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Official Stamps & Cancellations

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Hi friends from Singapore,

I am looking for the official stamps & cancellations here in Singapore ?

Regarding the stamps, i went to the post office at the ICC this morning, and all souvenirs' packs are sold out... they just have 2 remaining type of stamps...

But they have no idea about the commemorative cancellations ?

Do someone could help me to find those ????


Memorabilia !

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Here are the directions from the Olympic Superstore at Basement 2,

1) Walk straight to the Takashimaya Food Hall

2) Once inside the food hall, turn left at the junction of the Brownie Stand and Bakery

3) You should be facing the Cold Storage Supermarket Entrance, walk straight til you see the escalators.

4) Take the escalators to the 4th floor.

5) Once at the 4th floor, you should see a few mini-store selling sport labels, walk straight toward the post office.

Also, I should tell you, the Post Office is close on Sundays.

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Thats your luck there are still two stamps are remaining and if you want further details on cancellation it is better if you visit other post office there you will find exact information required by you. If not you can also get suitable information if you ask person whom you feel have knowledge of it. It is better if you visit nearer post office.

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