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Group B


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Why did the Argintina coach have such a fancy suit on? Looks a little pimpy...I think I saw another place where he had many diamond earings in too.

Simple... Maradona has no kind of taste at all.

The only thing I have to admit... he's still such a good player. The way he gave back the ball to a Nigerian player was great.

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It depends... some always were a formal suit, others use some kind of track suit.

But Maradona always were something different... and usually awful. I guess it's the first time he uses a suit... I just hope he doesn't start attacking journalists like in the qualifiers.

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Nigeria have had a player sent off (idiot!) but they are still matching Greece who, although they may win in the end, are completely dreadful!

Frustrating game.

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Hahah.... this World Cup is making people here in Brazil feel furious..... most people are losing their bets with these improbable results...

did anyone here actually think that Greece would defeat Nigeria ?

I bet South Korea 2 - Argentina 2... Damn it! blink.gif

Answering Rogerio. Nobody in the world had won this bet for Nigeria - Greece. tongue.gif

Argentina's 4-1 win over South Korea

Mourning day in Brazil.

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Messi, Argentina blames vuvuzelas for South Korean goal

Lionel Messi blamed the noise of vuvuzelas for Argentina conceding a goal in their 4-1 defeat of South Korea in the World Cup football at Soccer City stadium here Thursday.

'You could not hear anything, just like the other day,' the striker said after the match in Johannesburg.

'That's why that happened to 'Micho.' Everyone was shouting at him, and he could not hear it, he could not see,' Messi said with reference to defender Martin Demichelis.

Lee Chung Yong made the most of a mistake by Demichelis to score the lone South Korean goal of the match.

'I also had a couple of situations in which I lost the ball that way. You cannot hear anything,' Messi complained over the vuvuzelas.

Argentina keeper Sergio Romero also slammed the South African stadium horns.

'You can't hear anything no matter how loud you speak. I think two defenders and I shouted at (Demichelis), and he did not hear us,' Romero said of the run-up to the South Korean goal.

'It sometimes happens to me too, that they sometimes talk to me for me to go out to get the ball, and then I look at them and I apologise because you can't really hear anything,' the keeper said.

Romero, however, shrugged his shoulders, noting that that is just 'the way the game goes.'

Argentina captain Javier Mascherano was not convinced and demanded action.

'The noise makes it impossible to hear your team-mate, but as long as FIFA do nothing about things are not going to change,' the midfielder said.


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Boring group...

Au contraire...this was a highly entertaining Group considering it had the following:

  • The Argies went berko and have positioned themselves as arguably the favourite with a maximum of 9 points, a goal difference of 6 points, plus Messi has shown how good he is even with madman Maradonna at the helm
  • South Korea put Greece to the sword in their first game, got hammered by Argentina in their second, then with the Nigeria draw qualified for their first final 16 away from home. And they may be the only Asian team to progress this far.
  • Greece scored its first goal and won its first match at the WC
  • Nigeria...well, okay...they were duds but what about the foul and resultant red card put in by Sani Kaita against Greece.

Contrasted to the lacklustre efforts in Group A or Group H where draws, diving and defence have dominated Group B's been one of the better groups at these WCs

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Nigeria president suspends team

ABUJA, Nigeria — Nigeria's president has suspended the national soccer team from international competition for two years after a poor showing at the World Cup.

A presidential spokesman made the announcement Wednesday.

Nigeria left the World Cup competition with just one point, which it earned in a 2-2 draw with South Korea. Nigeria lost to Argentina 1-0 in its Group B opener and fell to Greece 2-1 in a game turned by the first-half expulsion of midfielder Sani Kaita.

The Super Eagles haven't won a World Cup match since 1998. The Nigerians went out with two losses and a draw in 2002 and did not qualify for the 2006 World Cup.


Well, FIFA will come down on them like a tonne of bricks. Government inteference in FA decisions has led to countries getting into hot water with FIFA before, but I've never heard of anything like this before.

Where's Jim Jones when you need him? ;)

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