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Poor Africa..they couldnt even do a good performance on their own land. I guess Ghana is their only hope now.

As for Brazil - Portugal, truly dissapointing match, but hey, Brazil is Brazil, i wouldnt be surprised if they win the WC...again <_<

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I want Cote d'Ivoire to go through, so the combined margin of victory has to be 9 or more.


shame. i liked this name too.

and except being down 2 goals in the brazil game, ivory coast didn't do much wrong. they just didn't do much right either.

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The most boring match of Brazil ever in WCs!!!

As we say in Brazil "jogo de cumadres"... can be translated as "if it's good for both of us, why fight?"


But, somehow, Brazil is again in Round of 16 and we will face Chile, which is very good news! cool.gif

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