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Details for what is needed inside the bid book for new competition. This is the first round of the Sepp Blatter endorsed "rotating" country/continent bid book competition series. First up being Australia with the following domestic competitions to be decided as we go along the year. The cities/territories up for bid are:

Melbourne (taken by myself)

Hobart (Lord David)

Brisbane (DamC)


Canberra (CAF???)

Perth (Aronious)

Gold Coast

Please confirm your interest below so we can get started... ANY QUESTIONS?

Use Paris 2012 as the applicant file

Cover: Bid logo

Part 1



Exclude public opinion

Exclude entire Part 2

Part 3 (ALL) Stick to vital figures

- Candidature Budget

- Games Budget

- OCOG Revenue Potential

Part 4 (ALL)

- Venues


Part 5 (Olympic Village moved from Part 4, Media village moved from "Accommodation")

-Olympic village

- Media village/Accommodation

Part 6

- Hotels

- Other Accommodation

Part 7

- Existing, planned, additional transport infrastructure

- Airports

- Transport challenges (only include Games times solutions/plans e.g. dedicated lanes)

- Distances and journey times (at least the times between the main clusters and main venues)

Part 8

- Dates of games

- Population

- Experience

- Meteorology (copy the average temperatures table from Wikipedia)

- Security (Optional)

Required Tables/Appendices

Appendix 1: Map A (Games concept) A basic map or diagram indicating Games concept. Make sure the concept is clear.

Example: If its a two cluster concept, simply use two circles with the distances between then indicated as well as a dot for the location of the OV.

The following must be indicated(using abbreviations or dots) with relevant distances





IOC Hotel Precinct

Appendix 2: Venues

Separate each category

Existing Venues - Temporary Works required

Existing Venues - Permanent works required

Additional Venues - Planned

Additional Venues - New

Additional Venues - Temporary

Appendix 3: Distances and Journey Times

Only use the main clusters

e.g. Along the left

Cluster A

Cluster B

Cluster C

Along the top



Olympic Stadium


Main Hotel Precinct


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Everybody knows here how much I love Australia and it would be a honour to make a bid for Canberra again (I have already done one for a fantasy winter bid here - and became second - and I did a CWG bid for Perth and an Aussie football WC bid together with roltel), but I am very busy in the job at the moment and therewith I can't take part...

:( :( :(

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Brisbane enters the 2020 summer Olympics bidding process.

BRISBANE (Queensland, Australia), June 29th. - The City of Brisbane is proud to announce her entry into the Australian bidding process to host the Games of the XXXII Olympiad in 2020.

The bidding committee has named his CEO by mutual agreement during his first meeting this morning at Brisbane City Hall. DamC made his inaugural address during the press conference that followed the meeting :

" We've started to work on this bid in last January and we are now ready to take up this challenge. We know that a lot of Australian cities are already in the race and that we have big competitors. We're getting ahead by being the first to unveil our visual identity."



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Western Australia awakens: Perth enters bid race.

PERTH (Western Australia, Australia). The West Australian, 9:00am Wednesday 30 June, 2010

The Western Australian city of Perth has officially committed to Australian bidding to host the 2020 Summer Olympic Games. The announcement was made early this morning by Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi (pictured) and newly appointed bid CEO, Aronious. Speaking at the announcement Ms Scaffidi outlined that:

"The Olympic Games represents all that this city embodies; acceptance, inspiration, togetherness and the advancement of humanity. An Olympic Games in Perth would be an accreditation to the people of Perth's commitment to these values".

The unveiling of the interim bid logo also took place at the announcement. Bid CEO, Aronious described the logo as "dynamic" and "representative of Perth's position on a sandy coastal plain, with the green mountains to its east. It also represents the beautiful landscape the city exists in as well as the cities iconic bird, the black swan"

Early plans for the bid were also discussed including the potential of a "river park", development of a new stadium and inclusion of venues outside of the City of Perth.


Lisa Scaffidi (Lord Mayor) was on hand to announce the bid.

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So, when is this thing due?

I'd actually prefer it to be quite a long contest so that each bid can work on everything slowly and put together something great.

The short contests (couple of weeks) are good but a lot of people often put their hand up then never have the time to put anything substantial together. I remember the first competition went for over 6months and had a mini-bid book round that produced longer documents than we do nowadays for all bidders combined.

My preference is to have this run over a couple of months (including voting).

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I agree with Aronious. I was just working on my bid today and will post my logo and opening statement in the next few days hopefully. Just been really busy recently. I am really keen to make this a really good, solid contest where a proper, detailed bid can be produced.

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I agree with Aronious. I was just working on my bid today and will post my logo and opening statement in the next few days hopefully. Just been really busy recently. I am really keen to make this a really good, solid contest where a proper, detailed bid can be produced.


Having the short and simplistic competitions is great as it allows more people to take part and focuses on the information people really care about (ie. logo, general theme, venues). However, I would like to see a more advanced (although not necessarily technical) bid competition, were bidders have really thought through their ideas for the city.

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I haven't even done anything :P

Me either. I have been flat out with work. I do however still want to do it. Maybe if we just don't have a competition and people just post their bid books.

We really never got a group together for this that was rock solid. Maybe some other time we can. I will still do this. But not right now. Give me another month or two. I still really wanna see you bid book if your done DamC. Atleast someone kept their end of the bargain...

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I hope that we can have an International competition again soon. Now that i am settled in NZ i am eager to take part, although i feel that the int. comps are a bit more exciting and have more differences. I have to admit, we need TNMP, to bring back the glory days of Gamesbids competitions

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