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From 15 proposed bids, we now have only 4!

11 proposed bids, one way or another, have been withdrawn during the bidding process. 4 bidding cities have officially submitted their Application files.

The cities which have failed to submit their Application, are now considered non bidding cities, they are:

Amsterdam, Netherlands. - Mau2010

Indianapolis, USA. - ddavenport

Istanbul, Turkey. - fatixxx

Las Vegas, USA. - thatsnotmypuppy

Miami, USA. - DannyelBrazil


Toronto, Can... Paris, France. - cormiermac

Phoenix, USA. - Doc Steel

Vienna, Austria. - Querque

Washington D.C, USA - mastersanders

Of the finalized Applicant cities, the USOC has selected the city of Atlanta, Georgia, over: Indianapolis, Indiana; Las Vegas, Nervada; Phoenix, Arizona and Washington D.C.

The remaining Applicant cities are:

Havana, Cuba

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Lisbon, Portugal

The bid books are available here:

Atlanta,USA - Scotguy http://scotguy21.deviantart.com/art/Atlanta-2020-Bid-Book-163569989

Havana, Cuba - Lord David http://lorddavid04.deviantart.com/art/Havana-2020-Bid-Book-163433073

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - canary http://www.sendspace.com/file/01ouhk

Lisbon, Portugal - demetrius http://www.sendspace.com/file/ezkgu5

And now we have an Applicant Stage BidIndexTM 2020.

Bid City BidIndex

Atlanta 70.21

Lisbon 61.57

Kuala Lumpur 59.74

Havana 37.98

...ok so the above is absolutely meaningless, but you get the idea.

Well, that's all for now, perhaps there will be a report, but there's only 4 cities in the running so who cares, we'll see.

Voting starts next week for a week, should there be a need for more rounds, they will last for 24 hours until a victor is declared.

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Yeah, I gotta say, the standards are getting pretty high for these comps, and managing to get four bid books and finalists at the end is a bloody good result - most summer comps here have been lucky to scratch together two for a final. Well done!

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^^ Ahem, please spell Havana right if you intend to use the English spelling. And Lisbon has no rank, it's 3 yes, but there's no number 3, therefore, it has no rank! :P

sorry my mistake - the German spelling of Havana is "Havanna" - the number 3 "thing" is a matter of format - I left 3 out, since Lisbon and Atlanta share the 2nd place

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The Atlanta 2020 Bid team and myself as CEO, are delighted to have made the shortlist and to have become a candidate city for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. We would like to thank all of our supporters and send our best wishes to the other three finalist bids. We hope that our dream can come true, and stage this wonderful festival of sport.


CEO, Atlanta 2020 Bid Committee

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An official statement from Atlanta 2020 press conference speech - 13th May 2010

Many of you have travelled great distances to be here at this conference today. We value this enormously because what all of us who are involved in 2020 here in Atlanta know is how much we have to learn from the experience of those of you who have already hosted Olympic Games or mega global sporting events, and also how much we have to learn and share with those of you who have that in prospect.

I don't think that in 25 years of public life there is anything that I have enjoyed as much, and felt quite so passionate about, as my role as being part of a team to develop the Games for Atlanta.

Over the past century there are many examples of sporting events that have had a transformational effect both on the cities in which they've been held and on the countries that have hosted them. In 1996 we had the honour of hosting the Centenial Olympic Games and celebrated a century of sport, unity and the Olympic values. Sydney, with the 2000 games, wanted to raise the "brand awareness" of Australia and make the city and the country a major tourist destination - they succeeded. So, we have listened to that too and we have a very clear vision. Yes, Atlanta 2020 will provide a world class sporting festival for competitors and audience alike. Yes, it will provide a platform for our elite athletes and Paralympic athletes to compete against the very best in the world, and yes, it will showcase our country as the outward looking, confident and inclusive country that we know it to be and makes us so proud to be from the south.

Part of this discussion is about branding. This is a sensitive issue. We all recognise that. But Atlanta 2020 also knows that allowing not-for-profit organisations to have some use of the branding that could associate them with the common aim and common ambitions are also important to build in this sense of ownership of the Olympics in communities right across the country, building its transformational legacy.

So the message I want to leave you this morning with is a very simple one.

Atlanta's legacy ambition is big and bold – we want to use the Games to regenerate and encourage a whole generation of young people to get active in their communities. Neither the Government – nor the Olympic family – can do this on its own. The real shift will come from the inspiration that is understood and in the wave of behavioural change. And it will take all our partners working together to achieve that. That's my priority for our Games. It is a challenge I am absolutely confident the whole of Georgia will rise to - demonstrating, perhaps for the first time ever, that the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games can be used to leave a lasting social legacy, a legacy of greater participation in sport and community life than our country has ever seen before.

We have a dream, the Olympic dream

Thank you for your time


CEO Atlanta 2020 Bid Committee

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