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Which Past Olympic Venue Have You Visited

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I’ve visited…

LA Coliseum

Tokyo’s Olympic gymnasia

Montreal’s Stade Olympique, the old Forum, rowing basin, and Olympic Village

Barcelona’s Olympic facilities on Montjuic and the Olympic Village

All of Vancouver’s facilities except for the Callaghan Valley area

I’ve also been to London and Paris but I don’t think there is much of anything left from their past Games

Later in the year, I’m going to Australia so might check out the MCG and some Sydney attractions.

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Vancouver - I live in BC so... Took in four days of the games. Figured I was paying for them as a taxpayer, so why not? ;)

I thought I'd be a bit more specific about Vancouver venues:

BC Place - numerous times before the games for ski shows, boat shows, even the grand opening back in 1984. Took in a victory ceremony during the winter games.

GM Place, er Canada Hockey Place, er Rogers Arena - not during the games, but a few shows and concerts since it opened in 1995.

Pacific Colisuem - haven't been in there for many years. I think the first time was when my parents took me and my sister for the Ice Capades Smurf edition back in the early 80s

Richmond Olympic Oval - Walked outside of it during the games, but of course couldn't go in as I didn't have tickets.

Cypress - drove up one night in the winter as I had some time to kill before catching the ferry at Horseshoe Bay. Still haven't skied there, but I have skied Grouse.

Whistler - Skied both the downhill runs in the past - they're great!

Blackcomb - Skied there before the sliding centre was constructed.

Rusky Dom (Science World, er, Telus World of Science) - Been there many times on my own and with school trips. Checked it out during the Olympics

Jack Poole Plaza - Was there during the games.

And some Commonwealth games venues:

Vancouver 54 - Been to Empire Stadium before they tore it down back in 1993.

Victoria 94 - Used Saanich Commonwealth Place a number of times while I was attending college in Victoria - great pool facility.

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I’ve also been to London and Paris but I don’t think there is much of anything left from their past Games

Regarding Paris 1924, you have plenty places to go... & still existing

map here : http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/d9/Paris_JO_1924.svg

For example :

- Olympic Stadium in Colombes (stade olympique)

- Olympic Swimming Pool in Paris (piscine des Tourelles)

- Cycling track in the Vincennes' forest (Velodrome Municipal) called "La Cipale"

- Equestrian events at Auteuil's race track (hippodrome d'Auteuil) that is still in used nowdays

- Football & Rugby at Pershing Stadium in the Vincennes' forest (place of the National Sport Training Center)

- Pelota in Boulogne

- ....

The cycling track was already in used at the Paris 1900 games and was the place for some other events (as cricket)


In Athletics, events were held in the Boulogne's forest (without track) at La Croix Catelan. Still existing and nice place to have a walk during the week-end.

Finally you could go to La Sorbonne University, where in 1894 the Olympic Games have been renovated !!!


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Heya, thanks for that. I was wondering. I would be having a few days in Lausanne and since they are kind of in the same general geographical area, thought I would investigate stoppin in. Just to cross another previous host off my list. But If there isnt too much on offer, I would probably give it a miss. I know there is some kind of Olympic Park there, looks like it includes the mast tower from the ceremonies theatre?


In Albertville, you could to the Olympic Park where you will find the mast tower of the Olympic Ceremony, the outside speed skating stadium (converted into an Track & Field Stadium), the Ice Skating Arena with in front of it the main Cauldron


In the city center, you have an interesting olympic museum (called "maison des Jeux Olympiques") mostly dedicated to the 1992 Winter Games but also with temporary exhibition related to other games or sports related things.


And of course, outside Albertville, you can reach all 1992 sports venues, where there are on each of them an Olympic Cauldron.

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I have been to the Sydney Olympic Park. I was impressed by it in general. You would visit the cauldron and the staiums. I wnt for a tour of the olympic stadium, which was good and got to stand on the medal dias (Something I will never do, unless it is on a tour).

It would have been cool to hve a museum there though. The aquatic centre was being used for a junior swimmming competition and the main stadium gets used for several rugby/league games a week. The transport facilities are brilliant. I caught the train out from the CBD.

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Antwerp -- Can't remember exactly, it's too long ago (19 years)

Paris -- I don't know whether there were any competitions beneath the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe or other venues in 1900 and/or 1924. If so, I visited Olympic venues there as well. ;)

Berlin -- I visited the Olympic Stadium last year for the IAAF World Championships.

London -- Just like Paris: Were there any competitions at the famous sights in 1900 or 1948?

Munich -- I was there only once (in 1996) but sadly didn't the Olympic Park back then.

Atlanta -- I only visited the city centre there, three years before the 1996 Games.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen -- I only visited the town centre but none of the Olympic venues.

So I've been to seven Olympic cities already but purposely only visited one Olympic venue so far. Time to change that! ;)

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Here's a recent article about Montreal's Olympic Stadium...some changes in the future?


They should take a look at Munich's stadium for inspiration. Those grounds are beautiful.

I was in Calgary a few days ago and stopped by Olympic Park. Drove up the hill and walked around the ski jumps and the start of the Bobsleigh track. Also stopped by the Nordic Centre in Canmore to do some rollerblading on their paved trails. I took a bunch of pics, will post soon. B)

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