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Time To Vote!

2020 Olympic City Vote  

34 members have voted

  1. 1. Who will you choose to be the host of the 2020 Summer Olympics?

    • Atlanta
    • Havana
    • Kuala Lumpur
    • Lisbon

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Ok, so I should have done this during the weekend but forgot. Anyhow, I haven't done a report so simply put, if I'd done one, the IOC ranking would have been as follows:

Atlanta - 7.6

Kuala Lumpur - 6.7

Lisbon - 6.2

Havana - 4.7

Therefore the BidIndex would be:

Atlanta 69.82

Kuala Lumpur 63.62

Lisbon 61.29

Havana 40.35

Generally speaking, Havana would be out, but since there are only 4 bidders, Havana has been selected as a Candidate City.

Well let's vote! It'll last for a week!

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The following is a speech from the Atlanta 2020 CEO, during the voting for the 2020 Games

Ladies and Gentlemen, Members of Gamesbids,

I am speaking to you all here today, in the hope that my bid for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Atlanta can triumph in this all important voting round of this competition. I decided to put forward my Atlanta bid, when watching the 1996 Centenial Opening Ceremony, with the excitement and fun, inspiring me to formally submit the 2020 bid. Over the last few weeks i have worked constantly to deliver and present to you all my ideas and passions, more so than i have ever done before.

SInce joining Gamesbids three and a half years ago, i have competed in nearly every fantasy competition, and like the Atlanta bid i have delivered many plans throughout the bidding process. These include, logos, slogans, banners, official songs, regular updates, promotional videos. It would be so easy to produce a bid book and wait until voting ends. I like to work as close as reality as possible, providing the voters with a range of materials that will hopefully show my dedication and hard work, to not only promote the bid book but also the city and the bid as a whole.

We are delighted that we have topped the IOC Evaluation chart, and would like to thank the organiser of the competition Lord David for doing us all proud.

1996 was the first Olympic Games that i watched, many years on we are always reminded about these games shortcomings and mistakes. I believe that everyone deserves a second chance and to better their previous performances.

So i say, from inside, and meaning every word as a true Gamesbidder, that picking Atlanta to host the 2020 Games would make our dreams come true, so that in turn we can make the athletes dreams a reality.

"We have a Dream"

Thank you all so very much



CEO, Atlanta 2020 Bid Committee

http://scotguy21.dev...-Book-163569989 Bid Book

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Lisbon, May 20

TAP (the national airline of Portugal) supports the candidature of Lisbon for the 2020 Olympic Games.

Some planes (as this A330) of the national fleet will wear the colors of the Bid and will promote LISBON 2020 worldwide.


...and merci Michelle...

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The Atlanta 2020 Bid Committee would like to unveil its official Bid mascot.

Ladies and Gentlemen may we present to you: Atlantstar


Atlantstar is in his American colors for the bid process. During the Games he will wear teh flags of each participating nation and also his own yellow color. He is one of the millions of stars that shine bright in the southern skies above Atlanta. He was formed 14 years ago, as the flame was extinguised at the Centennial Games and has came down to earth to shine and inspire athletes from all over the world.

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Poor Havana. I wish I had more than one vote.

To clarify, I didn't vote for Havana, but would he like to have given it something. Perhaps a ranking would've been better and would eliminate fraudulent accounts being used.

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Hope Lisbon wins... It would be an special closing ceremony in Rio 2016... A beautiful link from Brazil to Portugal...

I hope Lisbon wins too B)

And yes, it would be a special closing ceremony in RIO...


I have already seen it somewhere! :D

Ok, this is the Cristo Rei in Almada on the left-bank of the river Tagus, facing Lisbon on the other bank (the southern cluster in the Bid)

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