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Olympic gold medalist at the world cup


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Just taught it would be fun to look up a list of Olympic gold medalist that are competing in the World Cup, seeing that we are first and foremost an Olympics board after all (even tough the Olympics are a rather minor event in men's Football). Well, 3 teams contain gold medalists, namely Argentina, Cameroon and Nigeria:

Argentina (2004 & 2008)

Clemente Rodríguez (2004)

Nicolás Burdisso (2004)

Gabriel Heinze (2004)

Ángel di María (2008)

Lionel Messi (2008)

Carlos Tévez (2004)

Javier Mascherano (2004 & 2008)

Sergio Agüero (2008)

Sergio Romero (2008)

Having won the last two men's Olympic gold medals in Football, its not all to surprising that Argentina has quite a few gold medalists on there team, including Messi and Heinze, who has scored the only goal of the Argentina-Nigeria game.

Cameroon (2000)

Idriss Carlos Kameni

Samuel Eto'o

Geremi Njitap

Fun fact: Cameroon has actually won a gold at every summer games since 2000 (Françoise Mbango Etone having won the women's Triple Jump in Athens and Beijing). The 18 members of Cameroon's 2000 men's Football team are the only 18 male gold medalist in Cameroon's history.

Nigeria (1996)

Nwankwo Kanu

Kanu is the only member from the surprising 1996 gold medal winning team that made it to South Africa. Nigeria also has 5 players that won a silver medal at the Beijing games (losing one nil to Argentina... Familiar?).

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