus little can be taken advantage of earlier editions of the competition.

- Knowledge transfer is not greater than 40%. Typically, the organizing committee receives a lot of data and most of them are crap - Evangelos said.

Governor Sergio Cabral praised the work done by the Greeks, but made clear he will not be the prime example followed by Rio de Janeiro.

- I've been there a few days and had the opportunity to verify the benefits that the city had. But with all due respect to Athens, we have other cities as well as references from the achievements of the Olympic Games, as Barcelona - the governor said.

Location of airports of Rio de Janeiro worries

The situation of the airports of Rio de Janeiro, especially in Rio, was also a hot topic on Monday. Two speakers criticized their conditions. President da Cruz, Alvaro Brito, said that these are "road" while the consultant in airport infrastructure Massa Joseph Wilson criticized their access. Governor Sergio Cabral has also recognized to be a big challenge to turn the "airport in a precarious consistent with the timetable of the River."

- The project to revitalize Galleon commenced in 2008 and I understand that they will in time not only the Olympics as the World Cup. Now, in terms of access, the Galleon worries - Massa said Joseph Wilson, a consultant in airport infrastructure. Alternatively, he suggested setting up a shipping route along Guanabara Bay.

Rio 2016 announces its first two local sponsors in ceremony

Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Carlos Arthur Nuzman, says the IOC was impressed by the action of the police in Rio de Janeiro in the war on drugs

The Games Organizing Committee in 2016 announced late last Thursday the first two local sponsors for the 2016 Olympics. They are: the bank Bradesco and Bradesco Seguros. The contracts were signed on November 29, a day after the invasion of Vila Cruzeiro. Therefore, the president of the Brazilian Olympic Committee and CO-2016, Nuzman, offered this "achievement" to the governor of Rio de Janeiro, Sergio Cabral Filho.

- The actions of the police in Rio also had a great impact on the International Olympic Committee. President Jacques Rogge called me on Wednesday to congratulate the governor for the change he promised a year ago. The legacy of security for Rio de Janeiro has already started - added Nuzman.

The announcement of the first sponsors of the Rio 2016 Games took place in an event for executives of major companies in the Brazilian market. The idea was to introduce a different concept of working brands, since the International Olympic Committee does not allow them in the exhibition venues. Even so, the members of CO-2016 showed several examples of successful partners in other Organizing Committees of the Games.

The American General Electric Company, for example, is a partner of the IOC since 2003. During this period she has been responsible for part of the stadium lighting. From this, the company can work its mark in advertising, always associated with good image of the Olympic Movement.

According to the executive director of CO-RIO, Leonardo Gryner, up 40% of the money invested in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro can come from private enterprise. The number of sponsors is unlimited, since they do not conflict. The minimum bid to acquire a share of sponsorship of the event is $ 570 million.

Mayor launches works at the Museum of Tomorrow

Rio - Mayor Eduardo Paes began on the afternoon of Wednesday the works to build the Museum of Tomorrow, which will be a landmark plan to revitalize the area. The expectation is that the city hall to the building, designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, to be completed by May 2012. This will allow it to be opened for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, known as Rio 20.

At the meeting, held 20 years after Rio 1992, will discuss the contribution of the "green economy" to sustainable development and eliminating poverty, focusing on the issue of international governance structure in the area of sustainable development.

- The goal is for the Museum of Tomorrow is a new icon of Rio de Janeiro and are now the Sugar Loaf, Maracana, and the Lapa Arches of Copacabana Beach Boardwalk - the mayor said Paes.

The prediction of the Roberto Marinho Foundation, which will be responsible for curating the museum, is an area which is open to the public 20 months after Rio. The deadline for early exhibitions and other events in November 2012.

- The museum will seek to show how humanity thinks the future will be in 50 years. This will range from climate change, scientific developments and reducing biodiversity - explained the curator of the Museum of Tomorrow, Luiz Alberto Oliveira.

The Museum of Tomorrow will have two floors connected by ramps and 12.5 million square feet of building area. It will occupy an area equivalent to three football fields and in its vicinity, there will be gardens designed by Roberto Burle Max Of this total, six thousand square meters are intended for exhibition. Downstairs, there will still shop, auditorium, temporary exhibition hall, restaurant and other facilities.

The works will be undertaken in two stages. The first, released on Wednesday by the mayor, is to conduct a structural reinforcement at Pier Maua Square to support a new structure. This step should take about four months and cost $ 22 million. In all, will be implemented over a thousand cuttings. The second step consists of the construction of the building and the surrounding urbanization.

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More news about the logo. A walkway, passing on Atlantic Avenue, will connect the Copacabana Palace Hotel to the main stage of New Year's Eve show, in the sand.

As soon as the bridge to reach the beach, there is a gazebo where the sports and Olympic officials will attend the launch of the Rio 2016 Games logo, the 22-hour day 31.

To animate the stage, the shows have been confirmed by Daniela Mercury, Alcione e Zeca Pagodinho, addition of the batteries of the samba schools: Rio Grande and Unidos da Tijuca (Rio Carnival champion).

And not to say that I have not spoken with flowers, good news for those who depend on public transportation in Rio Another express bus line was extended.

This time, BRT Transbrasil. Originally, the line would link over 60 kilometers of Avenida Brazil, Santa Cruz (West Zone) to Chestnut (North Zone).

Now, linking Santa Cruz to the Santos Dumont Airport (in center).

Paralympic Logo

And while everyone is watching the Olympic logo in 2016, preparations for making the brand of Paralympic competitions are in full swing.

The intent of the Rio 2016 is to promote the Paralympic logo at the end of the first half of 2011. And the tendency is to occur the same selection process for choosing the brand.

Most likely the Paralympic logo will have its own identity, not only be a slight variant of the symbol of the Olympic Games. But its design should follow the same line of the parent brand of the Olympics 2016.

Rogge in Rio

If nothing changes, the president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Jacques Rogge arrived in Rio on the 27th, along with part of the Steering Committee of the entity to follow the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games in 2016.

At first, Rogge did not participate in the work of the committee and, until now, his only official engagement is on day 31, the launch of the Rio 2016 Games logo.

Heavy lifting will fall to the president and director of the Coordination Commission, Nawal El Moutawakel and Gilbert Felli, respectively, 28 and 29. The committee will not come across, so the members competed at straws to see who would integrate the group of half dozen, who will spend the New Year with all the perks in the Marvelous City.

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Rock and Sports

Paes launches construction of the Olympic Park and signed a contract for the athletes' village

With 'push' the Rock in Rio, recreation area, 2016 will be ready in 2011

The completion of the Rock in Rio 2011 in the Olympic Games Park gave a boost to the start of construction of the facility. On Thursday, Mayor Eduardo Paes announced the commencement of work, which should be completed in nine months. The day was also marked by the signing of the contract between the city and a construction which will enable the Olympic Village.

The five and a half games of 2016, the leisure area of the Olympic and Paralympic athletes is already guaranteed. The site, which will be inaugurated with the return of the Rock in Rio to the city after ten years, is in Jacarepagua, in an area of 250 thousand square meters. The city will invest $ 37 million to construct components for the sports and leisure site.

- Here we have, objectively, the first work of the Olympics. That would be a work that could be made in 2015, but it is a work so great, and the opportunity to bring the Rock in Rio is so fantastic, that we decided to go ahead and fund - said Paes.

The project is the installation of equipment for exercise, biking, playground, circulation areas to ride, decking, marina and a gazebo in Lake Jacarepaguá.

- It will be a great recreational area. Imagine the Flamengo Park in Barra da Tijuca. Will also be a place for families who live in the region to tan their children, practice your leisure and enjoy the living areas, sports areas - said the mayor.

Contract to build the Olympic Village is signed

Soon after the ceremony of the Olympic Park, Eduardo Paes signed a contract with the builder Carvalho Hosken to work on the Olympic and Paralympic Village, which will host all the athletes during the 2016 Games.

- Never before in Olympic history began to build an Olympic village at the time that we're starting in Rio de Janeiro. God willing, at the end of the year, the visit of Jacques Rogge (International Olympic Committee president), we will be starting the town - said Paes.

In total, 2,448 apartments will be 3 and April 4 in 34 buildings of 12 floors. The land of 75 hectares is located in the playground, next to Riocentro.

- On Monday, the director of the IOC Olympic Villages were here and he said: "This will be the best and most beautiful town in the history of the Olympic Games" - counted Nuzman, chairman of the Rio-2016.

The president of construction, Carlos Carvalho, made clear, however, that problems along the way can make a company retreat.

- The company that would make the town of Pan had insufficient collateral for financing. So far, I do village and I think I am able to do. But if sometime I feel it will not have what you need, I say: "So I do not know"

Organizing Committee of Rio launches commercial project

Entity wants to raise about $ 900 million for the 2016 Games

The Organizing Committee of Olympic Games and Paralympic Games 2016 released on the afternoon of Thursday its commercial project, the Naval College, in downtown Rio entity's initial intention is to raise a total of $ 513 million (U.S. $ 913.1 million) but only with the proceeds from the category of Financial and Insurance Services totaled $ 320 million (U.S. $ 570 million). The next step is to negotiate the categories of Telecommunications and Sports Equipment.

- We will work with the original forecast we have, which is U.S. $ 513 million. If we get more resources, better, because the involvement of public entities in the budget of the Organizing Committee will be lower - said the president of the Organizing Committee Rio 2016 Nuzman. The current estimate is that public authorities are responsible for $ 700 million (£ 1.2 billion).

The total budget for the Games Organizing Committee Rio 2016 is $ 2.8 billion (U.S. $ 4.9 billion). During today's presentation, the audience made up of representatives from companies and advertising agencies, attended the Marketing paletras personalities such as former director of the International Olympic Committee Michael Payne.

The meeting served to all stakeholders become aware of how the Olympic Games sponsorship. For example, you can do or not to become a sponsor of the competition.

- At this moment, we are not thinking of a campaign. We want to better understand the opportunities this sponsorship provides us - said Chief Marketing Officer of Bradesco, Jorge Nasser. The bank won the category Financial Services and Insurance, the first to be negotiated, to disburse a total of $ 320 million.

The next step will be to sell sponsorship of the Telecommunications category. Then will be time for Sports Equipment.

- It will analyze how the sale of the Sporting Goods category. Many details. We are going to negotiate all or parts. For example, we can negotiate the part to sponsor only volunteers. Since the material of competition could be another deal - said the director general of the Rio 2016, Leonardo Gryner. The opening of trading of sports equipment for Rio 2016 Games should take place by the end of this month.

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Sambadromo News

On Tuesday, Rio will pack more to fill a gift bag that will give the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Paes will present the project to remodel and expand the Sambadromo that the Olympic Games Rio 2016 will stage the arrival of the marathon race and the tests of archery.

The reform will begin at the end of Carnival 2011 and will end in time for the festivities of Carnival 2012.

The project was budgeted at $ 30 million and will be funded by private enterprise. A new block will be built with three modules bleachers, boxes and stalls, including areas for the installation of public toilets, access for people with disabilities, health centers, security room, service areas and a space intended for the jurors.

And the samba runway capacity will be increased from 60 000 to 75 000.

Rumor: It seems that Jacques Rogge during his visit to Rio, will also visit the Complexo do Alemão, the largest favela in Rio de Janeiro that was pacified in recent weeks, after a huge military operation.

Olympic Village

And on last Thursday the Organizing Committee of Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Rio 2016 and the Brazilian Olympic Committee (IOC) had reason to celebrate.

The Rio 2016 celebrated in advance to assist the mayor of Rio, Eduardo Paes, sign the contract for building the Olympic Village, which is maintained by the construction company Carvalho Hosken, owner of the land.

The delivery forecast remains December 2015, but the start of work in advance so that nothing is late. In total, the Village will have 34 buildings of 12 floors with 2448 rooms of three and four bedrooms, spread over an area of 75 hectares.

According to the application file will be 8856 / 4 and 17,712 beds. And the value of the Olympic Village will reach U.S. $ 1.1 billion.

BOC already celebrated late. I say late because, three years after the Pan American Games in Rio, the Maria Lenk Aquatic Park is finally beginning to bear fruit for sports development in Brazil.

Was inaugurated the Training Centre Team Brazil. The first facility to be ready is the Taekwondo Training Center. And by May 2011 will be inaugurated on site: Training Center Weightlifting, the Olympic Lab, the Hall of Strength and Conditioning and Training Center for Artistic Gymnastics, which will be mounted multipurpose Arena.

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Brazil, Australia sign accord on Olympic cooperation


FOZ DE IGUACU, Brazil — Australia signed an agreement with Brazil Wednesday to share knowledge on putting on the Olympics to help preparations with Rio's hosting of the 2016 Games.

In a joint statement, the governments of both countries said a memorandum of understanding was signed in the southern town of Foz de Iguacu ahead of a South American summit by the Mercosur bloc.

Visiting Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd participated in the signing with his Brazilian counterpart, Celso Amorim.

The text highlighted Australia's successful hosting of the 2000 Olympics in Sydney and its aim "to contribute to Brazil?s successful hosting of the 2016 Olympic Games" through cooperation and exchanging information.

Government officials in charge of sports in each country are to set up a program of visits to share tips on preparing infrastructure and services and to boost public support leading up to the Rio Olympics.

Stepped-up trade and investment was also to be looked at and joint ventures for Australian and Brazilian companies encouraged.

Rudd, speaking to AFP in Sao Paulo Wednesday just before heading to Foz de Iguacu, said his visit underlined growing ties between Australia and Brazil, both resource-rich exporters.

"Brazil is a rising power worldwide and that's why it is important that Australia is here and is here regularly," he said.

"We intend to be back more regularly. It's an important relationship for us. I think it's also an important relationship for Brazil, as we seek to do more with other, bilaterally, but together with each other in the world," he said.


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UFC Rio has date: August 27

Dana White, UFC president says economic impact to the city ranges from $ 15 million to 50 million dollars

The organization of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) announced on Wednesday that the event will again have a Brazilian edition on August 27 at HSBC Arena in Barra da Tijuca, west of Rio de Janeiro. This will be the second time the biggest tournament of mixed martial arts (MMA) brings in the country - the first was in 1998 in the gymnasium of Portuguesa in Sao Paulo. Tickets go on sale in May.

The conference, held at the City Palace, was attended by four Brazilian sports idols: Vitor Belfort, Anderson Silva, Aldo Mauricio 'Shogun' Rua and the legendary Royce Gracie. The surprise was due to the announcement that Gracie, 44, can participate. The son of Helio Gracie owns three titles in the UFC, including the first edition of the tournament and is considered a living legend of the sport. The contestants of the event in Rio will not be known in a few months, since they depend on the outcome of fights that lie ahead.

"Brazil is where it all began 75 years ago with my father. This here is the crib. What my father created is coming home, "said Gracie, who now fight only on special occasions:" We are talking. Coaching? Always. I'm always ready. "

The edition was named Rio UFC Rio, carrying the name of the city rather than a number, as is customary. Mayor Eduardo Paes gave the welcome to the tournament and defended the MMA. "Rio has had problems in the past with what is conventionally called MMA. This here has nothing to do with MMA or disorder. It is a sport with rules and with professionalism. "

According to Dana White, UFC President, "the economic impact we bring to the cities ranges from $ 15 million to 50 million dollars. Then, the event is very positive for Rio. "One night of UFC can yield up to 75 million reais.

Athletes celebrate the fact the sport's image has improved in the country. Belfort recalled that early in his career faced much prejudice, and Curitiba Anderson Silva is concerned to win the admiration of children. In chorus with Gracie said "do not smoke, do not drink and never fought in the street. And I'm a professional fighter. The struggle teaches self respect and discipline. It's a great sport for kids. "

The UFC's return to Brazil is part of an international expansion strategy of the event, which target emerging markets like Brazil, India and China. The visibility of Rio due to the proximity of the World Cup and the Olympic Games helped the Brazil forward pass that list.

Over the years, the UFC has evolved with the addition of several rules. Royce Gracie, who has come to be fighting champion four times in one night, remembers fondly the old days. "I do not know if it was more difficult. It was more raw, with no rules. Today, with the rules, became a show. The UFC has turned it all in a show at an event. But it is a struggle. It's for real. "

Currently, the UFC has 36 Brazilian athletes - some of the best. Therefore, Belfort provides a win-green and yellow next year. "What I can guarantee is that Brazil will be a champion. And I'm training. "

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Cabral has $ 900 billion in investments to Rio over the next four years

According to the governor of Rio de Janeiro, Sergio Cabral, the state has over $ 900 billion in public and private investments mapped and contracted for the next four years. "This is one of the largest portfolio of new investments compared to any state, province or region of the world," the governor said.

After highlighting the schedule of investments in the state, and enhance the investments planned for the Rio, the governor took over the airport as a focus of the problem in Rio, for the World Cup 2014. However, the governor emphasized that this can be solved in time.

- I do not understand why not lease the airport. The president Dilma (elected president) assures me that will make the necessary investments. I believe her. The question is, if lease, decides to fast. Keeping in pace Infraero, will be a disaster.

Cabral also reminded of upcoming events that the city will host, going beyond the World Cup in the Olympics.

- Next year, the Rio will host the World Military Games, with more participants than the Pan-American Games of 2007. In 2012, the international community to meet back in Rio to discuss environment and development. In 2013, we will host the Confederations Cup. In 2014, also receive the World Cup. In 2015, we celebrate throughout the year the 450 th anniversary of our capital. And in 2016, a key moment, especially when we host the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. Rio de Janeiro is living a unique moment and offers many business opportunities - the governor said.

For the governor, these gains are perfecting the city's name around the world. Rio de Janeiro is no longer seen as a violent city, to be seen as a big city, a new brand.

- Here in New York, more than 200 investors from a list that was limited to 150 came to this lecture. This is not Sergio Cabral. It's Rio de Janeiro. The Rio brand is very strong. She was asleep, abused, damaged. But she is so strong that these four years we managed to win the Olympics, the investment grade. Just do your homework.

Finally, Cabrera was asked if, with improved image of the city, intends to run for president in upcoming elections. The governor frown.

- I think so good to be in four years' end a cycle of eight years as governor, leaving the Rio at another level, for me, my country is Rio de Janeiro. I love Rio Rio is a country: it has 16 million people, eight million visitors. I love Brazil and Rio is the synthesis of Brazil. So I'm ruling Brazil - said the governor, smiling to reporters.

The statement was made in a speech to foreign investors at the Harvard Club in New York, United States, on Friday (17). The event, organized by the United Nations Association, the Forum of the Americas and the Brasilinvest, brought together over 200 people.

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  • 2 weeks later...

A record-time beginning of the construction works for the Rio 2016 Olympic Village pleases IOC President

“I am glad because I see the preparation for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games is going extremely well”, said the International Olympic Committee President (IOC), Jacques Rogge, in the laying of the cornerstone of the Rio Olympic and Paralympic Village, in the morning of this Wednesday 29th, highlighting that the Village is the “heart of the Olympic experience, a sacred place”.

The ceremony also had the presence of a number of authorities as State Governor Sérgio Cabral, and his Vice-Governor Fernando Pezão; Mayor Eduardo Paes; Senator Regis Fichtner; IOC senior member João Havelange; IOC Coordination Commission President Nawal El Moutawakel; businessman Carlos Fernando Carvalho, from Carvalho Hosken construction company; and Rio 2016 Committee Carlos Arthur Nuzman. Olympic athletes were also present, including beach volleyball Olympic medalist Sandra Pires.

Located in the Western Zone of the city, next to Riocentro, which is one of the Games competing venues, the Village will provide the athletes the chance of experiencing the carioca lifestyle. During the event, 46% of the athletes will be staying 10 minutes from the competition and training venues and 73% only 25 minutes away.

Seventy-five hectares, being 58 used for accommodation area, with 48 twelve-storey buildings and 2,800 more apartments to house the 17,700 athletes. The apartments, of three and four bedrooms, will house eight athletes each. The parking lots will have the capacity for 1,000 cars.

At the entrance of the complex, the Olympic Plaza will exhibit the traditional 205 participating country flags and will provide commercial centers and other services. The Carioca Street, about 700 meters long, will reproduce the sidewalks and kiosks of the Rio beaches, world famous, and will also have cafés, restaurants, juice and ice-cream stores.

The project also includes a training center, a park and, nearby, the Olympic Village Beach.

The Village will also have a pool, movie theater, spa, gym and business center, among other options of leisure such as the Barra da Tijuca condos, a neighborhood famous for offering housing complexes of excellent infrastructure. Reproducing a common practice in former Olympic and Paralympic Games Villages, the apartments will be sold after the event.

Follows what some of the authorities present stated:

“We will kick start the beginning of the constructions of the Rio 2016 Village in record time. We will have an extraordinary Village; it will be the best and most beautiful in the history of the Olympic and Paralympic Games”.

Carlos Arthur Nuzman

“This is a public-private consistent partnership, a harmonious project between nature and sports. And we will have a Village that the Paralympic athletes will enjoy with dignity. This project will serve as an accessibility model for Brazilian architecture”.

Sergio Cabral

“Rio de Janeiro is going through a very special moment and it is not a coincidence that it goes so well. There is a huge effort to make the transformations in the city. We will meet the deadlines and deliver the works before scheduled time to evaluate with comfort the problems that might come up”.

Eduardo Paes

“I would like to thank the support the sports world receives from the Brazilian public authorities, the three levels of governments – Federal, State and City ones. That is what we need”.

Jacques Rogge

“Surely the thirty-first Olympic Village of history will be a modern project, a landmark in the accomplishment of an urban dream. In a scenery of 18 kilometers of a tropical beach and lagoons of Barra da Tijuca, we will have a great meeting place for athletes from all over the world”.

Carlos Fernando Carvalho


Source: http://www.rio2016.org.br/en/Noticias/Noticia.aspx?idConteudo=1245

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Definition process of the Rio 2016 Olympic Park project started

With the presence of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) President, Jacques Rogge, City of Rio de Janeiro Mayor, Eduardo Paes, and the Institute of Architects of Brazil (IAB, in Portuguese) in Rio President, Sérgio Magalhães, in the morning of this Wednesday 29th, they signed the technical cooperation term for the realization of an international general architecture and urbanization tender for the Olympic Park of Barra, which will concentrate 19 Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games facilities.

The ceremony was held at the Arena da Barra, located where the Olympic Park will be built, in the Western Zone of the city, and also counted with the presence of State Governor, Sérgio Cabral; High Performance Sports Secretary of the Ministry of Sports, Ricardo Leyser; IOC Coordination Commission President for the Rio 2016 Games President, Nawal El Moutawakel; IOC Olympic Games Director, Gilbert Felli; Rio 2016 Organizing Committee President, Carlos Arthur Nuzman; and the Rio 2016 Games CEO, Leonardo Gryner.

“The Olympic Games are an opportunity for a city, and even a continent, to think of its future”, Rogge said. “It is possible to do in seven years what would probably be done in twenty-five”, reinforced him, also stating that the Games have the capacity to speed up the development of a city in a sustainable way. Rogge said that the IOC defends the construction of self-sufficient or temporary facilities, which could be disassembled after the Games.

He praised the partnership initiatives between governments and other entities and underlined that the legacy left by the Games will be “partly human and partly brickwork”.

During the ceremony, Gryner presented the park project, which will be built in an area of 1.6 million square meters. The Olympic Park, which will occupy the area of the Jacarepaguá Racing Circuit (and will include the Arena da Barra and the Aquatic Park Maria Lenk, built for the Rio 2007 Pan-American Games), will concentrate most of the sports competitions of the Rio 2016 Games, such as judo, volleyball, basketball, cycling, hockey, tennis, taekwondo, swimming, wrestling and handball.

The IBC (games transmission center) and the MPC (press center) will also be located at the Olympic Park.

According to the CEO, at the park 112 gold medals will be handed to the athletes, which will represent 40% of the total of the Rio 2016 Games. The planning presented expects the construction of 10 permanent facilities and other 9 temporary ones. That part of the land should be utilized for private enterprises that will be defined by the City Hall Director Planning.

Sérgio Magalhães stated that the selection of projects for the Olympic Park will be developed in two stages, beginning January 15th, 2011. The first one will evaluate the experience of all teams of architects and will select eight groups of professionals from all over the world. In the second stage the eight final projects will be evaluated.

The winning group will be known in June of the same year and will coordinate the executive project and the implementation of the facilities of the park. For the President of IAB of Rio de Janeiro, the quality of the groups involved will be paramount for the Games and the future of the city. “I am sure that it is a very important contribution for the success of the Olympic Games and the quality of the legacy the city of Rio de Janeiro and the state will have with the 2016 Olympic Games”, he said.


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IOC president visits works for the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016

Jacques Rogge and his team had triple journey this Thursday

The delegation of the International Olympic Committee follows its agenda in Rio de Janeiro. On Thursday, the IOC president Jacques Rogge took the morning to visit the excavation works of the subway line 4, which will connect Jardim Oceânico, Barra, to the district of Gavea in in South Zone. The group also visited the Grota Funda and also met UPP of Pavãozinho.



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Are you serious, baron? :lol:

About the preparations, considering that they have to host a world cup as well on three years i'm not surprised at all that they began early. Reminds me a bit when Seoul had their olympic venues already finished in 1986 because of the Asian Games that year.

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You could have put a link, at least :rolleyes:

BTW, I don't know if anyone has already seen the new logo (apart from the organizers) but it's surprising it was chosen several months ago and it hasn't been leaked!

Indeed :lol: i guess they didnt want to repeat the mistake they did with the 2014 WC logo (by the way the agency ''Africa'' which worked on the 2014 logo isnt participating here)

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