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FIFA Mens/Womens U20/U17 World Cup in Central America?

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Cause this is the only FIFA field football competition (cause Guatemala organized Futsal World Championship in 2000) which could be held in Central America, how do you see the possibilities in the future? :huh: (excluding women's u20 cause it's already taken by next year's Womens' World Cup's host nation)

In my country's case we tried for men's in 2011, but the bid wasn't concreted (Mexico won the bid for U17 and Colombia for U20); our biggest step came for 2012 in Women's U17 but Azerbaijan won the bid, we will probably try again for 2014, though we were not ready yet for any of those two mentioned (Plus 2010 competition was already taken by a CONCACAF nation)

Anyway, I ask again: What chances do you see for a minor-age category FIFA World Cup in Central America in the future? Which countries could have a chance?

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