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Copa America: Argentina 2011

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Argentina ask Japan to review Copa pull-out

Reuters April 6, 2011, 9:02 am




Japan agree to 10-day deadline for final decision

Nothing has been settled, says organising chief

(Adds quotes, details, background)

By Rex Gowar

BUENOS AIRES, April 5 (Reuters) - Hosts Argentina persuaded Japan on Tuesday to reconsider their decision to pull out of July's Copa America.

Argentine Football Association (AFA) spokesman Jose Luis Meiszner said Japan had been given 10 days to review their initial decision to concentrate on the country's recovery from last month's devastating earthquake and tsunami.

"There is a deadline of 10 days," Copa America organising committee chief Meiszner told a news conference at the AFA's Buenos Aires offices.

"Nothing has been settled. We met, we talked and we set a deadline to see if Japan gets to the Copa America," he said after a meeting between AFA president Julio Grondona and his Japanese counterpart Junji Ogura.

Ogura, whose country had accepted an invitation to play in the tournament for the second time, told South American Football Confederation president Nicolas Leoz at their Asuncion headquarters on Monday that Japan wanted to withdraw.

Nearly 28,000 people are dead or missing and thousands have been left homeless as a result of the magnitude-9.0 earthquake and massive tsunami that hit Japan's northeast coast. Sports schedules are in chaos including the J-League soccer competition.

Japan, who played as a guest team at the 1999 Copa in Paraguay, were drawn in Group A with Argentina, Bolivia and Colombia.

World champions Spain said earlier on Tuesday they had been invited to fill the gap left by Japan in the 12-team tournament while another option was a CONCACAF country filling in.

Costa Rica, who have played in the tournament three times and are coached by Argentine Ricardo La Volpe, are considered favourites to come in.

(Editing by Ken Ferris and Tony Jimenez. To query or comment on this story email sportsfeedback@thomsonreuters.com)

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I guess we should say goodbye to Copa :(


Japan to take part in Copa America

TOKYO, April 14, 2011 (AFP) - Japan's football association said Thursday it would take part in the Copa America, reversing an earlier decision to withdraw from the event in the aftermath of a massive earthquake and tsunami.

Japan Football Association vice president Kozo Tashima told a news conference: "We as the Japan Football Association reached the conclusion today that we will take part in the Copa America."

"We are preparing to send a letter to the South American Football Confederation about our participation."

The March 11 twin disasters severely damaged a nuclear power plant in the country's northeast, causing widespread electricity cuts that forced the temporary suspension of the J-League.

The league has rescheduled its backlogged fixtures to be played during a break in July, which clashes with the South American championship, where Asian champions Japan are invited as non-member guests along with Mexico.

J-League clubs have said they are opposed to sending top players to the July 1-24 Copa America in Argentina.

But the Japan Football Association decided at an executive meeting Thursday that it would send a squad mostly made up of Europe-based players who will be having a pre-season break in July, an association official said.

JFA president Junji Ogura said earlier he had been given assurances that world football's governing body FIFA was considering an exceptional measure to require European clubs to free up Japanese players for the Copa, despite their guest status.


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Japan cancels (again) Copa America participation

Official: Japan pull out of Copa America

May 16, 2011 9:15:00 PM

Japan Football Association (JFA) president Junji Ogura has announced that they are pulling out of the Copa America after sending an official message to the Argentina Football Federation (AFA).

The move has been brought about by the unwillingness of some of the European clubs to release their Japanese players during the competition this summer and the forced rescheduling of the J-League after the natural disaster that hit Japan in March.

Negotiations with German clubs in particular had been going on for more than a month but despite a reciprocal will to cooperate, no agreement could be reached. This is because the July tournament in Argentina overlaps with the beginning of the pre-season camps for German teams.

Japan were invited along with Mexico as guests to the tournament, but the participation had been in doubt since March's natural disaster that struck the country, and Tuesday’s announcement has finally put an end to the saga.


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Well, it seems Costa Rica is probably going to replace Japan as they were recently invited by the CONMEBOL to participate.

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This shows it's time to set a Pan-American Cup replacing Conmebol and Concacaf competition. It would be bigger and much more interesting.

The Pan-American Cup could have 16 teams easily (10 from South America, 6 from Concacaf after qualifiers). Fair, simple and would rivalize with the other continental cups.

If Concacaf want more teams, a 24-team tournament would be great too, altough, many small and poor-soccer-skilled Caribbean islands would join the final competition lowering the level of the first round matches - anyway, still better than separated competitions.

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Ok, it's only 10 days to go for the Copa America to start!


Estadio Unico (La Plata)


Monumental de River (Buenos Aires)


Mario Kempes Stadium (Cordoba)


Malvinas Argentinas Stadium (Mendoza)


Estanislao Lopez Stadium (Santa Fe)


The official ball by Nike


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I'm anxious to see the broadcating graphics for the Copa America (you guys know, I work with this).

While we don't have them, let's laugh a little with the Libertadores Cup intro Rede Globo made (as a ironic over the marketing differences between Champions League and Libertadores).

Very funny, indeed!!!


BTW, Santos is the new Liberatadores Champions!!!

SANTOS!!! SANTOS!!! GOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Now who have the ball is Santos"

- Santos anthem


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After what we have seen today in Argentina, I think the CONMEBOL should ban the Monumental for safety.

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After what we have seen today in Argentina, I think the CONMEBOL should ban the Monumental for safety.

I think Argentina should not play there. But Conmebol will change nothing.

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The Monumental will host the final. Imagine if Argentina lost the final to Uruguay or Brazil? But you're right. The CONMEBOL does not care about anything. Proof of this are the events in the final of the Libertadores Cup.

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Mayhem at River Plate Threatens Copa America

The mayhem that swept River Plate's stadium following the famed soccer club's relegation to the second division left 89 people injured and is threatening the upcoming Copa America tournament.

The riots were sparked by rampaging fans humiliated by the club's demotion despite a history that includes more league titles than any Argentine club. In addition to those injured, police said 55 people were detained.

Fans were sprayed with high-power water hoses — inside and outside the stadium — with police using tear gas, rubber bullets and hand-to-hand combat in a futile attempt to control the rioting.

As fans scattered, they set fire to vehicles and rubbish bins around the stadium in the leafy suburb of Nunez, with many smashing windows and breaking into shops in upscale areas.

A prosecutor ordered the stadium closed until the turnstiles can be inspected. There are suggestions the seating capacity of 40,000 was exceeded by 12,000. The stadium also serves as Argentina's national stadium and is set to hold the Copa America final July 24.

Argentina is the host nation for the Copa America — the South American national team championship — with play opening Friday in La Plata, 35 miles from Buenos Aires. Argentina and Brazil are the favorites to meet in the final, which again could test security at the aging stadium.

Prosecutor Gustavo Galante suggested the closure could last for a month, but also hinted it might take only a week to gather evidence.

"The idea is to preserve the crime scene so we can find out with precision what happened," Galante told radio Continental on Monday.

Sunday's rioting was set off after River Plate drew 1-1 with Belgrano at Monumental Stadium in the second leg of a relegation playoff, which followed a 2-0 loss four days earlier in the first leg. That match was suspended for 20 minutes when River Plate fans ripped through a fence and raced across the field to taunt their own players.

River Plate's drop is astonishing, as if Real Madrid were demoted to Spain's second division. The club has won 33 league titles — 10 more than Buenos Aires archrival Boca Juniors — and two Copa Libertadores titles. The club's last league title was 2008.

River Plate President Daniel Passarella said after the game he would not resign.

"My feet are firmly planted," he said.

Passarella, the captain of the 1978 Argentina team that won the World Cup, will face huge problems trying to rejuvenate River Plate. The club has debts estimated at $19 million and is sure to see a steep drop in revenue in the second division. Many of its top players are sure to leave, joining other stars who have been sold in recent years to European clubs.

The chaotic scenes Sunday pitted River Plate hooligans — known as "Los Borrachos del Tablon" — the Drunks in the Stands — against a force of 2,200 police, the largest to ever patrol an Argentine soccer match.

The images were shown on television worldwide, which is sure to dim some luster from the Copa America and pressure the Argentine Football Association and its president, Julio Grondona.


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This is how the Monumental ended, after the fans unloaded with literally everything in their path, after the descent of the River Plate.






Shame on them. This is completly unaceptable. I hope they can fix the stadium in time for the Copa America.

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This stadium has narrow corridors, barbed wire fences around the stadium, iron chairs with tips, and everything else that might facilitate an tragedy.

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This stadium has narrow corridors, barbed wire fences around the stadium, iron chairs with tips, and everything else that might facilitate an tragedy.

Indeed. I'm not a big fan of the Monumental, to be honest. Is a very outdated stadium, the seats are terrible. The only reason it was picked for the final is because of it's historical value and for being the biggest stadium in Argentina. As for the rest, i would have preferred Estadio Unico anyday.

Anyway, it seems the opening ceremony of the Copa America will be similar to the 2010 World Cup closing show


Shango Entertainment participates in the inauguration of the 2011 Copa America.

With a blockbuster created especially for this event, the company promises a show Argentina cutting-edge media for the opening ceremony in the stadium One of La Plata.

Shango Entertainment present a multimedia show of art never seen in our country at the Opening Ceremony of the 2011 Copa America, on Friday July 1 at 20:30 pm. At the Estadio Single La Plata, Buenos Aires. The company engaged in exploration, development and use of technological resources in the service of art, produced fully carrying out this mega event that includes a performance of mappings, and choreographed light show, during which over 250 people.

The opening ceremony, before the match Argentina vs Bolivia, will be an audiovisual performance that will displayed on a canvas mapping especially on the field, covering 280 square meters. The staging also includes a semi-sphere of 5 meters high and 9 in diameter which projected images. To make this unique 12 projectors will be used to allow maximum power of the highest quality viewing.

The concept will be the start of the Copa America invites you to enjoy a unique representation of the genesis of the world describing the emergence of the field, football, the Americas and the union of the member countries from the sport. The artistic challenge of the show is set to get the perfect combination and coordination of various artistic techniques to transform the stadium into a large theater, a large screen, full intervening space, from ceiling to the playing field.

In addition, the presentation will feature a display of more than 100 dancers will perform a choreographed light provided by specially designed suits with LED lights to create a spectacle and a unique experience for the viewer. You will also develop a light show performed by hundreds of the latest technology to illuminate the roof and the stands of the stadium. Thus, each narrative scene generate different climates to throb the beginning of the 2011 Copa America.

This is the first major comprehensive Shango Entertainment, after the successful co-produce projections of the Cabildo (CABA) and the Hotel Provincial (MDQ) on the occasion of the celebrations for the Bicentennial of the Nation. With this opening, the company claims for the 2011 Copa America a show that combines different visual pieces with an aesthetic sense and unusual narrative.

The show in numbers:

-300 Meters RGB LED high brightness in costumes and accessories

- 70 teams robotic varilites, gobos, including the posing of lighting up

-100 Remote controls for viewing and changing colors of the costumes LED

-12 15,000 projectors ansi-lumens in batches

-7 Points by a different projection of union software pixel-pixel and 24 networked computers for video playback

-280 Meters square stretched canvas

-120 Scene technicians

-100 Dancers

-30 3D Artists

-10 Choreographic team led by members of the Fundación Julio Bocca

-Semi-sphere of 5 meters high x 9 in diameter

-50 Days was the realization of complete production

Shango Entertainment did the awesome projections at the Cabildo during Argentina Bicentennial celebrations.

PS: Our Copa America in 2007 had a sultry and disguisting opening -_-...i hope they can do it better.

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The Copa America has just started with a 15 minute opening ceremony at the Estadio Unico in La Plata





Coming up next, the opening match between Argentina and Bolivia.

Anyone interested can watch live matches at the official youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/CopaAmerica#p/u

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The teams are entering the field, as the anthem of the CONMEBOL is playing.

By the way, people weren't that supportive of Messi for what i saw on the warming :P

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8 min. As expected, Argentina is dominating the entire match, while Bolivia is defending with some order

4 min. Tevez was just a few inches away of scoring

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The first half has ended. So far Argentina has dissapointed me. Bolivia have defended very well and are giving a nice surprise here.

Maybe if someone give Messi the Barca shirt he will play for real... :lol:

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I couldn't see the Opening Ceremony... I will watch the videos on Youtube.

But I could see the match... I was in Buenos Aires last weekend (in fact, I stayed more days because my flights back to SCL were cancelled because of our lovely volcano) and when I talked about football, Argentineans were really pessimists about their team. Although every one said they were the favorites, Argentineans thought they would be lucky to reach the final. And after the match, I understand them completely. Good for Bolivia, anyway, congratulations!

Now, I'm watching the match between Colombia and Costa Rica. The stadium looks terrible... it reminds me of a Chilean Third Division stadium. At least, it's packed. Colombia is playing good at this moment, at least they are attacking.

Today, almost 20,000 Chileans were crossing the Andes for the first match next Monday in San Juan. A normal travel of two hours between Los Andes (CHL) and Mendoza (ARG) is now around 12 hours because it's full with supporters, and they have to wait with temperatures below -10ºC at 3,000 meters over the sea level. Chile will be the local team for sure in this Copa América.


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