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IOC says Olympics in Rio may have news

The President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Jacques Rogge said on Wednesday that some of the new evidence in the Youth Games held this year may enter the summer Olympics and the 2016 edition of the event in Rio de Janeiro, cultural programs should be parallel to the competitions.

- We are considering adding some rules in a future Olympic program. I'ma big fan of mixed evidence - Rogge said, alluding to some of the competitions conducted in Singapore in 2010 as the triathlon and basketball with relays in the form of three against three at half court.

The IOC president promised that the next Youth Games will be conducted in Nanjing (China), within four years, a competition will be higher quality than those in Singapore, where it was developed alongside a cultural program that Rogge also wants to introduce us summer games.

- We are studying for the traditional Olympics. There is a clear space for it. Is it too late to do it in London in 2012, but it may be possible for 2016 - added.

States will have higher debt ceiling for the World Cup and Olympics

Senate approved, on Monday, a project which includes infrastructure works

It was approved on Tuesday in the plenary of the Senate, the draft resolution 44/10, which relaxes the limits on borrowing by states to finance transactions for infrastructure works to achieve the 2014 World Cup and the Olympics 2016. The change in resolution 43, 2001 will be valid only for the two events, in order to avoid delays in the work of state jurisdiction. Lack only the project to be published in the Official Gazette to pass the count.

The bill was voted on during the last period of concentrated effort from the government before the elections. The drive ends on Wednesday. In the morning, went through the Economic Affairs Commission (EAC) of the Senate and in the afternoon, in plenary session.

Rapporteur of the project, Senator Romero Juca (PMDB-RR), spoke about its benefits:

- It gives the conditions for states to hire loans quickly, enabling the works to the finals of the World - said.

The vote was only possible because the project does not include loans for construction in stages. If that were the case, the opposition would not agree with the approval before the elections.

Other projects, such as the Provisional Measures 488 and 489, are stuck due to lack of agreement to vote on the House Floor. The MP 489 relaxes the order of bidding for contracts of works for World Cup and Olympics. And HB 488 creates the Brazilian Legacy Sports, which will provide services to government and the Public Authority Olympic.

Mayor wants to integrate athletes Rock in Rio in 2016

Eduardo Paes festival suggests that open or close the Olympics

Released on Monday in Rio de Janeiro, Rio Rock in around the city in 2011, after ten, to inaugurate the Olympic Park Town Rock, a large recreation area in Barra da Tijuca, Zona Oeste. The music festival will be held every two years, but Mayor Eduardo Paes wants the event to join the athletes at the Olympics in 2016:

- The Olympic Park was a promise in the Olympic bid as a local recreational athletes. We could do the Rock in Rio before the opening or closing of the Games, with the participation of athletes - suggested Paes.

By design, the Olympic Park City of Rock will cost between $ 60 million and $ 65 million. Being a public-private partnership, the city will pay about $ 40 million with the sale of land expropriation and urbanization of the site. The remainder will be spent on setting up the infrastructure and will be funded by entrepreneur Roberto Medina, creator of the Rock in Rio in 1985.

The Olympic Park will have a large green area, sports courts and an arena show with a capacity of over 120 000 people. The land is in an area near the Riocentro and the future Olympic Village. The bidding for the construction of the project should be published this week in the Official Gazette and the work should last from eight to nine months.

- No room for big events in Rio We have limitations in places like the Maracanã, Flamengo Park and the Apotheosis Square. It will be a park that will be available to the population - said Paes.

Still no confirmed artists for the 2011 edition of the Rock in Rio, but Medina has dreams of a night with Shakira and Lady Gaga and another with Iron Maiden and Guns N 'Roses. The revised schedule, the music festival will be held on 23, 24, 25 and 30 September and 1 and October 2.

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IOC Releases partial transfer of rooms for the Port Area

Mayor Eduardo Paes seeks recovery of the area

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has hit the hammer and authorized the transfer of four thousand rooms of the Media Village, scheduled to Barra da Tijuca, Zona Oeste for the harbor area, at the Centre. Even with the decision, the city of Rio, in partnership with the Rio 2016 Organizing Committee, a study in an attempt to move more homeowners to Porto.

- The city wants to take more rooms. But depend on the IOC - said the director general of the Olympic and Paralympic Games 2016, Leonardo Gryner.

Since the river was elected the host city of the Games in October last year, some segments of society began to press the mayor for constructions were made in Porto. At first, Mayor Eduardo Paes tried to take the whole town of Media.

In May, when pleaded changes to the IOC, Paes failed. For consolation prize, he received the right to erect four thousand quarters in Port Vila Media also has facilities that had not defined locations to be erected, as the Monitoring Center.

The town's Media Bar was designed to have 20175 / 4, a total of 9533 apartments. And of those households, 1649 were reserved only for referees.

Besides the transfer of the four thousand already authorized by the IOC of Barra da Tijuca to the Centre in accordance with the application file 2016, the port region will need more for a 1840 / 4 Town of Arbitrators which was already planned for the site. And over 1248 / 4 Media Village and technical officials before scheduled to be built in the region of the Maracanã. In total, 7088 / 4 in Porto.

- The intention is to do around 15 000 dwellings in London - said the Special Secretariat for Development, Felipe Garcia.

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COB entourage travels to London

Brazilians make inspections of the works of 2012 Olympics

A delegation of the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB) on Monday flew to London to do an inspection on the premises of the 2012 Olympics.

The Organizing Committee of Olympic Games of London 2012 will present the progress of construction on the Olympic Park, Olympic Village and eight other sports facilities.

The Brazilians also detailed information on the services of the Games, such as transport, accommodation and accreditation.

- This inspection tour will be crucial to know closely the premises of the London Games in 2012 and to begin to plan the assembly of the Brazilian Mission to the upcoming Olympic Games. This contact with the Organizing Committee is essential to offer the best possible conditions for Brazilian athletes during the Olympics - Marcus Vinicius Freire said, superintendent of sports executive of BOC.

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The IOC has arrived

The arrival of the President of the Coordination Committee of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for the 2016 Games, Nawal El Moutawakel, and Executive Director Gilbert Felli, the visits on Wednesday and Thursday, was preceded by two technicians international entity.

Throughout the week, the two technical meetings with the three levels of government, beyond the Rio 2016 Committee, to prepare an initial report of how things are going here. This document will be sent on Monday to Nawall and Felli.

The intention is that they have an idea of what awaits them here. And, for what he knew, guess what was the main complaint of coaches and that the report contain?

The fact that the Olympic Public Authority has not yet left the paper. Therefore, the running of government fedearl on Friday, when they chose the board of the Brazil Company in 2016.

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The IOC has arrived

Nawal El Moutawakel, and Executive Director Gilbert Felli,

R those 2 having an affair? They seem to be travelling a lot together!! Felli's Italian so I think that's why Nawal issued that downer statement about a 2020 African bid. She is secretly boosting Rome's chances becaue of her current paramour, Gilbert.

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The day was hot

The Chairman of the Steering Committee of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for the 2016 Games, Nawal El Moutawakel, and Executive Director Gilbert Felli, and ten experts of the entity, ended Thursday praising the performance of Rio so far in its task of organizing the event.

But even this outcome ...

The day began with governments having to explain why the Olympic Public Authority has not left the paper. But to appease critics, the sports minister, Orlando Silva Junior, he had already met Nawal late on Wednesday.

Then it was time for the city of Rio request to transfer 11 000 more rooms of Vila Media Barra da Tijuca to the harbor area. Recall that the 20175 / 4, the IOC has already authorized the transfer of four thousand.

However, both Nawal and especially Felli were against the idea. But the mayor of Rio, Eduardo Paes, said he left the meeting convinced that he won a few more rooms for the Port.

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New contest chooses projects for Olympics-2016

The city of Rio has partnered with the IAB (Institute of Architects of Brazil) to choose the Olympic installations Rio-2016. The decision came after the council cancel the project selection for the Olympic Training Center.

City Hall and the entity will choose, by tender, the best preliminary studies of architecture and urbanism for other works related to the Games: the eight Olympic facilities to be built in the port area.

The IAB had criticized the way the dissemination of the announcement on the Olympic center and suggested an international tender. The Rio-2016 committee said it would launch a new announcement, and yesterday the IAB was prepared to cooperate, if asked by the organizers.

The institute, applications will be opened up to a month and the contract will last five months. The three best projects will serve as an example for the facilities

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Google translator

Mayor wants to use New Year to give international exposure to Rio

Launch of the Olympic brand will be done minutes before the fireworks.

Secretary: "eyes will be focused on the city."

With the launch of the Olympic brand in 2016 just minutes from the fireworks of New Year's Eve in Copacabana, Rio's Mayor's Office intends to use the event to give international exposure to the city.

"All eyes will be on Rio Here are the representatives of the IOC (International Olympic Committee), and this launch, will symbolize the last act of President Lula," said Tourism Secretary and Chairman of Riotur Antonio Pedro Figueira de Mello, on Monday (13), during a press conference to present the project for the New Year.

According to the secretary, 11 ferries will be installed along the edge of Copacabana to the explosion of light, sound and fireworks for 20 minutes. Five minutes before midnight there will be a spectacle of light and laser. It is planned a surprise after the fireworks display and an artist who was still under negotiation.

Organizers said they will pump 1200 by ferry and a total of about 20 tons of fireworks. "It will be a grand spectacle and secure," he said Vivian Pires, who is returning to the event after 10 years away. It represents, in Brazil, the Spanish company Pyro amount, which will hold the spectacle of fireworks.

The company Vivian, the Promo3, was involved in 2001 as one of the main accused in the sand for the accident that left one person dead and dozens injured after some fireworks exploded in the direction of the public.

"Of the 33 cases, today there are only six. In all sentences vindicated and I will until the end to prove it in court, "said Vivian, recognizing that the fireworks in the sand pose a risk. The secretary said he trusts the work of entrepreneur and "she will do a safe show."

"That was an accident and showed that it is a risk of fires burning in the sand, near the public," said Tourism Secretary and Chairman of Riotur Antonio Pedro.

Árvorte set designer of the lake also hosts the show

Also responsible for the spectacle of fireworks and lights, the set designer Abel Gomes, who made the lighting of the Tree Lagoon, said the provision of ferries, straight, will allow greater visibility to the public and with greater security.

"It will be a light show with 40 towers and laser cannons of art that reach a distance of up to three kilometers," said Abel.

With five guaranteed quota of sponsors, the cost of the event is estimated at U.S. $ 17.5 million. Of the four planned stages in the project, one of the main will be installed in front of the Copacabana Palace.

The secretary also said that Pedro Antonio at New Year will receive a warm luxury to write the special Roberto Carlos on December 25 on Copacabana Beach.

Sheeffield get Brazil in 2012 Olympics

English city is one of the headquarters of the Brazilian delegation

The Brazilian Olympic Committee has set this Friday some details of the logistics of the Brazilian delegation to the London Olympics 2012. After some meetings with the Games Organising Committee (LOCOG), it was decided that the city of Sheffield will be the first to receive athletes in the final preparation for the competition.

- The trip is a success. Besides defining the first local acclimatization Team Brazil, narrowed our relationship with LOCOG, through meetings key that will serve to improve the planning of BOC for the Olympics 2012. We know the Olympic Village and were able to view the progress of construction of all sports facilities. I'm sure that will be memorable games, with structures of optimal level - said Marcus, head of the Brazilian delegation.

The COB will mount a base outside the Olympic Village to offer good conditions for Brazilian athletes during the Olympics. In it, trainers, physiotherapists and members of depatamento Sports Science can do their jobs.

In addition to Sheffield, four other sites in the UK were visited and could serve as a training base for the Brazilian delegation.

2016 logo will be projected on screens on the beach

Municipal Tourism announced on Monday the details of New Year's Eve party

The Municipal Tourism announced on Monday the details of this year's New Year's Eve celebration on Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro. For the schedule, at 23.45 on 31 December, there will be the launch of the logo of the Olympics in 2016.

The Olympic symbol is on the beach project on screens from a barge anchored 250 meters offshore. The idea of the city is that President Lula activate the system as a last act of his government.

The festival, which will cost about $ 17.5 million against $ 15 million last year, will be organized by the company SR Cultural Promotions, the set designer Abel Gomes, responsible for assembling the Christmas tree Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas. The cost of the event will be done by five patrocidadores: Coca-Cola, Bradesco, Petrobras, Hi and EBX Group.

In the bid to organize the party, SR Cultural Promotions defeated T'ai Artistic Productions and Events Ltd. and Fivecurrents Creative Productions Ltda. The latter is headed by former Disney producer Scott Givens. The U.S. was responsible for the opening ceremony of the Pan American Games Rio 2007 and also the coordinator of the New Year's Eve at Copacabana last year. On occasion, Abel Gomes was charged with caring for the stage where the shows occur.

By design this year, will be assembled four themed stages between the streets and Xavier da Silveira Santa Clara, in Copacabana, Leme and one on a main in front of the Copacabana Palace Hotel. The prediction is that the concerts start at 18h.

There will also be a light show with laser beam for five minutes. Drawings will appear in the sky from 80 cannons installed in 40 towers. The countdown the new year will have 20 seconds, and the fireworks display will last 20 minutes.

The fireworks show will be the responsibility of businesswoman Vivian Pires, who was removed from the event ten years ago. She ran the company Promo 3 and was responsible for the fireworks at the turn of 2000 to 2001, when the fires were still on the beach. On occasion, an incident killed one person and left 40 injured.

Today the company Dirah 7, Vivian said it will use 15-20 tons of fireworks of Spanish manufacture. They will be on 11 ferries to 350 meters from the beach.

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Eight agencies in the fight for Olympic Web site of Rio

Finalists prepare proposals for developing digital platform of the Games

Eight agencies were qualified earlier this week for the final phase of the selection process that the company will be responsible for the site of the Olympic Games in Rio has hit the highest score and continue the fray the following agencies: Publicis, AgênciaClick Isobar, Village, Be !, Chestnut 68, Canvas, Ginga and TV1.

Companies should give up on October 6 the proposed work and provide the site with a brand new look based on 2016, offering features that meet the variety of audiences to join the Games as athletes, students, volunteers and tourists.

The new site of the Games in Rio de Janeiro will air in the first minute of 2011.

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At an event with the participation of the President of Rio 2016 Committee, Carlos Arthur Nuzman, and president of the CBF, Ricardo Teixeira, Mayor Rio Eduardo Paes detonated the first blast for the opening of the tunnel Grota Funda, path of the corridor express bus - BRT Transoeste.

The Transoeste will link will take approximately 50 km and will connect the Barra da Tijuca Santa Cruz, with an estimated cost of $ 692 million.

The work, the only one to be completed in the current administration of the prefecture, is one of the main avenues for achieving the 2016 Games.

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At an event with the participation of the President of Rio 2016 Committee, Carlos Arthur Nuzman, and president of the CBF, Ricardo Teixeira, Mayor Rio Eduardo Paes detonated the first blast for the opening of the tunnel Grota Funda, path of the corridor express bus - BRT Transoeste.

The Transoeste will link will take approximately 50 km and will connect the Barra da Tijuca Santa Cruz, with an estimated cost of $ 692 million.

The work, the only one to be completed in the current administration of the prefecture, is one of the main avenues for achieving the 2016 Games.

I'm glad to see that some infra-structure works has already begun in Rio.

Subway and the corridor are already in work.

New times for bureaucracy in Brazil?

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Rio buses to have standard colours

The Rio de Janeiro City Hall ended the planning of the new system of city buses, and one of the new things about this is the new colours standard.

By now, each company operating in Rio have its own colours (which makes the city a carnaval of buses, for the good or for the bad).

The new bus standard was unveiled in O Globo newspaper:



It got cool, but so white...

Actually I will miss some traditional buses colours we have in Rio, like Sao Silvestre Bus Co., for example...

But, the city really needs a better system...


São Silvestre colours will be missed for those who live in South Zone... So traditional

Edited by DannyelBrazil
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The President of the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB) and the Rio 2016 Organizing Committee, Carlos Arthur Nuzman, unveiled on Monday in Brasilia during a ceremony at the Presidential Palace that the country's goal for 2016 is to finish among the top ten placed.

But calm. It is among the top ten in the total number of medals.

In Beijing Olympics 2008, Brazil won a total of 15 medals (three gold, four silver and eight bronze) which gave the country the 23 th place in the medals table.

Except that if we consider only the total number of medals with 15, Brazil finished in 17th place. The last place of the coveted Top 10 was occupied by Ukraine with 27 medals.

In Beijing, the tenth place in the ranking obtained by larger number of gold medals went to France, who won seven - the same number of Ukraine and the Netherlands.

In the tiebreaker, the French totaled 16 silver and 17 bronze, the Ukrainians, five silver and 15 bronze, and the Dutch, five silver and four bronze.

To London in 2012, the goal is to win a greater number of medals that reached in Beijing in 2008.

Lula signs that MP encourages sport in the country for 2016

Amends rules in Law Agnelo / Piva and creates new categories to the Scholarship Athlete

President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva signed on Monday in Brasilia, the Provisional Measure of High Yield, which aims to accelerate the development of sport in the country until the 2016 Olympics, which will be held in Rio de Janeiro.

MP alters the transfer of funds of Law Agnelo / Piva for the IFs, creates new categories to the Athlete Assistance Program and promotes changes in existing rules.

The two new categories are the basis of Athlete and Athlete Podium. The latter could reach U.S. $ 15 000 per athlete and is intended for those who have more chances to medal in the ways that dispute. The criterion used is to put the world ranking. The benefit will be valid for four years and may be renewed.

Already Athlete Base aims to meet the needs of the student category. The monthly benefit is R $ 370.00.

- Before there was this prediction for athlete basis, only for participants from schools Olympics - said Minister of Sports Orlando Silva, the "Agency Brazil."

Before the amendments introduced by the interim measure existing grant, only those athletes who had no patronage were ready to receive the benefit.

Changes in the Law Agnelo / Piva predict that the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB) and the Brazilian Paralympic Committee (CPB) might receive the support of the law by signing a contract with management goals to be met by the confederations. The contract also sets the priorities for investment of public resources.

Law Agnelo / Piva was created in 2002 and is intended 2% of federal revenue from lotteries to sports. Of this total resource, 85% are passed to the COB, and 15% for the CPB, which must allocate the funds to sports federations.

English architect came to Brazil to look in 2016

Jeff Keas worked in seven Olympic and two World Cups

With four editions of the Olympic Games in the curriculum, and three winter and two World Cups, the architect Jeff Keas arrives in Brazil this week, with attention focused on the Olympics in Rio in 2016. English will be one of the speakers SportsEvents, conference designed for companies wishing to conduct business for both the 2014 World Cup as the 2016 Games, taking place at the Convention Center Riocentro, Jacarepagua, West Zone of Rio, between Wednesday and Friday fair.

- The Populous (company where he works) specializes in creating spaces for public gatherings, such as stadiums, arenas and major international events. We are hoping to work with the Committee and the Public Authority 2016 Olympic - Keas said.

The architect will speak mainly about the creation and use of temporary facilities at a major event. He stressed that the secret to creating an efficient structure is the combination of four factors: operations, budget, culture and design.

About the 2016 Games, commented Keas not be familiar with the entire project. But praised, after a quick analysis of proposals submitted by the city to organize the event.

- Li River that will use many existing facilities, and sought to minimize the construction of new ones. It seems to have been a great solution adopted by the Organising Committee - said English.

Keas expressed confidence in the ability to deliver the Games to Rio, even though some members of the community sports world still show uncertainty.

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Top 5

The President of the Brazilian Paralympic Committee (BPC), Andrew Parsons, said the goal for the Rio 2016 Games is to win the fifth place in the medals table.

And unlike the BOC that determined to be among the top ten in the overall medals won, the position sought by the CPI takes into account the classification in the medals table by the number of golds won.

- But I make it clear that if we are in seventh, not the end of the world - said Parsons, on Thursday.

The chairman of CPB also said the seventh position in the medals table is the objective outlined for the 2012 London Games.

The evolution of the Brazilian Paralympic sport in recent editions of the Games was significant.

Atlanta 1996 to 37 th place.

Sydney 2000 - 24th place.

Athens 2004 - 14th place.

Beijing 2008 - 12 th place.

All in line

In the past week in Brazil were two of the main planners of the 2012 London Games.

Jeff Keas (temporary facilities, design and planning) and Dan Epstein (sustainability) gave various explanations of how the work has been developed for the Londoners did not disappoint in 2012.

But I'll play here, a schedule was designed as preparation. And these figures give an idea that, at least for now, although there is nothing extraordinary in the late River

2005 to 2007 - the year were devoted to planning. Putting all of the paper. Preparation of executive projects.

2007/2008 - Details of projects and commencement of demolition.

2008/2011 - Output of large buildings.

2011/2012 - Implementing the Event-tests.

As we can see, the Londoners took two years detailing the entire project to then begin the construction.

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BRT and expropriations

by Michel in Castellar 29.set.2010 at 22:32 pm

The city of Rio will get the works for the construction of the express bus (BRT) Transcarioca linking Barra da Tijuca, Zona Oeste, at the Tom Jobim International Airport in the north, even with only 20% of expropriations carried out .

In total, the city will need 3,600 expropriate property for the construction of the line. The Secretary Extraordinary River Development, Felipe Garcia, told me that everything happens on schedule.

- We still have a good number of eminent domain and will be a matter of negotiation. There's no way (to go back), there is an overriding public interest, which is building a new development and will be made - Rumsfeld said.

Garcia added that the works will begin from the portions in which the expropriation is not an annoyance its progress. It is anticipated that the Transcarioca be ready in 2014.

Nuzman speech in London to import temporary facilities for basketball

President of the COB says that the Games budget will suffer adjustments

Against white elephants, temporary installations. Concerned about the legacy of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, the president of the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB), Carlos Arthur Nuzman, repeating the assertion follows. On Friday, in the "Arena SporTV," the chief recalled that basketball will be played in a temporary block and said you want to import the structure used in the London Olympics in 2012.

- The Olympics of Rio will leave a legacy. All the buildings sports at the Pan will be used at the Olympic Games Rio-2016. We'll have the sporting legacy and the legacy of sports facilities. And also the infrastructure. Airports, transportation, security guards and several others. Let's have a committee to consider what legacy we leave. To discuss and receive suggestions. We will have no white elephants. We will have temporary facilities, which is a way to avoid white elephants. The volleyball will use the Maracanazinho Arena da Barra is gymnastics, and basketball will have a temporary installation. Let's try to bring the facilities in London, which are magnificent. Let's calculate the cost of this operation - said.

Check more videos in Nuzman SporTV site!

Nuzman also said that the Games budget of the River will suffer and that these adjustments will be unveiled by the organizing committee in the coming months.

- The budget of the Organizing Committee is equivalent to $ 2.8 billion, but the total budget is $ 12.6 billion. That prior to the entry of rugby and golf. We will have adjustments. We should publicize the coming months - said the president of BOC. Check out other excerpts:

Motivated athletes

"The athlete felt the victory, winning the Rio de Janeiro. They are proud, honored to participate. They know that this is the moment of the great turn of Brazilian sport. We changed the way we work. We are giving more resources, providing technicians with international experience. Do not think only in 2016. We're also looking at 2020, 2024. We do not want to follow the examples of Spain and Greece, who won medals when they hosted the games, but then fell following the Olympics. "

Brazil as Olympic power

"Let us create a training center and opened a laboratory for analyzing the body types of each region. We measure the diversity and the benefits it can have. Brazil does not have an Olympic training center. We received $ 200 million between 2004 and 2008. China received U.S. $ 2 billion. Australia, Korea, among others, $ 700 million. We have a gap, but we will overcome. The lab cost nearly $ 14 million and will stay at Maria Lenk Aquatic Park. We have 500 latest equipment. "

Basketball and volleyball are examples

"(The coach Ruben Magnano) changed the way the selection is present. Regardless of the outcome. This is the model. Volleyball is an example. One sport in Brazil, taking the football, of course, who gave example of how to create a sport . First came the silver medals after the Olympic title and, for over 20 years are the best team in the world. Do not begin by massification. It all begins with results. This attracts others who want to participate. The base begins to be worked arise and the players. "

Chance lost to tennis

"The Guga (Gustavo Kuerten) is one of the greatest tennis player the world has ever seen. The Confederation (Brazilian Tennis) did not seize the moment. It took the boys, did projects, had no ideas and no one came."

Jobs automatic in all sports

"We are negotiating policy to guarantee a place in basketball. It gave the host country for the London Olympics in 2012. We are working to prevent this from happening with Brazil."

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The President of the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB) and the Rio 2016 Organizing Committee, Carlos Arthur Nuzman, unveiled on Monday in Brasilia during a ceremony at the Presidential Palace that the country's goal for 2016 is to finish among the top ten placed.

But calm. It is among the top ten in the total number of medals.

Brazil will end up its Games among the ten placed teams not only in the total number of medals but also according to the number of golds.

If Spain did in Bracelona 1992 when we hardly won a pair of medals in previous Olympics, I'm pretty sure Brazil will do it too.

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Brazil will end up its Games among the ten placed teams not only in the total number of medals but also according to the number of golds.

If Spain did in Bracelona 1992 when we hardly won a pair of medals in previous Olympics, I'm pretty sure Brazil will do it too.

I wouldn't bet on that.

I think brazil will finish in the top12 (max)

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Brazil will end up its Games among the ten placed teams not only in the total number of medals but also according to the number of golds.

I don't think so.

It's more probable something arount the Top-20 or Top-15 in Golds, and this would be an unforgettable result.

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IMO, BOC should not be worried about the number of medals Brazil will get in 2016, but in building the conditions needed to a ever increasing performance of Brazilian competitors, since venues to formation: a long time plan, not a short time search for results of a inexistent infra.

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I don't know how Brazil is going to do in Athletics other than Fabiana Murer is probably the most likely Brazilian to medal in track and field.

Maurren Maggi is the womens gold winner on the triple jump in Beijing, but i dont think that she would have age to compete in Rio.

Orlando Silva: 'It's time for flexibilization "

Sports Minister calls for bids in order of resources

The Sports Minister Orlando Silva, defended on Tuesday strongly what he called bureaucracy of procedures for public tenders in Brazil. The desire of the politician is to eliminate several steps for the purchase of materials or services by public authorities.

- The legal system in Brazil is very lavish in resources. It's amazing how it offers alternative resources, which take forever to resolve certain disputes. And the rules of government procurement is also lavish in a recursive system - said the Minister of Sports.

The offensive ministerial in favor of simplifying the process of public purchases occurred, according to Silva, by an excess of zeal. He noted that the shorter the deadline for completing the bidding process, the greater the benefits.

Thesis by the Minister of Sport, the process involving the 2014 World Cup and the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games 2016 would be the main beneficiaries, eliminating some risks that contribute to the delay in the works.

- A major challenge for Brazil is to simplify rites. This, incidentally, is different from eliminating bidding. When I spoke to (this) was controversial in some cycles, it was because some people interpret this measure as a government proposal to end the bid - said the Minister of Sports.

Orlando Silva explained that the phase inversion in the bidding process has helped. He cited, for example, the ability to get the choice of a winning company for the price proposal presented. Not so now: the process begins by examining documentation from competitors in the race.

Port takes the best for 2016

Municipality will invest in the construction of ten thousand rooms in the region

The city of Rio and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) reached an agreement on the relocation of Barra da Tijuca, Zona Oeste for the port region in the center. Negotiations took place during this first year the state capital has become the Olympic host in 2016 and in the end, the Port will receive a total of 10596 / 4.

- Originally, we thought 15 000 would be the ideal number, but the reality of the market in recent months has shown us otherwise. Ten thousand rooms, which will result emquatro thousand or five thousand apartments. It is a great agent to give the boost we need for the port region - said the secretary extraordinary Development, Felipe Garcia.

The secretary said the IOC, after authorizing the transfer of four thousand rooms, allowed other three thousand eight hundred and leave the Media Village Bar. With the decision, the total quarters of the Media Village bar fell from 12,281 to 20175 / 4.

The remaining three thousand apartments in Port Vila will be referring to the referees (1,840 rooms), which was already planned for the site, in addition of 1,248 rooms, a Media Village and technical officers, first scheduled to be in the Maracana.

- This matter (relocation to the Port) is closed. But let's try to build more hotels in Barra, besides those who had promised in the application file, to try to decrease more Media Village - said Garcia.

The secretary stressed that ending the dispute with the IOC has capped the first year of preparation for the Games of Rio. And the goal of initiating the buildings that will require more time was reached.

Cabral, 'Do not reinvent the wheel'

Governor has the challenge of fulfilling promises for 2016

Re-elected Sunday to lead the state for over four years, the governor of Rio de Janeiro, Sergio Cabral Filho has a positive balance of state actions in this first year of preparation for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2016. And aware that people would not forgive such a disappointment similar to that in the Pan American Games Rio 2007, when few improvements have been won for the day to day, particularly in relation to public services, the governor said to make sure that this perception will be another at the end of 2016.

Improvements in transportation, environment and safety are expected actions by any citizen. The extent to which the Games will help make them come true?

One of the strategies of the State Government at the time of submission, it was just to list the projects that were already aligned with our plan of government. Do not reinvent the wheel, because we knew the works of great relevance for the population of Rio de Janeiro, as the subway extension, upgrading, improving safety and reducing pollution of the bays of Guanabara and Jacarepaguá would also be relevant to the Games. What we did was take this great opportunity to accelerate and facilitate these projects and, in one year, many of them began to be implemented.

And if Rio did not win, how would this work?

I think they're fine as they are today. As I said earlier, these works would be done anyway, and were on our commitment to government. We made a great effort to adjust our accounts at the outset of breath just to have to invest and facilitate large projects.

If the works take place, what are the Games?

I can cite many arguments, but in short, the Rio 2016 allowed the channeling of more resources for state, city, speeding up the implementation of some of these projects.

The improvement of transport has been addressed as an issue as security. Delays, bad services ...

To change this situation, we initiated a series of actions. In the case of rail, the purchase of 120 new trains, of which 30 have already been purchased, the other 94 will be retired. With respect to the subway station have delivered Ipanema / General Osório and we are completing the New Town. Not to mention the works of the subway line 4, which already began in the Barra da Tijuca. Transport were scrapped, the subway would not buy one car for over a decade. And today I guarantee that travelers feel that something has changed for the better.

Units Pacification Police (UPP) were one of the main projects used as a propaganda campaign in 2016. They solve the problem?

We work tirelessly to do so. When I say that the UPP was a conquest of the River is because, with them, thousands of people are freed from control of trafficking and oppression. Let us bring peace to all communities.

But episodes like the invasion of the Intercontinental Hotel (in São Conrado, Aug. 21) by outlaws tarnish the image of the city.

Always said he had no illusions and knew the challenge that awaited me in the security area. That episode, however bad it is, has shown that we are on track. It was a bandit on the run from police action. There was the invasion of a hotel by bandits. They fled from a policeman who now works to combat crime and will work even harder.

And that stock of preparations for the games you do?

A very positive assessment of this past year. During this period, was key to partnership with other levels of government, federal and municipal levels. And this has allowed the state to channel resources to enable projects and actions that are under our responsibility.

In a few years, so Rio will be the envy of everyone?

I like the city and state will be a few years, with the slums already urbanized, transportation working with much higher quality and efficiency, environmental transformation that will come with cleaning up the bay. Not to mention the growth in tourism, the projection image of Rio abroad. All this helps to make the greatest legacy of these great events: the increased self-esteem of the people.

Morumbi outside Rio 2016

And after the 2014 World Cup, Morumbi was also out of the Rio 2016 and now it's official.

In the article which I published two days, the president of the Organizing Committee for the Games Rio 2016, Nuzman, was clear: the stadiums of cities chosen for the 2014 World Cup will be used during the Games Rio 2016.

- I have some concern (with St. Paul) and I will follow what the World Cup organizing committee does. If he chooses the stadium for Corinthians, will be the Corinthians. I will follow what the president Ricardo Teixeira ('s Cup Organizing Committee 2014) to decide - Nuzman said.

In the nomination dossier submitted by the River, the state of Sao Paulo would be the Morumbi. But ... what has happened.

The other stadiums set to receive football games Games are: Maracanã (RJ), Mineirão (MG), New Font (BA) and Mané Garrincha (DF).

New golf venue

Among the articles published during an election year in Rio for the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games in 2016, was one that ended up not comment on the blog: that golf will be played in a new field.

The Chairman of the Organizing Committee Rio 2016 Nuzman revealed that golf, which will return to the Games, will get a whole new field, in Barra da Tijuca, Zona Oeste.

Thus, both the Itanhanga (Barra da Tijuca) and the Gávea (in São Conrado) lost the race to receive the Olympic disputes.

Rugby is still scheduled to be held in San Gennaro, the field of Vasco. Rio 2016 but still awaits the approval of the board of the club to formalize the choice before the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

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'Legadômetro' is launched in Rio de Janeiro

The Commission for the Evaluation of Urban Projects for Legacy was established early on Friday by the city of Rio de Janeiro to measure the impact on city projects related to the 2014 World Cup and the Olympics in 2016.

The group will work with a tool called "Legadômetro" which will be managed by a committee formed by four municipal departments (Urban, Transport, Environment and Works), noting that examine interventions for their economic, urban, social and environmental.

At the ceremony, Mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Paes, a summary of municipal actions since winning the election to host the Games, on October 2, 2009, and said that next week will go out to tender for the works of the "Port Wonder "project to revitalize the city's port.

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